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Some folks are just a little reticent to put their credit card information on their Nintendo Switch. Perhaps it's because you have a child who regularly uses the Switch, and you don't want to make it easy for them to "accidentally" buy a bunch of loot boxes. Or maybe you would rather keep your credit card information separate for safety reasons.

Whatever your reasoning for your desire to keep a separation of card and Switch, it can pose a problem when you want to pay for things. For instance, with the recent launch of Nintendo Switch Online, you may be wondering if you can pay for your subscription without a card. The short and fortunate answer is yes.

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Nintendo Switch Online Subscription cards

If you would like to subscribe to the online subscription service, but you don't want to dump your credit card information into your Switch, there is another way. You can head over to Amazon and pick up a one-year subscription to Nintendo Switch Online for just $20. Once you have your online subscription code, all you have to do is enter it.

  1. From your home screen, select Nintendo eShop.

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  2. Now scroll down on the left to Enter Code.

  3. Enter your Nintendo Online subscription code, and you are good to go!

Nintendo Switch eShop gift cards

The only downside to this method is that they currently only sell individual memberships. If you want to get a family plan, you are going to have to figure out something else. Luckily, there is another way!

If you want to subscribe to a family plan, one way to do it would be to pick up an eShop gift card. It just so happens that they offer a gift card that is the perfect denomination to pay for a Nintendo Switch Online family plan. Amazon offers a $35 eShop gift card, which will pay for your family plan and leave you one shiny penny left over. Once you have your eShop code in hand, all you have to do is enter it in the shop.

  1. From your home screen, select Nintendo eShop.
  2. Now scroll down on the left to Enter Code.
  3. Enter your Nintendo eShop prepaid code.

Once your code has been entered, you will have funds in your account, which will allow you to purchase your family plan membership.

  1. From your home page, go to the Nintendo eShop.
  2. On your left, scroll down and select Nintendo Switch Online.

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  3. Select Membership Options.

  4. Scroll down until you find Family Membership and select Proceed to Purchase.

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  5. If you entered your eShop gift card correctly, you should see that you have $35 in Available Funds with which to purchase your subscription.

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Your best options for avoiding credit cards

For Individuals

Nintendo Switch Online 12-Month Membership

No card, no problem

Picking up a subscription card through Amazon is the easiest and most effective way to keep your card off of your Nintendo Switch. If that is your goal, this is probably the best way to do it.

For Families

Nintendo eShop Gift Card

For the fam!

They may not offer a Subscription card to get you a family plan, but this is an equally effective method of getting the job done. With the eShop Gift Card, you and the family will be all set!

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