Missing a few crucial calories from your Move ring for the day? Here's a quick tip for closing that circle.

I'm pretty active most days with my Apple Watch, but there are still times when closing my Move ring is a tad harder than usual—whether I'm under the weather or the weather itself is frightful.

So how do you get those rings closed on days when you can't or don't feel like exercising? High-intensity interval training (or HIIT) is my top recommendation: These are quick exercises like jumping jacks, pushups, and burpees that get your heart rate up quickly. To make it count, start an "Other" workout in the Workout app, then throw in 3-5 minutes of your favorite HIIT exercises.

Allison Sheridan of Podfeet told me a few weeks ago that she uses quick one-minute planks to complete rings when she's missing that extra time, and I love this tip: Not only do planks register very quickly as high-intensity exercise on your Apple Watch, but they're also great strength-training for your core, legs, arms, and everything in-between.

If I'm not feeling a crazy workout but want those rings shut, I'll often start an "Other" workout, then do one of Fitstar Yoga's 12-minute yoga sessions at night; those contain shorter planks, but also stretch out your muscles and get you ready for bed.

Do you folks have any great tips you've been using to close your exercise rings during the day? Let us know in the comments.