How to set a contact as a VIP in the Mail app on Mac

Marking certain contacts as VIPs in Mail is a great way to further sort your messages between those that belong in your general inbox, and those that are really important, coming from the people that matter most. On both Mac and iOS, you can open a special inbox that just shows emails from your VIP contacts.

But how do you add a contact as a VIP in Mail on your Mac? Well, the process is very similar to the one on iOS, and involves just a few clicks in to set up.

How to set a contact as a VIP in Mail on your Mac

  1. Open Mail from your Dock or Application folder.
  2. Click on an email from the person that you want to mark as a VIP.

  1. Click on the arrow that appears when you hover over the contact's name in the From: field.
  2. Click Add to VIPs.

Click on the arrow, click Add to VIPs

And that's it. That contact's emails will now appear in your VIP folder, and will be subject to all VIP-related notification settings on your Mac. To remove someone from your VIP list, simply follow these same steps, only you'll click "Remove from VIPs".

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