There are few first-world problems as infuriating as spammy telemarketing calls. Sadly, carrier networks don't seem to have their interests aligned with customers enough to prevent the wasting of our voice minutes, not to mention our life minutes, and iOS doesn't make blocking calls or messages easy either. And, of course, they always seem to come in just as we're sitting down to eat, relax, or in my case, while traveling so I can get stuck paying exorbitant roaming fees as well. Luckily, developer David Smith was annoyed enough to find a work around.

I hate getting called by telemarketers or other spammers on my iPhone. I get relatively few calls each day so when one happens it tends to attract my attention quite strongly. Things like the Do Not Call registry can help but they cannot eliminate the problem of getting these spam calls.

Check out his solution. It's smart, and it could likely be applied to other tele-annoyances as well...

Source: David Smith