How to test the Catalyst Waterproof case for leaks

The Catalyst Waterproof Case is supposed to protect your iPhone from submersion in water up to 10 meters. But before you trust your iPhone to a brand new case, you'll want to make sure that the one you have doesn't have any leaks in it.

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How to test your Catalyst Waterproof Case for leaks

To test your Catalyst case, you'll want to use a sink that you can plug. You'll also want to make sure that your iPhone is out of the case when you run this test.

  1. Snap the back cover onto your empty Catalyst Waterproof case, starting from the top and working your way down around both sides, then the bottom. Be careful to firmly press the back cover back into place, and watch out to make sure the silicone gasket doesn't move from its position.
  2. Press your fingers around the edges of the case to ensure a proper seal.

    Snap back cover onto empty case, create firm seal

  3. Place the silicone Lightning port cover back in its place to complete the seal.
  4. Fill your sink with water. you can now drain your sink.

    Put Lightning port cover in place, fill sink with water

  5. Submerge your Catalyst case into the water and hold it there for a minute or two. You might notice some bubbles arise from the case while it is submerged. This is normal.
  6. Remove your Catalyst case from the water.

    Submerge Catalyst case, remove case from water

  7. Thoroughly dry the outside of the case off with a towel.
  8. Pull back the silicone Lightning port cover.

    Dry case, pull Lightning port cover from position

  9. Push up on the access tab on the back panel of the case using a coin or your finger (coin recommended).
  10. Pull the back panel away from the rest of the case. Do this carefully, as you don't want water from the outside of the case splashing into the inside, as it might confuse your results.

    Push up access tab, pull back panel off case

  11. Inspect the interior of the Catalyst case for water. It is normal to see some water in the area where the back and front panels meet. But if you see water anywhere else in the case, such as around the inside of the Lightning port cover or on the inside of the speaker membranes, you might have a leaky case.

    Inspect inside of case for water

You have now tested your Catalyst Waterproof case for leaks. Assuming you found no leaks, you can now feel safe putting it on your iPhone.

What you'll need

Of course, to test the Catalyst case, you'll actually need to get your hands on one.

The case

Catalyst Case for iPhone XS

Catalyst Waterproof Case

Keeps your iPhone protected without disrupting use

The Catalyst Waterproof case keeps your iPhone away from water and dust and protects it against impacts, all in a slim, easy-to-pocket package that doesn't get in the way of you using your phone.

The Catalyst Waterproof case offers excellent protection for such a slim product. While a lot of other protective cases are meant to protect your phone from absolutely everything, the Catalyst keeps it safe from most sources of damage that you're likely to encounter.

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