How thick is the Mophie Juice Pack Access?

How thick is the Mophie Juice Pack Access?

Best Answer: The Mophie Juice Pack Access comes in three models: The XR model is 0.75 inches thick, the XS Max model is 0.71 inches thick, and the X/XS model measures 0.69 inches thick. Regardless of which model you get, this will make any phone in the iPhone X line feel substantially thicker since most of these iPhones are about 0.3 inches thick on their own. However, that's the price you pay if you want your phone battery to last a little longer.Gimme some juice!: Mophie Juice Pack Access iPhone X/XS ($100 at Amazon)Power station: Mophie Juice Pack Access iPhone XR ($100 at Best Buy)Charge it up!: Mophie Juice Pack Access iPhone XS Max ($100 at Amazon)

Is thicker worth it?

That will really depend on how much you value having extra battery life over having a slim iPhone. Apple's modern phones are known for being incredibly thin while still packing powerful hardware. One of the biggest worries with getting a battery pack is that you'll lose that slim, sleek look. It's a valid concern, really. The wrong accessory can make your iPhone turn into a bulky nightmare that won't fit in your pocket or bag as easily. Still, having extra battery life is very appealing and will be worth the bulk for many people.

The iPhone X, XS, and XS Max are all 0.3-inches thick, while the iPhone XR is 3.3-inches thick. Mophie's X/Xs Juice Pack Access model is 0.69 inches thick, the XS Max model is 0.71 inches thick, and the XR model is 0.75-inches thick. Basically what you need to know from these measurements is that any of these battery cases will make the iPhone feel more than twice as thick as they are on their own.

Exactly how thick is that?

To get an idea for exactly how thick these Juice Pack Access models are, consider that 0.7 of an inch is about the height of one and a half AA batteries. That's pretty thick and will make it harder to slip in and out of your pocket easily, especially for those wearing women's pants.

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