How to: Restore/Re-Virginize Your Jailbroken iPhone

So you are having issues with your iPhone? Maybe you jailbroke it and things did not go as well as you planned? Perhaps you have to take your iPhone back to an Apple Store because of a hardware related issue and you are jailbroken? Well I will tell you how to restore you iPhone back to it's factory settings in a few simple steps.

Word of warning before you begin:

Restoring your device will erase all data from your iPhone or iPod Touch, including songs, videos, contacts, photos, calendar information, and any other data. All iPhone or iPod Touch settings are restored to their factory condition. More after the jump!

Step 1.

First thing to check is to make sure you have the latest version of iTunes installed on your Mac or Windows PC.

Step 2.

Connect your iPhone to your Mac or PC.

Step 3.

When your phone is detected, select it in iTunes under the list of devices. If your iPhone is not responsive and iTunes does not detect it we must put your phone in DFU mode. While it is connected, simply hold down the home and power button together for about 10 seconds, then release the power button while continuing to hold the home button. A few seconds later iTunes should detect your iPhone,

Step 4.

Select the "Summary" tab.

Step 5.

Select the "Restore" option.

Step 6.

You will now be prompted with a screen that asks if you wish to back up your iPhone before restoring. *If you are jailbroken, it is my personal opinion never to use a backup when restoring. Some may disagree, but in the end it is up to you.

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Step 7.

Select the Restore option when iTunes prompts you.

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Step 8.

Once the restore process has completed your iPhone will restart and the Apple logo will appear while booting up.

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Step 9.

After the restore is complete and your iPhone restarts you will see the "Connect to Activate" screen. You must continue to keep your iPhone connected to complete activation.

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Step 10.

The final step is to restore your iPhone or iPod touch from a previous backup or to set your iPhone up as new. Once that is complete iTunes should detect your iPhone and you are good to go! *Jailbreakers - If you want to play it safe this is where you would like to set you iPhone up as new.

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  • Duh.
  • Why would we never use a backup?
  • You guys can do what you want, but it's fraud to violate the terms of the warranty (by jailbreaking your iPhone) and then cover it up.
  • Quit being a fag patrick. I bet you've never lied too.
  • f-a-g
  • @Brooks, I did not say never, just if you jailbeak I would not use a backup. Just my opinion from being around different formats over the years. Never a good idea to use a back up on a fresh install.
    @mr. Obvious, you must know everything eh? Not all of the readers are blessed with your knowledge of knowing everything. ;)
  • I just got my 3g iPhone. And I have 2 questions. How can I jailbreak my phone? Also if I jailbreak the phone can I still use apps from the app store?
    I really need the help?
  • my jailbroken 3g stopped working on friday, i got the usb and itunes symbols saying that my iphone needed repair, so i quickpwnd it again and restore it in itunes, but at the end of the restore I get an error 1010. Since then I've tried to restore it around 10 times, in 3 different computers, 2 macs, 1 PC and always the same error. I tried restore it with a custom ipsw and an original 2.1 ipsw and from itunes too without luck. My phone right now is in the itunes + usb cable screen asking me to connect to itunes. please help, i don't know how to get out of that screen. do i need to take it to the apple store?
  • yes take it back .They will give you another one,cause the methods you are trying are the same they will use ........good luck let me know how it goes
  • If i restore back to factory settings does that still mean i will have firmware 2.0
  • tnx for the article! Really helpful!
  • i jailbroke my phone but the turbosim dint work so i revirginized it....nw i need to activate it but dont have the original sim and im in a different country so cannot even do the activation....what should i do now??
  • after I reset my jailbroken iPhone and updated it to the 2.2 software it works great except I couldnt and still cant change the wallpaper. its the same wallpaper that I had when I had my iPhone jailbroken and it wont let me change it to a pic n my albums or even ones that are standard on the phone. How do I fix this and use pics in my phone?
  • i unlocked my iphone and when i try to call, or use my phone it goes back to the main screen 5 sec after
  • @Timbo, same thing happened to my phone right now. Anyone know a fix, or what caused it ?
  • Hi,
    I got a similar problem to 'Noisead' - when I switched off my jailbroken phone, i got the usb and itunes symbols. On connection to iTunes, it 'burst into life'!! Any explanation or advice would be much appreciated!
  • I'm having a similar problem - "Phone" app not working after jailbreaking. I can answer calls or dial from 'Contacts' but every time I go into the green phone button, it quits. Now my iPhone is just an 'i'......
  • after my jailbreak my 3g stopped working and acted as if it was it was rebooting itself constantly, i then restored it on itunes and now i only have the phone and ipod apps left! anyone know how i can get the other default apps back?
  • I have a question, and a slight worry.
    I recently got an Iphone the 2.2g one. And it was jailbroken for me. (I have t-mobile) And then I noticed that I had some dead pixels on my screen and they just gew bigger. So I called apple to get some help. They said to bring it in for a replacement. But I read that I shouldn't bring a jailbroken iphone in, because I could get in trouble. So I "restored" it following these steps, then brought it in. And everything went fine, they said I could come get my new one in about 2 days. And we'll activate it for you.
    Since I do not have AT&T and they will try to activate it for me, can they catch that? Or should I just tell them that I can do it at home on my own, I have my back up files saved to my computer.
    One last question, sorry.
    After restoring it (and not backing it up), I have the screen shown above, the one with the plug in pointing to the itunes logo. Is this normal? Because I plan to have my new one jailbroken after getting it. Is that possible?
    I'd very much appreciate any help on this matter. I am soo worried, and nervous. Thank you again!
  • @PCXC, jailbroken and unlocked are two different things. So you are unlocked... they will not do anything once they find out you do not have a valid AT&T number. And the first thing they will do is ask for your number. You are out of luck my friend. Sorry to say.
  • Hmm.. So basically there is NOTHING I can do to "unlock" it again then? And switch back to t-mobile? Without actually really activating it (using a at&t number, plan, etc.)
  • ok, i have the first iphone and i jailbroke it. ive tried multiple times and i keep getting "Iphone could not be restored. An unknown error occured. (1602)" anyone else ever get this?
  • Hi to all. I recently Jailbraked my iphone 3g, all this worked 1st time around, however I can now only use my phones internet connected to wifi only, this seems strange to me as I just bought the phone on pay as you go with 12 months free from the apple store. The message im getting is as follows ( could not activate cellular data network: you are not subscribed to a cellular data service ) If im doing something wrong please reply with help, many thanks!
  • Hi mike,
    Maybe this thread will help you with you connection issues... I think you have to configure you iphone profile to use the correct credentials of your carrier.
    I use this thread to disable all connections beside wifi.
    Good luck
  • hi.. I tried to jailbreak my 3G,2.2 iphone with said everything was a success and for to wait while it reboots...the phone hung in reboot stage with the apple logo..would turn off then turn on with the apple logo..why did this happen and what do I do now? please help.
  • @PCXC. The apple store cannot refuse you a replacement phone. That is part of the warrenty process. If it does become a problem tell them that you service Is disconnected at the moment for non payment of bill. Remember apple is NOT AT&T. Plus on a side note, it is NOT illigal to buy an iPhone without having service. Some people by them to use as iPods until they are ready to get them activated with AT&T.
  • Also apple sells iPhones without service for 599
  • @david, Apple does not let you walk out of the store without it attached to a att contract. And the first thing they check for is a att phone number a iPhone is attached to when you go in for a issue.
  • Have a dilemma need someone's expertise.....
    I accidentally updated my phone to the 2.2.1 software version. Afterwards I realize that there is no firmware for the latest update. I try to restore my phone back to the old 2.2 firmware but I keep getting an error. I desperately need the jailbreak back on my phone. Can anyone give advice towards how to get the old 2.2 firmware back on my phone? Or does anyone know of any firmware that can be used for the 2.2.1 software to jailbreak?
  • for all the people who get the unknown error have you tried it more than once? because i had the the same problem but i did it four times and on the fourth it worked.
  • all those who hv problem in 2.2f it was told that it is dangerous using quikpwnto jailbreak the iphone.....u should hv waited but its ok now u can restore it and jail break using the new links.....
  • hey, i have a jailbreak iphone 3g and would like to restore back to the factory settings because i might take return it on monday. the thing is whenever i hit restore, itunes automatically updates to the new firmware. should i hit cancel or let it continue?
  • EDIT:
    Whenever I hit Back Up or Don't Back Up in step 6, it doesn't proceed to Step 7 but itunes downloads the lastest firmware (2.2.1) instead.
    Question is, should I let it download?
  • The jailbreaking of the iphone and ipods are worthless. If you would read the many comments on this page and many others you would see that there are NONE that says they still have success with their jailbreak. Its just a waist of time trying to unlock or jailbreak them when the only thing your doing is destroying your iphone or ipod. Its either going to lock up and not be able to restore or something along those lines. Read the comments 1st people before you try and jailbreak yours, you will see how many people say it actually work (NONE). Someone can reply and try and defend it but jailbreaking isn't worth the chance of ruining an expensive product like the iphone or ipod.
  • I tried, i failed. Everything seemed to be going well using quickpwn (2.2) firmware, but when it came to reboot it just hung on the apple logo, vibratting a couple of times every 4 mins or so, stuck like that for 40 mins.... when powered off, and restarted same boot logo, beeping every now and then. Scared me to pieces. Just fixed it now, which is good, but reading all the posts (on this and about 100 other sites) jailbreaking is no good... everyone complains about it either not botting, or if it does boot contacts not working, outgoing calls not able to be made...
    I wouldnt advise doing this, i think im going to have to face facts that im stuck with a 12 month vodaphone contract that i cant use on my iphone!!! boooo
  • does this work with the 2.2.1?
  • Just jailbreaked, worked great! Remember to download the 2.2.1 firmware before hand, and click on it in Quickpwn. Once I did that, everything worked great
  • ATTENTION!!!!!!!!!
  • hey guys im really worried i had my iphone 3g jailbroken and it was running slow n acting wierd so i just wanted to get it back to how it was so i tried to restore it to defult settings and now it is stuck on the usb/itunes screen even when it is not plugged in and when i do plug it in it said unknown error cant find iphone this is really not good at all i cant even use my phone if ne one can help that would be awsome
  • my first iPod touch was jailbroken but I got rid of it and bought the 2nd generation iPod touch. My new one is NOT jailbroken but the wallpaper on the lock screen won't change because my first one was jailbroken and it's getting me super pissed. Any ideas please?
  • Why not just jailbreak the new one?
  • hey i have a huge issue!!! i recently jailbroken my phone and everything went well at first.... the next day i realized my headphones werent working... they were not broken at all the iphone just didnt want to accept them.. i then decided to restore my iphone and then the stupid pinaepple stood stuck on the screen and will not go no matter how many times i restart it... i spoke to a professionalist over the phone and he had me do a cheat code to make the phone work and all of a sudden a cartoon character appeared and has some symbols in a bubble!!! my phone is probably gone and has a virus or something.. i do not know what to do... is there anything i can do to get my iphone back i tried all i can think of... i even have an appt with the apple store tomorow and theres a chance they might not replace it seeing that it was jailbroken.. please let me know
  • hi there my jailbreak went fine but now i have to send it in to apple and i am concerned they are going to find out i had it jailbreaked i know the police can tell what you have had on your hard drive can apple do the same?
    p.s i have restored the firmwere to a original 2.2.1
  • I am really thank full to you..
    It helped me re-virgnize my iphone...
    I really appreciate for your help...
    *****5 STARS to this blog
  • Hey EJ
    Did you sort your iphone out, mine did the exactly same thing this afternoon?? What can be done?
  • Here is one that I have not seen.
    I have an iPhone that was unlocked, jailbroken and used with an AT&T sim card. At the time I didn't want or need the data plan and just used Wi-Fi. I have now upgraded my plan to the iPhone data plan and now I no longer have access to Edge (I did before). Should I restore my iPhone and if so, so I use my sim card the one that came with the phone?
    Thanks in advance for the help.
  • hello guys
    i have just bought a new iphone 3g locked to vodafone carrier, am using a vodafone sim so amnot having any problem, my question is how to add applications to my iphone out of apple store, thx in advance, Nisso
  • If u are having problems with the phone not working try uninstallig Kate if u have it
  • When I click to 'restore' I get an error message which says: "Software for this IPod is not currently available. Make sure you have the latest version of ITunes and try again."
    ..and I have the latest version!
    So what should I do? PLS help! my email:
  • hello everyone i have just jailbroken my iphone 3g firmware 2.2.1, i used quickpwn which worked great! it took about four hours to download my firmware to my desktop (required btw) but after everything im very happy with the use of cydia and installer. Its rumor that in june/july of '09 the firmware 3.0 will come out it has already been leaked but its unwise to try to download yet...if you have jailbroken your iphone and want 3.0 when it comes out, just restore to 2.2.1 then upgrade the russian dev-team are currently working on a 3.0 jailbrake. but i am very happy with the results of my jailbrake
  • thanx man this worked perfect i bought my iphone 3g off ebay the guy never told me it had the jailbroken firmware all he said was it had no sim. when i got it and seen the stupid pineapple i was wiggin out. now i can get it turned on thru att thanx to you!
  • wow.. this is a depressing list of problems, i just got my iphone 3g, and im having 2nd thoughts on jailbreaking now..
  • I just restored my jailbroken iPhone to factory settings. However, when i jailbroke it, i made it so the phone would work with T-mobile. Now that it is restored, i can't even unlock it because it needs an AT&T sim card to unlock it first. What do I do???
  • @ryan
    Don't worry, Jailbreaking is not illegal or anything like that (it is YOUR phone, you can do what YOU want with it, apple have no say in that.) Here's an example: I buy a chair, and decide to get it re-upholstered - unless we live in some form of fascist totalitarian state I believe that is totally legal, you bought the phone with your money and so it is YOURS, not apples.
    The only thing it does is void your warranty, but they can't find out if you've jailbroken it in the first place, so who cares!
  • Roadrunner and Hivemind have said it, and i'll say it again.... The phone is YOURS!!! Do what you want with it. Why let APPLE hold you back from unleashing your phone to it's truest potential. They are trying to be "Big Brother" in the cellphone game. They are controlling you scared f**ks, and making more money from you.
    Example, Where is the...
    SMS Forward
    MMS/Video Sending
    Video recording
    Camera zoom
    Custom Thems
    Voice Dialing.
    Actually, these are just a few things that Apple seemed to forget, or, are they just gonna give everyone a reason to buy their next iPhone that will do what it should have in the first place. Hence, Jay Freeman(Saurik),stepped up and took control of the situation. All respect is due.
    If you are thinking of Jailbreaking your phone, make sure you read all directions properly. Remember the first day that you got your phone and you couldnt put it down? Well once you jailbreak it, you wont be able to put it down for a long time!!! The excitement and adventure is unexplainable.
    OBAMA, your comment up top is innapropriate,what you need to realize is that everyone here is trying to resolve an issue with their jailbroken phone. This is not a forum for iPhone users to post comments on how much they love being free from APPLE's grip.
    You are in the wrong area.
  • what if your iphone is in restore mode but you cant rstore it because you dont have a lock srceen and itunes is telling to unlock your phone to coonect
  • I jailbroke my iPhone a couple months ago. Everything was working fine on my phone until one day I went to turn the phone off silent mode and put it in ring mode with the little switch on the side and it wouldn't work. It would vibrate twice and then switch back and forth from the on sign to off sign without me doing anything. I restored my phone, got rid of the jailbreak software, and just put normal windows 2.2.1 on it. I thought that would fix it, but it's still doing the same thing. Can someone help please/??!?!?
  • iphonecrazy,
    you need to take your phone back to an AT&T store. It is the phone. Just make sure that you do not have it jailbroken when you take it in. It is just a software malfunction.
  • RT,
    I had the same problem with my phone at first. Jailbreaking is kinda tricky. Just be patient, and continue to go through all of the steps of quickpwn. If it seems to give you problems in a certain area, just google the problem and you will see other people in forums who had the same problem. There will be posts of how to get out of your situation. Like I said, be patient. I know at times you will want to throw it at a wall or something... just make sure you research your problem and make sure you follow the instructions from quickpwn thoroughly.
  • My iphone 3g (2.2.1/ 02.30.00) is jailbroken.;
    It is amazing what a wonderful piece of kit it can be when jailbroken. Forward sms, video etc. But yesterday, internet stopped working except for wifi. I tried re-jailbreaking it a few times, but no joy.
    Anyone got a suggestion?
  • I just recently aquired a jailbroken iPhone from a co-worker because he now has the 3G iPhone. Thing is I want to use it as my own with iTunes and such. Can and should I restore it and take it in for activation or is there a way to hook it up to my PC and set up a new iTunes account and use the phone as if it were my own without going to an AT&T store? I do subscribe already to an unlimited data plan from AT&T and such , so should I just go on and use it or revirginize it?
  • Help! My iphone was configured to tmobile but i accidently downloaded an update and now it is completely locked! Can the store where i got it at restore it bak to normal?
  • I solved a multitude of problems trying to upgrade my 2G phone - SIM card not supported, Pwnage upgrade failures etc, - by restoring to factory settings as above, and then re-doing the jailbreak 3.0 using Pwnage Tool. Finally worked, synced it via previous back-up -so much relieved! Many thanks for this post.
  • I have the 3g with 2.2.1....its been jailbroken for a while now and a friend saw the new 3.0 update and did it now the phone wont turn on it goes to the usb screen I try to restore and it says I cant...went into pwn and it is not letting me do anything anyone have any ideas.
  • Hi I have a 2g and have upgraded to firmware 3.0 and jailbroken bout a week back an everything was working fine ........ but i by mistake connected my phone to my friend's computer and it started to restore his settings on my phone ,i immediately dissconnected my phone and realised that my contacts , msgs and photos went missing , now i have synced the phone back to my computer but it still is the same.......... now the msgs do not get saved everytime i send a msg and get out of tyhe msg tab the logs of the msg is lost ,,,,,,,,, REQUEST YOUR HELP on wat needs to be done to get back original settings please mail me (
  • Post #56, Elizabeth:
    Same thing happened to me with a T-mobile SIM after upgrading to 3.0 through iTunes. I followed the instructions in the FIRST post under Jailbreaking, downloaded the two files (redsn0w and apple), and after carefully following the instructions, redsn0w successfully re-unlocked the phone with no data or applications lost and the new 3.0 upgrades intact! Worked flawlessly - thanks for this blog!
  • Thanks so much!
  • I just Jailbroke my I phone 3G using 2.2 and redsnow my phone is now stuck on the apple logo and wont restart. Anyone have any advice?
  • Post #69, unpolire: redsn0w just jailbreaks. How does it unlock? Using ultrasn0w or yellowsn0w?? Please respond.
  • In an attempt to free up space on my jailbroken iphone I used the option on the phone to erase all media and content. I followed the instructions outlined above to restore the original settings and got to step 9 at which point my phone prompted me to insert a valid sim card. Since I only have a t-mobile the phone didn't recognize it as a supported SIM card. My phone is stuck showing no option to restore, it only has the emergency call option. Any ideas as to what I can do next to make the phone compatible with my tmobile sim?
  • i have an iphone which is jailbroken and i want to restore it to factory settings but it seems i cant do this without updating to the latest software..should i proceed? and if so what do i do to unlock the phone after the update is complete? pls help
  • my phone was throughly jailbroken but i cant get online and my net work settings kep changing any sugestions
    should i change the sim card because im a at&t customer on pick your plan
  • So i had my fone jailbroken and wanted to restore it because i had alot of memory wasted but i didnt know what it was...i did it and now cydia is gone i have no clue how to work it still jailbroken?? plz help
  • I have a jail broken phone (version 3.0), off late I am facing some problems:
    (i)incoming calls are disabled, however I am able to make outgoing calls, receive & send messages & mails.
    (ii)battery does not charge fully.
    can someone tell me if I restore the my phone to factory settings, will I be able to jail break & unlock again???
    Please help...........
  • i hav a iphone 3gs and i was facing sum problems wid it so i erase and reset the fone it wrked fine but after dat it asks for an official sim car wich i dnt hav cuz i live in uae nd neeed help to fix dis any help wud be appreciated thnx
  • I have an iphone 3gs and i jailbroke it 4 days ago. yesterday the battery died and not it wont turn back on. I have been trying everything i can find on the internet to try and restore it but no matter what i do itunes wont recognize it. ive tried putting it in dfu mode and nothing. i dont want to take it to apple cause of the warrenty. its just a black screen. wont charge wont connect to itunes wont get into dfu mode NOTHING...any advise???????
  • PLEASE HELP! I have a jailbroken 3g. I tried to reset it through the settings, general and reset menu on the phone. Now when i try to restart the phone it just sits at the biten pineapple symbol. Does anyone know how I can get past this and get my phone working again?
  • Patrick, you are a f.a.g.g.o.t
  • hey guyzz plz help this loser(me)with fixing my jailbroken iphone. i had it jailbroken and then i planned to reset everything content and all the data and media, it took an hour to erase it turned off and now it is only showing me the aple logo everytime it comes on.. it never goes passed that. i plugged it into my laptop to fix it through itunes and what not but it just didnt even recognize my phone. plz help me. what should i do????
  • by the way i reset the setting through my phone not itunez..
  • umm i bought an unlocked iphone 3g and it was working great until i updated to the latest version of itunes after the update was complete,my phone got locked!help me what am i suppose to do?i tried a jailbreak software and it works up until i get to restoring..i cant seem to do that,itunes keeps detecting an unknown error.idk what im suppose to do esp.since i didnt buy the phone locked and got it at a higher price only because it was an unlocked phone.someone help plz!
  • Could be good to give a massive disclaimer at the top saying you must have your original iPhone sim card, or else you'll get bricked.
  • I did this, got bricked, am going to try with the at&t sim card inside. But what if you want to restore (or un-jailbreak) WITHOUT UPGRADING YOUR FIRMWARE to the latest (ie: 3.1.2)???
  • My problem right now is downgrading an iphone 3G from firmware OS 3.0 to 2.2.1. I'm bricking my iphone each and every time i do that. I shift-click on the restore button in itunes Windoes and select the 2.2.1 restore firmware. But it brick it in recovery mode (that I can't get out of) everytime. I've tried all different versions of itunes (902/82/743)... How to solve this???
  • Jailbreaking your iPhone and restoring it does not constitute as fraud on the bases that Apple wants you to restore and/or update your iPhone, before visiting the Apple store.
  • i just want to know if its worth it. Will my iPhone 3G/s encounter terminal problems that cant be fixed, could apple find out and null and void the warranty. Basically, is it safe and reliable to jailbreak it?
  • my iphone was jailbroken, someone else did it for me so i am not so good with jailbreaking, i triend reseting it from the iphone and after the erase, my iphone shows the pineapple symbol and does not respond further....plz help me
  • that works , but it when i press restore it say extracting then it says error 2002 , i dont know what to do any help
  • My jailbroken iPhone 3gs froze a couple days ago so I tried restarting it by holding the power button with the home button and I thought it worked but the apple logo just stays up. The computer doesn't read it and when its plugged into the usb. Even if I hold power and home for 10 seconds, then just home, a message saying "iTunes could not contact the iPod software update server because you are not connected to the Internet" comes up. I am connected to the internet however. I just want to restore it, any ideas? Help is much appreciated. HELP!/Thanks!
  • Marv,
    this problem sounds to be a problem on your PC, possibly a firewall issue. Try uninstallin iTunes then download and install the latest iTunes, then try again.
  • Trevor,
    I thought the same thing so I tried it, then tried it again on 3 other computers. Same results unfortunately. Thanks for your help though. Any other ideas? If the USB port doesn't communicate can AT&T/Apple tell I jailbroke it (thus voiding the warranty and make a really expensive paper weight)?
  • I have a stock iphone(8G) that my son disabled by entering the wrong code too many times. Is there a way to get it back to the passcode screen or bypass it without losing all my pictures or address book data? I can restore it on itunes but only by losing all my data. I no longer have a data plan on it, just want to use it as an ipod touch etc.
  • I just jailbroke my ipod touch 3g and whenever i turn it off it goes to the screen that says to connect to itunes so i do and then it says there is a problem and i have to restore everything. It does that every time. What do i do?
  • @Andrew: You must plug it into your computer and run blackra1n again. This will start up your phone
  • Hi there.
    I got an iPhone 3gs which I jailbroke with blackra1n (on OS 3.1.2), and it worked fine until about a week ago (on vacation, maybe battery drained). Since then I only see the recovery screen. I tried to restore factory setting with iTunes (iTunes never gave me the options above, it always detects a phone in recovery mode), but recovery always ends with error ("unknown error (28)").
    I searched the web, found info on DFU mode (tried that, too, but doesn't change anything). Someone suggested that Recovery error 28 is hardware problem.
    Does anyone have an idea? 1000 Thanks!
  • I jailbroke my 3g last night and I'm just wondering if there is any possible way for apple to know it has been jailbroken if I follow the steps above to restore if I ever need to send it in.
  • O and I used blackra1n if that makes any difference
  • Hey this is to anyone who had my problem (entry 94);
    to recap I had a Blackra1n Jailbroken 3GS iPhone operating on 3.1.2. It froze about a month after (seems to be WAY more common among 3GS than 3G's or Touches by the way). Nothing worked, i tried soft restarts, hard restarts and 4 separate computers didn't even recognize it when it was plugged in. But the computers I tried it on were all Windows operating systems. Finally I tried it on a Mac and I was able to restore it. If yours is broke, try it on a MAC!
  • hey look I used blackra1n unlocked fine went to install a theme then wanted to restore so I tried connecting it with itunes works and then gets a lil bit into restoring and I get error 14 and I tried the above method same thing ....
    can anyone help me getting it to work again much appriciated
    - Justin
  • i was restoring my ipod but in the end due to some problem electricity gone and after that when i connected my ipod touch then its not working and only showing usb cable and itunes symbolz and itune is also not detecting my ipod touch plz help me i will be thankful 2 u. and itz not restoring to itz only downloading apply software update but not installing it.
  • hi,im thinking about jailbreaking.if i do and i want to unjailbreak it,do i just sync after i restore it and my phone will be back to normal?and another way ive seen to unjailbreak it is to right click my phone in the column and hit restore from backup.will this work?
  • This basically saved my life.
    Thanks. =]
  • I restored my phone but now have no AT&T sim card (I live in the UK) and I am not able to unlock it/jailbreak it. Anyone know of anything I can do now?
  • Jeremy, here is my issue. I have ipod touch 3rd gen with 3.1.2 FW. I have jailbroken with Blackra1n and appsync allows me to sync my cracked IPA with iTunes. Now that everything is working fine, I want to backup my FW 3.1.2 as I dont want to upgrade to 3.1.3 cause of cydia warning about the latest FW. So I want to backup my FW 3.1.2 in the event my ipod is screwed. Because if I restore with iTunes, it will update it to 3.1.3 which I dont want! Any tools u can recommend to backup my 3.1.2?
  • I jailbroke/unlocked my iphone 3gs for a short trip to Europe. It worked great, but I now want to go back to my 'old' phone. I backed everything up on my computer (iTunes) before the jailbreak, so everything is waiting for me when I restore. How do I dump the jailbreak, restore my phone, and get back on the 'right' side of the law? Specifics (and potential issues) are VERY much appreciated. If I'm better off not trying (fear of bricking) and sticking with the jailbroken phone, please let me know. MANY THANKS to anyone/everyone for your help.
  • jailbreaking is great, don't switch back and jailbreaking is allowed.
  • have fun!
  • Thanks for the positivity gagedog, but from all I've read/heard, JBing is not allowed (at least not in the US). Other than NOT switching back, any other suggestions/help out there? Many thanks!
  • I need help guys. Even after restoring my Ipod countless times, "other" still takes up like 160 MB. Any help? It used to be jailbroken btw.
  • I have an original iPhone that has not been jailbroken, but I have activated a replacement phone and was essentially using it as an iPod touch. I tried to do a restore and almost got through, but when iTunes tries to recognize it, I get this message: We could not complete your iTunes Store request. An unknown error occurred. (-3200)
    The iPhone screen is stuck on the USB plug pointing to the iTunes logo and can be used for emergency calls only. Where do I go from here?
  • Hey I just jail broke my 3gs and want to restore back to factory settings so apple wont see it was jail broken. If I do the re-virgin can apple store tell I jail broke and will they void my warranty. I have a 3g and will jailbreak that one but want my 3gs normal. What are my options? I appreciate the help guys!!!!!
  • Anyone stuck on the endless boot loop try using irecovery (just search it in google)
    ps it worked for me.
  • Another thing it also works for the recover mode loop.Here is the link
    leave a comment if it workes for you.
  • If I restore my iPhone and download the 3.1 will it also undo the unlocking of the phone?
  • @ ALL : Best iphone jailbreaks ( all generations) , downgrades and error fixes on this channel .. all working .
  • My partner and I agree along with your data and definitely will anxiously look onward on your next updates. Merely declaring thanks will not just be adequate, for the extraordinary clarity inside your posting. I'll instantly get the rss to stay privy with all updates. Great effort and much results with your business efforts! Toodles!
  • Great step by step instructions..recently bought a jail broken from 2nd hand market and managed to restore it to original specs.
  • I just downloaded and installed 3.1.3 to my phone that had been jail broke. It now says "could not activate cellular data network. You are not subscribed to a cellular data service" How do I get rid of that?
  • Hey i jailbroke my iphone it was on 3.1.2 i put it in dfu mode for the restore but it says restore and update... the thing is that does it restore first or update?
  • I have a jailbroken 3gs and i have rock. I must have somehow upgraded to the 3.1.2 version and now when i try to sync my iphone it asks me to restore it from and older version or set up a new iphone. I tried to disable the rock extentions and still nothing. Help! What do I do?
  • Hi, I've installed some updates and I have the same problem as described initially here. iTunes recognizes my phone, but I can't find the Summary tab, actually there are no tubs in the iTunes window when I open it, only the message to get a valid sim card.
    Help please
  • my itouch still will not stay on long enough to restore this page is bs
  • This guy doesn't know what he is talking about when he tells you how to restore your phone. I did just what he said to do and it tells me that my sim card is not compatible, yet it's an AT&T sim card! Now I have to go to the store to get it fixed! What a crock! You forgot to mention that you moron!
  • This guide is wonderful!
    I recently had a problem after having my phone being jailbroken and I updated to the new 4.0.1 update, I couldn't connect to the 3G network that my iPhone allowed. I took it to the AT&T store, and they said it was buisness with Apple.
    I started trying to find a website that explaind how to fix it and came across this one!
    This restore website saved my life... not to mention my wallet!
    I can now connect to the internet from anywhere once again!
    Thank you so much for this. :D
  • thanks this really helped! I jailbroke my phone but decided i didnt want it that way, tried to restore to factory settings through phone (deleting all data etc) and it just would freeze on restarting, so restored this way and so far so good!
  • Help please ! Same situation as Laura had, but Apple did not restore the iphone, message says that this device does not go with the wanted program (poor translation propably but the content is that...)
    My itunes did not give any other option than that to restore,I don't know from where? From my own itunes ? From apple ?
  • This is rubbisch!! You forgot people to tell they can only go back to previous firmware when Apple still has it signed. (in most cases not!) So this means you can only go back to previous firmware (in case you wanna jailbreak it again in the future) when the blobs are put safe on for instant the Saurik server.
    Even then you have to fool apple's server and go back to previous software for which there is jailbreak.
  • Did the jailbreakme on my iPhone4 last night with iOS 4.0 and it locked up on me at the boot screen.
    Did a restore and it forced me to restore to 4.0.2 which kills the jailbreak. Is there any way to restore back to 4.0 or 4.01 if the phone has not been jailbroken? The jailbreak never took effect.
  • I hav recently jail broken my iPhone n decided I didn't like it n have tried to restore it
    but it didn't work. I got a new iPhone now
    but what I would like l know is...will my last sync to iTunes on my old iPhone get transfered to my new iPhone? I don't want to sync the old jailbroken software... I just want my apps contacts n photos bac.
    Anyone know the answer?? Many thanks
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  • i jailbroke my 3G iphone using blackrain app. Now that it's of a lower value, i decided to sell off and upgrade to a 4G phone. I tried to reset all contents and settings last nite and my phone hanged till now. Tried to connect the phone to itunes but the phone could not be detected. Please help. What can i do to bring my phone back to life? Thanks.
  • HEY GUYS! So i did the cydia upgrade thing from BIGBOSS, and didn't go as planed. My jailbroken/unlocked iphone turned off and i tried to turn it with blackrain but didn't work AT ALL! So i tried to restore my iphone at itunes and at the very end they say to 'INSERT A VALID SIM WITH NO PIN LOCK TO ACTIVATE THE IPHONE'. So i insert my sim and put my pin number and the iphone accepts, BUT then i got stuck with that image that is a cable and the symbol of itunes. WHAT CAN I DO?!
  • ok about 5 months ago i decided to jail break my ipod toutch 2nd gen and after haveing done this for 5 months i decided to set it back to factory settings (btw i done this because i wanted to not because i had to) accept when i set it back to factory settings i done it through my ipods settings rather than itunes and now every thim i try to charge it, turn it on or try to hook it up to itunes it comes up with a page that has the apple symble on it with a colorfull libe accros the top of it and also it has a little loading symble at the bottom of the apple and this is as far as it has goten so far and it has been in this situation now for like 3 weeks so please someone help me ( i have a photo of the ipod screen if you need to look at it) ok thank you it will be muchly apprieshated
  • I just a second hand iPhone 32Gb from a flee market.
    Not sure which firmware it belongs to. At the back it says Model No. A1241 and assembled in China. From setting icon on the iPhone it says version I835NGFNCAWNLV11_6.
    Whenever plug in the USB cable, a USB config comes out there are 4 choices Mass Storage, Webcam, COM port, PictBridge.
    It doesn’t even have the iTunes icon nor the Installer icon.
    With “irecovery -s”, it keeps saying “No iPhone/iPod found.”.
    DLL file msvcr90.dll, readline5.dll, libusb0.dll are all in the same directory.
    How do I make the application recognize the iPhone?
    Please help/advice.
  • MieLembu,
    A1241 is an iPhone 3G. Everything is now assembled in China...
    You need iTunes on your PC (I don't think it matters as I used iTunes 10). I followed this page and managed to downgrade my OS from 4 to 3.13.
    I believe that once you place the phone in DFU mode, you should have no issues.
  • I love you & I want your babies!... ok, maybe not the 2nd bit but this saved my bacon!
  • clare - set it to dfu mode, like the other guy said. it saved my bacon!
  • Hi there~
    im having a iphone 2G( which i know is quite outdated).
    i've jailbreak it long time back.
    recently i update the latest firmware, everything works fine until one day the battery ran out. when i try to on back the phone, it's locked! then i try to re-jailbreak it but i failed.
    Is there anythg i can do now?
  • This is great info. I'm trading my jailbroken iPhone to Best Buy and when I reset the phone to get rid of all the nudie pics and porn, it kept cycling between an empty battery signal and the "rebooting" apple with the swirly thing. I used your instructions and now it's restoring! Without your help, the Geek Squad would have seen my penis.
  • I have a jailbroken/unlocked 3gs. I was recently downloading new apps from cydia and getting rid of ones I dont want and now I dont have phone service. In the upper left it says no service. Do you think I need to restore my phone? And if I do will I have to get my phone jailbroken again. Please help!
  • i have an iphone 3gs with firmware 3.1.2, if i restore if will update to 4.2 is that ok?
  • It worked perfectly for me! Thanks a lot!!!
  • Thank you so much for your post! Saved us!
  • my iphone wont start up its stuck on the skull screen. i tryed the dfu mode and i tunes starts the restore but goes back to the skull screen but i tunes says its still downloading. is that okay?
  • Hi there, i have an iphone 3g 4.2.1 and i jb with redsn0w but my wifi doesnt work so im upset to the point of putting it to factory settings, i follow all your steps but it wont let me , it always comes up an error (1015) in itunes. Can anyone help me please? Thank you.
  • So I jailbroke my iPhone 3GS with greenpoison. And if I were to restore it and back it up. Would it cancel jailbrake on it?
  • hi i am getting stuck at step number 8 i.e. after accepting "restore and update" it takes 5-8mins and then showz that " the iphone could not be restored. an unknown error occurred (1015) " and iphone shows the option 9 first pic....can you pls advise what to do next?
  • my iphone 3g keeps restarting...itunes can recognize it but it stays on for 1 minute then goes off. and restarts again .. what do i do ?
  • Please I restore but asking me to insert my sim to unlockf from West of Africa, Nigeria precisely. What do I do?
    Favourable solution will be welcome.
  • Hey Jeremy - Thank you for your solution, i am trying it now as i type. Couple of things here: - I did the jail break on my phone and after using it some time, one fine day i just connected it to itunes and upgraded to 4.3.2, ever since, any sim card is not working on my phone, i guess it is safe to say that my phone is locked or i made a mistake somewhere. Though i am doing a restore as mentioned by you, however, during the restore process the itunes is downloading a newer version of the software from server which is taking a lifetime (shows 5 hours remaining), this is probably because i selected restore and update. do you think i should cancel and only go for restore 1st.
  • Also - Thankfully it did not take 5 hours, the download was completed some time back the iphone did a restore and asked me to put a valid sim which is not locked, so i put in my phone sim which is not locked and is getting used in another phone, however after putting in the sim & rebooting the phone, nothing happened, still showing me the connect to itunes picture and if i slide it only allows emergency calls. Urgent help will be appreciated :( please help. Thanx.
  • I am still stuck with the same problem, need some urgent help. Please assist. Thank you.
  • i just got the 3g iphone and its jailbroken. i hooked it up to itunes and now it's in recovery mode but it wont complete the recovery so now its stuck on a screen telling me to connect it to itunes. what do i do?
  • I am having the same problem?
  • hey well i tried it and i thought it will work but it had an error
  • Hey guys, anyone has successfully unjaibreak iPhone? because i couldnt :(
  • Well jimmy it worked for me you just have to hook it it up onto iTunes and then allow it to sit. Yu have to first put it onto safe mode. This is how you do it. You put one finger on the lock like on the top of the iPhone iPad iPod stuff like that. Then hold one finger on the home button AT THE SAME TIME. Then leave it after about 10 seconds. Then do nothing for a while. Because then you have to wait and see when it Is finished.
  • Okay, so this isn't working:( My phone was jailbroken, and I hit upgrade and now my iPhone is in recovery mode. When I try to restore it, it always stops and says an error has occured. I'm stuck and have no idea what to do. Please someone out there help!!! I am completely lost!!
  • i have the same exact problem
  • im having exactly the same program as well have you fixed yours?
  • downgrade your iphone with a custom restore, 1015 will come up then use tinyumbrella to kick it out of recovery and there you go
  • well, im not too sure what has happened, i want to keep my iphone jailbroken.
    i was downloading some apps from cydia, and that was fine, i then wanted to get a new font, i have fontswap and i went on there to find a font that i liked, i chose it and it said: install and respring, or cancel, i tried to install and respring but it was trying to restart my phone but it waas taking far too long, i did the emergency turn off thing and waited a few minutes and turned it back on again, it has now been frozen on the same, opening screen for the past day what do i do without restoring the iphone???? :/
  • i have the same exact problem ..
  • HELP!
    I jailbroke my iPhone 4, now my service is gone! (Can't make calls or revieve calls, can't text, no 3G)! Help, I'm only thirteen, my parents will kill me if something happens to my phone!
  • just reboot your phone its fine, it happened to me as well
  • better tell mum and dad and ask for an new one then don't mess with settings you cnat change
  • They will ban you for hacking an iPhone because it can lower billing price
  • i tried to restore and update iphone but getting stuck on the recovery mode i have pulled the sim out now and it seems 2 be rebooting so fingers crossed oh yeah its the 3GS
  • Hi, like other i have purchased a second hand iphone 3, its unlocked but was jailbrocken, when i went to wipe the contacts the trouble started. i hooked it up to itunes and now it’s in recovery mode but it wont complete the recovery so now its stuck on a screen telling me to connect it to itunes. what do i do
  • same.
  • hello all.. if anyone is having a 1015 error in any iphone just follow the steps it will be solved as i have done it:
    1) open
    2) click on center option which states "ireb rc4"
    3) download " | 6.1 Mb"
    4) once downloaded open it and u will c three options in top iREB, Recovery mode loop fixer/shsh blobs grabber, credits.
    5) click on recovery mode loop fixer.
    6) now click on set auto boot true.
    now let the iphone do its work and once it is finished it will set iphone to its factory settings. just jailbreak it directly.
    remember: do not perform teathered jailbreak. always perform unteathered jailbreak. also if u have a teathered jailbreak DONOT perform above steps just message me on i will tell u how to do it. its a bit different so.
  • So I've downloaded the software update 4 times now...I have the latest version of itunes and yet whenever the update is finished downloading it says "network time has expired and that there was a problem downloading." this is very frustrating.. My reason for doing this is that my Ipod touchscreen will not function.
  • I have a jailbroken iphone 3gs. I restored it to factory settings and now all i get on my phone is the apple logo. I have tried to hold the to buttons down and all it does is come back on with the apple logo. CAN ANYONE HELP ME??????
  • Hold the sleep button and the home button at the same time after it turns off let go of the sleep button and it will turn on again and it will be in recovery mode.
  • hello all.. if anyone is having a 1015 error in any iphone just follow the steps it will be solved as i have done it:
    1) open
    2) click on center option which states "ireb rc4"
    3) download " | 6.1 Mb"
    4) once downloaded open it and u will c three options in top iREB, Recovery mode loop fixer/shsh blobs grabber, credits.
    5) click on recovery mode loop fixer.
    6) now click on set auto boot true.
    now let the iphone do its work and once it is finished it will set iphone to its factory settings. just jailbreak it directly.
    remember: do not perform teathered jailbreak. always perform unteathered jailbreak. also if u have a teathered jailbreak DONOT perform above steps just message me on i will tell u how to do it. its a bit different so.
  • Hi James, I tried the above steps now the phone does not turn on. What could be the problem?
  • Doesn't do a thing
  • Hey james. i have a teathered jailbreak and need your help. i emailed you could you please reply. thanks
  • What James describes below works for your situation with a slight change up. Since you did a hard reset on a jailbroken phone you have to:
    1) open
    2) click on center option which states "ireb rc4"
    3) download " | 6.1 Mb"
    4) once downloaded open it and u will c three options in top iREB, Recovery mode loop fixer/shsh blobs grabber, credits.
    5) Connect the phone to your computer.
    (here's where the variation occurs)................
    6) stay in iREB and click the 3G toggle bar. Follow the directions from there to put the phone into recover mode and allow the phone to be recognized by itunes.
    7) After the above process has finished, connect to itunes, wait for the phone to be recognized, and click the restore toggle to complete the process.
    Hope this helps...............
  • My ipod will not connect to itunes
  • I'm having Unknown Error 1002 whenever I use recovery mode. My iphone was not even on jailbreak before it goes to recovery mode. And now, even I would restore the iphone, I can't. I'm having this Unknown Error 1002.
    Please advise
  • hello all.. if anyone is having a 1015 error in any iphone just follow the steps it will be solved as i have done it:
    1) open
    2) click on center option which states "ireb rc4"
    3) download " | 6.1 Mb"
    4) once downloaded open it and u will c three options in top iREB, Recovery mode loop fixer/shsh blobs grabber, credits.
    5) click on recovery mode loop fixer.
    6) now click on set auto boot true.
    now let the iphone do its work and once it is finished it will set iphone to its factory settings. just jailbreak it directly.
    remember: do not perform teathered jailbreak. always perform unteathered jailbreak. also if u have a teathered jailbreak DONOT perform above steps just message me on i will tell u how to do it. its a bit different so.
  • My iphone was jailbroke by a friend in Germany. He told me not to update it but my brother in law was trying to put some apps on it and attempted to update it. Restoring it brings up the message 1015 and even after following these instructions, it still does not work. I don't know what tethered is but maybe I need the instructions for a tethered phone. Help please... a mom home on vacation with no camera, phone, internet.
  • i have a jail broken iphone 3g silly me decided to update it to the latest one on my itnunes it wouldnt work and now my ipone says its in recovery mode an will not restor it says error 1015 how do i fix this??
  • hello all.. if anyone is having a 1015 error in any iphone just follow the steps it will be solved as i have done it:
    1) open
    2) click on center option which states "ireb rc4"
    3) download " | 6.1 Mb"
    4) once downloaded open it and u will c three options in top iREB, Recovery mode loop fixer/shsh blobs grabber, credits.
    5) click on recovery mode loop fixer.
    6) now click on set auto boot true.
    now let the iphone do its work and once it is finished it will set iphone to its factory settings. just jailbreak it directly.
    remember: do not perform teathered jailbreak. always perform unteathered jailbreak. also if u have a teathered jailbreak DONOT perform above steps just message me on i will tell u how to do it. its a bit different so.
  • the link is no longer there
  • search it.. theres a mediafire link
  • remove w and press enter. it works
  • that link doesnt work ? what should i do ?
  • i have a thetered jailbreak
  • wat is it please
  • how do u no if teathered or not tried link above didnt work :(
  • hello i was on firmware 4.1 on apple 3gs. now i tried to update it on 4.3.3 as its jailbreak is available but when i tried it its not getting restored. what shall i do. i showed at apple genuis bar they said it happened due to jailbreak ur device. is there any way to solve it.. please help.....
  • hello all.. if anyone is having a 1015 error in any iphone just follow the steps it will be solved as i have done it:
    1) open
    2) click on center option which states "ireb rc4"
    3) download " | 6.1 Mb"
    4) once downloaded open it and u will c three options in top iREB, Recovery mode loop fixer/shsh blobs grabber, credits.
    5) click on recovery mode loop fixer.
    6) now click on set auto boot true.
    now let the iphone do its work and once it is finished it will set iphone to its factory settings. just jailbreak it directly.
    remember: do not perform teathered jailbreak. always perform unteathered jailbreak. also if u have a teathered jailbreak DONOT perform above steps just message me on i will tell u how to do it. its a bit different so.
  • hi i really need help, my iphone 3gs was jailbroken with cydia and i tried to update it and now its stuck in recovery mode and will not
  • I emailed you for teathered instructions. Please help me!!
    err 1015 with a teathered jailbreak
  • Hi,
    About 6 Months Ago a Friend of mine Jailbroke my Ipone, But he used the tethered Jailbreak. it then Turned off on me & ever since i havent been able to turn it on/restore it. Itunes will Not pick it up, Nor my Laptop. I have tried Using The Home & Power Button, but nothing works. i Have downloaded millions on Things to Try to restore it back to factory settings but no Good! I recently Got a iphone 4 & got A new Jailbreak Program & i havent had problems ever since..
    Can someone Help Me Or Give me some Kind of Idea what to do!!
  • Maybe it's out of juice, just let it charge for a while, than see what comes. It's been over a month, have you solved it yet?
  • download redsnow and the firmware your phone has and click on just boot tethered now
  • hello all... sorry i could not access my email account so couldnt reply to people who have mailed me.
    for teathered jailbreak follow this steps:
    download redsnow and as u do a jailbreak perform a jailbreak with the version lower than 4.3.3
    after that still u may be having the same problem.
    if ur having problem go to ireb
    click on recovery mode loop fixer.
    now click on set auto boot true
    try doing this 3 or 4 times it should get fixed.
    if still it is no getting fixed then
    in ireb
    u will be able to see the make of your phone.. so click on it and follow steps..
    it will fix problems for teathered jailbreak.
    by doing so ur phone will go to factory settings
    so u need to perform jailbreak again.
    and when u connect to itunes after jailbreak do now let the phone sync with itunes unless ur phone is working fine.....
    hope this helps friends...
  • hey im getting the same problem as the rest of them except my error number is 1619... can you help???
  • It's not that easy. My iTunes keeps giving me Error 1015. I've tried RecBoot and Tiny Umberella to kick my phone out of Recovery mode. Some say iRecovery is a good idea, but it's not an option for me because of my WIN7 OS. Can anyone help??
  • Hey I just bought a jailbroken iPhone 4 and it's going kind of slow what steps should I take to make it go faster or erase what the previous owner did should I jail break it again not sure what exactly to do
  • thank you a million times over !
    my iphone LIVES !
  • Hi I followed instructions, itunes couldnt complete restore due to erroe 1062? Now it is frozen with picture of carger and itunes written on ... please help????
  • Hi I followed instructions, itunes couldnt complete restore due to error 1062? Now it is frozen with picture of carger and itunes written on ... please help????
  • heya, i just bought an iphone 3gs second hand that was jailbroken, i didnt know that if u tryed updating it on itunes it sort of messed it up, it now comes up with error 1015 and is stuck on the usb and the itunes icon, i have tryed to jailbreak it and used loads of apps to get it back but no joy, pls help !!!
  • I have at&t but I am living in the Dominican Republic. I dropped my iphone in salt water and I found someone here who said they can bring my iphone back to life but when they gave the phone back to me it was jailbroken. I just want to restore it back to the last time i backed up my iphone the day before it fell in the water. Is this even possible??
  • my ipod has a password on it and i cannot unlock it because the download itunes dowload screen has appeared
  • Can anybody help I just bought mysels an IPhone 4 and jailbraked it but what a waste of time, now I'm trying to restore it to its factory
    settings but the the info that I get in iTunes and what the public say what to do are differen keep on getting this pop-up instead of restore :
    iOS 4.3.5 Software Update
    Fixes a security vulnerability with certificate validation.
    Products compatible with this software update:
    • iPhone 4 (GSM model)
    • iPhone 3GS
    • iPad 2
    • iPad
    • iPod touch (4th generation)
    • iPod touch (3rd generation)
    For information on the security content of this update, please visit this website:
    Can anybody help
  • if i restore my ipod will the people at the apple store notice that it was jailbroken?
  • Hi, I am about to re-virginize my jailbroken phone and send it back for hardware repair. When I get it back do I then re jailbreak it and then restore from backup? What if I get sent a new phone (mine has what appears to be a faulty antenna)
  • then jailbreak that on idiot -.-
  • hi
    i recently bought a jailbroken iphone off ebay. stupid me tried to update it and it didnt work. it then says i need to restore that and that wont work. not sure if the jailbreak is teathered or not. any ideas how i can get my iphone working again?
  • okay thats kinda hard to fix but luckily its fixable follow these steps, the latest itunes software
    2. go to this link and download firmware for a custom restore ( or downgrade) make sure its the model your iphone is, wait for it to download. tiny umbrella from this link and wait for it to download and then setup.
    4. connect your phone to your computer and let itunes recognize till it says found iphone in recovery mode.
    5. press shift+ restore and then a screen will come up then look for the firmware you downloaded.
    6. after the restore is complete you will an error 1015, don't panic.
    7.minimize itunes and go to tinyumbrella and look for connected devices.
    8.after you click on connected devices go to the right and click exit recovery.
    and there you go should be at the activation screen
  • but when I open my phone it still shows a picture to connect it to itunes :((( I don't know what to do anymore :((
  • thank you so much for your help and it fixed my 1015 problem
  • i tried to his but there were no options. it was just one exe file that i couldnt open in my mac
  • *tried to do this...
  • i am not prompted with a screen that ask if i want back up.. please help, i need ti back up first :{
  • i tried to restore it from the ipod not the computer now when ever i turn it on it has a lit blank screen is my ipod dead?
  • I am trying to restore my I phone but it has been frozen in itunes for 14 hrs!!! what do I do?
  • What if you can restore becouse it asks you to both restore and uptade
  • i have a jailbroken iphone 4. I tried restoring it with itunes but it would always give me an error while backing up the device so I decided to erase all settings and content from the phone... Now the phone will not start PLZ help me
  • my sister got my ipog 3g stolen an when she got it back it was jail broken an she restet all setting an now it wont work its still on the first picture of step 9 an idk what to do since i have no idea what your directions mean.
  • I bought a jailbroken iPhone 3Gs running 4.0 off my friend and I want to store to factory settings. When I get to step 6 I get a msg stating that my data will all be lost and I will have to install the latest IOS which is IOS 5. Would that cause any issues if I continue with the restore and updating from 4.0 to IOS 5? I don't care if I lose all data I just want to be sure phone works after the restore.
  • I'm trying to get the new IOS 5, so i need to restore my jailbroken Iphone, but its only letting me restore and update, will it brick? I'm no use with technology and the guy I got to Jailbreak it isn't in contact with me.
  • I'm trying to get the new IOS 5, so i need to restore my jailbroken Iphone, but its only letting me restore and update, will it brick? I'm no use with technology and the guy I got to Jailbreak it isn't in contact with me.
  • I'm trying to get the new IOS 5, so i need to restore my jailbroken Iphone, but its only letting me restore and update, will it brick? I'm no use with technology and the guy I got to Jailbreak it isn't in contact with me.
  • I'm trying to get the new IOS 5, so i need to restore my jailbroken Iphone, but its only letting me restore and update, will it brick? I'm no use with technology and the guy I got to Jailbreak it isn't in contact with me.
  • Hi. I gave my first gen iPhone to my mom years ago and jailbroke it for her to use it on tmobile. Now I wanted to put some songs on it for her to use as iPod as she has diff phone. I connected to iTunes and did the update (forgot it was jailbroken!) now it says no sim card installed. I did the above but it gave me option only to update and restore nit restore separately. I did it twice but same message. My sim from 4g is too small for this phone! What can I do? Pls help!!
  • I have a iphone 3g that was jailbroken and I did a restore on it and now it doesn't work. How do I fix it?
  • teehee i sent my jailbroken phone in for apple repair.. they accept it :)
  • i stopped my iphone4 jailbreak halfway, but for me, it was a lose-lose situation where i didnt get cydia and lost many advantages my iphone gave me like "imessage" and the "find my iphone" app.
    the app couldn't find my phone cuz of the jailbreak that i never finished, so i'm hoping that restoring my iphone will start me off with a clean slate.
  • I have a jailbroken Iphone4 (4.3.3) and My phone keeps going into safe mode. I got crash report from Cydia and it is saying ABDatabasedoctor is crashing (89 times so far) multiple apps continually crash. I cannot restore, update, erase or revirginize my phone. Help! Is there anyway to wipe my phone and start over?
  • Heya i am for the first time here. I came across this board and I in finding It truly useful & it helped me out a lot. I hope to offer something back and aid others such as you helped me.
  • I had my jailbroken iphone 3gs today. I rebooted it as slide to mod wouldn't all my jailbreak stuff cannot be accessed. Help please?
  • I need help ASAP today around 6:30 pm I DOWNLOADED the new jailbreak from Evasi0n ios 7.0 - 7.0.4 so I did it on my iPhone 5s I did a back up that took like 20 mins then the jailbreak that is untethered and it did 2 reboots and then sense that jailbreak that it even work my phone is been on like turning on from the second reboot on the apple logo and in the past 4 hours it haven't move all its done is flash like a blue light on the screen like 3 times and come back to the apple logo like if its turning on but it never does and the computer doesn't detect the phone so what can I do
  • I have a micro chip inserted in my iphone to run my server in my iphone 5 so i cannot take out my sim card from it. I have jail breaken my iphone and now it doesn't detect any updates available. I really have no intention to use another micro chip and spent money on it. Is there a way to detect the updates and update my iphone?? Or if i restore my iphone will it require new micro chip to be inserted again? please give all the details what to do. i want to update my iphone to ios7.1.
  • I have tried all the mentioned above steps. It did well up to step 9 but couldn't worked with step 10 as it says," No SIM card stuff" though the SIM card works fine on other phone, and after that it prompts a message" iPhone could not be activated because the activation server is temporarily unavailable”. It is prompting the same message for the last 2 days as i am trying for the activation. PLEASE HELP
  • Please tell how to do an unrecognized ipod touch 4g
  • Hi, if this tip doesn't work for you you can try tutorial on this page: The tutorial is safe and can save you money. You just pick iPhone from drop down menu and watch the instructions. Hope this will help to someone.
  • Can someone tell me what I should do about my ipod touch 5th gen not restoring? I used the Pangu untethered jailbreak 7 months ago. two months ago, I took Cydia out of my ipod touch and used itunes and the ipod touch settings to restore/erase it and it didn't work. I then used the "find my iphone" setting on to wipe my ipod touch 5th gen clean and that put it in a restore loop. It will just try to restore itself everytime it's on, but will go to a "power off" screen till it dies.