How to use Puzzle Maker Mode in Deus Ex GO

Deus Ex GO has received a major update that brings with it Puzzle Maker Mode, which lets players create their own levels, complete with drop-out floors, mechanized baddies, and turrets you can manipulate with a simple hack.

Build your pathways

After updating the game, when you open Deus Ex GO, you'll notice a new tab. This is the Puzzle Maker. Tap "Create" to get started.

The level will auto-generate a basic puzzle. This is simply a jumping off point to get you started. You can add pathways, expand the floor, and remove pathways that were created in the auto-generation. Tap the pathway icon to get started. Then, tap a line on the floor to add a pathway, or tap an existing pathway to remove it.

Add the baddies and hackables

You can also add guards, turrets, bots, floor drops, Invisibility augmentation, and computers to the mix. You can only put in a total of 10 items, so make sure your level doesn't need to be overly complex.

Each item can be further customized. For example, you can rotate which direction a guard is looking or set the Invisibility augmentation to respawn after you've used one. Tap each item to see how you can customize it.

Color all the things

Lastly, you can change the color of the floor and background of your level. There are seven different color combinations to choose from.

Rate community levels

You can publish your level so that other players can take a crack at it. You can "like" each others' levels and the highest rated ones will be featured as a Daily Challenge.

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