How to turn off WiFi or Bluetooth on iPhone and iPad in iOS 11

The new Control Center in iOS 11 came with a plethora of changes that made Control Center even more useful on your iPhone and iPad, but not all the changes are straightforward.

If you're coming from iOS 10, you may be used to using Control Center to turn off Wi-fi and Bluetooth with just a few quick taps. Unfortunately, in iOS 11 you're not able to do that. Here's a quick rundown of what Control Center actually does with Wi-fi and Bluetooth, and how to turn off completely.

What Control Center does with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

As pictured above, you can access Wi-Fi and Bluetooth through Control Center in iOS 11 and when you tap either of those buttons, it may appear as if it turned off the wireless connectivity. What those buttons actually do is more of a temporary "disable" feature that kicks off currently connected networks and devices, but keeps the connectivity active.

For example, if you have a pair of Bluetooth headphones connected to your iPhone or iPad and you want to quickly disconnect them, you can tap the Bluetooth button in the Control Center to do that. The device you had paired will become disconnected, but you could still connect another device without having to press the Bluetooth button again. The same thing goes for Wi-Fi.

If you want to completely turn off Wi-Fi or Bluetooth so you can't connect to anything, you'll need to go through settings.

How to turn off Wi-Fi in iOS 11

  1. Launch Settings from your Home screen.
  2. Tap Wi-Fi.
  3. Tap the Wi-Fi On/Off switch. Grey means it's off.

You can follow these exact same steps whenever to turn Wi-Fi on as well.

How to turn off Bluetooth in iOS 11

  1. Launch Settings from your Home screen.
  2. Tap Bluetooth.
  3. Tap the Bluetooth On/Off switch. Grey means it's off.

You can follow these exact same steps whenever to turn Bluetooth on as well.

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  • While I understand the logic behind this, this is a huge step backwards for how I (want to) use my device. So much so that I’m seriously re-evaluating my tech ecosystems. Have Settings taking up a dock space. Again. Sigh.
  • What ? This is so stupid ! Firstly - not at all obvious that this is what they do and secondly turning right off seems like a much more likely and common use case.
  • This is such a dumb move on apple's part. If they are going to only make it "temporarily turn off" through control center, might as well just remove it from there. Come on Apple.
  • This is actually a main reason why I haven't upgraded to iOS 11 yet
  • Oh man I am so glad I’m not the only on e that feels this way.
  • Just ask Siri to turn them off. It’s much faster than going through the menus. I agree iOS 11 got it wrong here.
  • I think this is by far the dumbest UX decision ever made. No we don't use Airplay or any of the related services to Bluetooth and/or wifi.
    SJ would fire this person no matter what.
  • So then, what exactly is happening when I turn on Airplane mode? Obviously cell reception is turned off, but are Bluetooth and WiFi fully turned off, or fake turned off?
  • They will be fully turned off as the "fake" turned off would go against regulations.