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In watchOS 6, Apple is finally bringing a Calculator app to Apple Watch. Launching this fall alongside other watchOS 6 goodies such as Voice Memos, the new app is available as a complication on various watch faces and the Home Screen.

How to add the Calculator app to an Apple Watch face

You can add the Calculator app as a complication on compatible watch faces by:

  1. On an Apple Watch with watchOS 6 installed, Press the Digital Crown to navigate to the watch face on your Apple Watch.
  2. Press firmly on the watch face to enter customization mode.
  3. Select a watch face.
  4. Tap Customize.
  5. Tap a complication location. customize Apple Watch face
  6. Rotate the Digital Crown and scroll through complications to select the one for Calculator.
  7. Press the Digital Crown to exit customization mode.
  8. Tap the watch face when finished.

    select calculator complication on Apple Watch

    How to access the Calculator app on Apple Watch

    You can access the Calculator app on an Apple Watch face or through the Home Screen.

    From an Apple Watch face on an Apple Watch with watchOS 6 installed:

    1. Click on the Calculator complication on the compatible watch face.
    2. Use the Calculator as you would with any other standard calculator.

    using calculator on Apple Watch

    From the Home screen:

    1. Tap once on the Digital Crown.
    2. Select the Calculator.
    3. Use the Calculator as you would with any other standard calculator.

    calculator home screen

    How to use the Calculator app for tips

    The Calculator app includes a Tips function. Regardless of how you access the Calculator on your Apple Watch above, use the Tips function as below:

    1. In the Calculator, type the amount of your total bill.
    2. Tap Tip.
    3. With the tip box selected, use the Digital Crown to adjust the tip percentage.
    4. With the people box selected, use the Digital Crown to adjust the number of people who are playing the bill with the tip included.

    Calculate tip on watchOS 6

    The screen shows your pre-tip bill, tip, number of people, total bill, and amount per person (when applicable).

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Coming soon

Apple plans on releasing watchOS 6 this fall alongside new versions of iOS, iPadOS, macOS, and tvOS. Apple's watchOS 6 supports the Apple Watch Series 1 through Apple Watch Series 4.

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