How would you change the App Store?

Apple's senior vice president of worldwide marketing, Phil Schiller, has just been put in complete charge of the App Stores—iOS, OS X, watchOS, and tvOS. That's led to some hope, especially among indie developers, that longstanding issues might get the attention and address the deserve. Yet the App Stores are complicated beasts.

Prior to the App Store, anyone who wanted to get software—and it really wasn't that many people—had to hunt around the web, open accounts on a variety of sites, figure out how to install and uninstall, and be willing to pay dozens of dollars for even the most basic of apps—$40 sticky notes for Treo, I'm looking at you.

The App Store made software awareness, discovery, purchase, installation, and deletion so easy that almost everyone now does it. But it's also led to an environment apps can be lost among the sea of software, and people don't want to pay much if anything even when they do find them, making sustainable businesses tough for anything other than a top casino-style game.

I've already written about the sum of all compromises that has led us to both the heights and depths we're at now, why the Mac App Store lags so far behind the iOS App Store, and how I think a dedicated VP of App Store might be needed to really give the App Store the attention it needs.

Now I'd like to turn it over to you, our community. For developers and customers both, if Phil Schiller asked you what changes you'd like to see in the App Stores for iPhone, iPad, Mac, Watch, and TV, what would you tell him?

  • Appoint a dedicated VP for App Store.
  • Appoint a dedicated Director for Mac App Store.
  • Bring Mac App Store up to parity with iOS App Store.
  • Enable trial/demo periods.
  • Allow for upgrade pricing.
  • Obliterate Top Charts.
  • Create a premium store/put freemium in a separate category.
  • Build a social or Apple Music-style recommendation engine and enable shareable app "playlists".
  • Improve App Store search with automatic widening, nearest neighbor, etc.
  • Enable purchases via iTunes Preview on the web.
  • Enable cross-platform purchases (i.e. link to, search for, and buy tvOS apps on iPhone or Mac).
  • Allow developers to respond to reviews.
  • Commit to 24-48 hour turn-around for app review.
  • Provide a secondary, more communicative track for any app that causes concern.

Some of these might sound obvious and even easy. Each one, however, will need to be carefully considered.

To break out just one by way of example—how do you handle trials? How long should the period be? Should it be consistent so customers don't even have to think about how long they have, or should it be set by developers to suit apps that might be critical but only used once? Should the period be absolute or relative, so once you open the app you're immediately on a timer, or you're only timed while actually using the app? What happens if the period expires, you don't buy, but then you re-download the app a month or a year later? Do you get no repeat trial, a shorter repeat trial, or a new trial altogether?

What happens to customer data when the period expires and no purchase is made? Should the customer lose the data because they didn't pay, or should developers have to provide an export mechanism? Should Apple pay developers a fee during the trial period so they're compensated for their work, or should developers contribute some time with their app the way Apple contributes the infrastructure to enable it? If you download a trial through an affiliate link, then go through another affiliate link before buying, who gets the credit? The considerations, while not endless, are involved.

Other platforms have been doing some of these things, in some cases learning and evolving through them, for years. There may not be a need to start from scratch. Yet the implementation details will always need to be well planned, and execution is always more challenging than idea.

But there are incredibly smart, incredibly good people in App Store. Despite some long standing gripes, there's also an incredible history of excellence and success. The App Store has done a lot right. And now, with one senior vice president on top and a unified team throughout, there's every opportunity to nail even more of it.

So, once again, if Phil Schiller came to you and asked you what you would change about the App Store, what would you tell him, and how would you like to see it done?

Special thanks to David Barnard. Originally published in June. Updated following App Store reorganization.

Rene Ritchie

Rene Ritchie is one of the most respected Apple analysts in the business, reaching a combined audience of over 40 million readers a month. His YouTube channel, Vector, has over 90 thousand subscribers and 14 million views and his podcasts, including Debug, have been downloaded over 20 million times. He also regularly co-hosts MacBreak Weekly for the TWiT network and co-hosted CES Live! and Talk Mobile. Based in Montreal, Rene is a former director of product marketing, web developer, and graphic designer. He's authored several books and appeared on numerous television and radio segments to discuss Apple and the technology industry. When not working, he likes to cook, grapple, and spend time with his friends and family.

  • One thing I'd like to see is a way to filter reviews for "most recent" like the Mac App Store. Sent from the iMore App
  • This can be done on the iPad as well, but not on the iPhone..
  • Getting an option for a refund on apps. Something similar to Google has. Sent from the iMore App
  • You've had that option from the start, it's just buried in iTunes and not meant for use as way to "demo".
  • Well then a request would be to make the refund option front facing. If you delete an app within the first hour or so of owning it, you're given a refund. Sent from the iMore App
  • As a developer I'd be fine with demos and trial periods as long as it's only on apps that cost more than $20 or so. We're already seeing the EU mandated 'refund' system being abused on 99c games where it works perfectly and gets played for a couple of weeks then gets 'returned' for a refund and carries on being played. The Google store is even worse for this with their standard no questions asked refund system. Another aspect of any refund system I'd like to see is that if you do get a refund because of an issue with an app, the developer should be given the reason the refund was given along with any crash or bug reports. If people are wanting their money back because of an issue, it's something we'd want to fix.
  • The user review process for apps is poor. Apple should look at how eBay handles feedback. I have no idea which apps I provided feedback for. Also people should be able to see the credibility of the reviewer. Sent from the iMore App
  • All App stores should be device independent. I should be able to buy a Mac app on my iPad or iPhone and it should be waiting for me, installed and all on my mac when I get home. Also, I should be able to buy iPad apps on my iPhone, same procedure. It is beyond me why this is stil not the case as I can buy apps for iOS from my Mac.
  • These are great ones! Good thought!
  • And I forgot to mention:
    Make sure the names of apps in the store correspond with what you see under the app icons. Sometimes this is not the case at all. The name with the icon will be short and the name in the store may be much longer. Trying to find the app in the store with the icon name will not work. It should be possible to find an app via both its names. I have reported all these items to Apple long ago BTW.
  • This would be huge and I except is somewhat idealistic. I'd personally like to see an end put to freemium apps. If people want good software we should expect to pay for it but not to stupid levels. I particularly hate IAP designed to allow you to skip time before being able to play again. I don't object to paying extra for a game for example to add new levels. I'd also like to see something else that's never going to happen, which is a try before you buy policy so that you can download an app and use it fully for say, 24 hrs at which point you pay or delete it. Also do we have enough weather apps, photo and video editing apps and endless runners? Just my opinion, but I'm not concerned with boasting about how many apps are in the App Store, it's the quality that I'm interested in. The App Store needs trimming down, just how you decide what stay and what goes is very awkward. Sent from the iMore App
  • Brilliant idea! Freemium apps are why both PC and console gamers, despite their differences, agree that mobile gamers are equal to dirt. A world without freemium apps is a world where mobile gamers, PC gamers and console gamers alike are all having a similar gaming experience. Sent from the iMore App
  • I would like to have Apple stop handling IAP for apps that are not labelled "this apps includes in-app purchase" in the app store. Less having to read between the lines on the apps description and suddenly presented by IAP even though it never said about it anywhere. Apple should be able to do this, and it enforced devs to pay their IAP's percentage too. Users will get less cat in the bag situation, and added with suggestion to filter out apps with IAP and show only pure free or one-time-fee apps, will let the devs hear our voice. Let them see their download counter falls because of the freemium.
  • I don't mind paying $10, $15 or even $20 for an app but I hate it when there is no try before you buy. It takes a lot of convincing to get me to drop that money on an unknown commodity. I find myself just sticking to the games and developers that I know well and probably missing out on others. Also, I agree with some of the other suggestions, end freemium or at least put them in another category so I don't see them. I'd rather pay the amounts above for the whole game then go the freemium route. Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • Free demos like Windows Phone, so you can try it before buying. Better organize, the featured page have a cross sections of all categories not just games. Combine iTunes and App Store together, similar to Android ("ONE MARKET PLACE"). Feature music, apps, movie, & tv together, and add  TV and MAC apps to. Show Mac app and iOS app together or show there is one for both, also have a buy get one sale, like Windows phone & Windows. Match specials on Play & Amazon, such as .99 cent album of the week, iTunes had the same one for $5.99. Because they were both featuring the same band "Royal Blood". Offer free movies, more cheaper rentals (to complete w/redbox), more free music such as a song on a featured album or band. If there is one thing I miss about Play is the specials, frees, and new music. They always have better deals. iTunes in the most part is more expensive. I know it is the cost of sharing info, and maybe deals with record companies. Maybe even sharing your info or some sort of kickback. I just want more from less, better organization, and stores combined into one market place. Sent from the iMore App
  • Love your idea! I agree that Windows Phone and the Windows 10 Marketplace get a lot of things right that iTunes hasn't caught up to yet. In that sense, it's the far superior Store experience. But in terms of content, iTunes bests all. Sent from the iMore App
  • I'd love a "flag" so when installing apps from the app store that have an Apple Watch app, I could tell it whether to put it on my watch and whether to enable the glance, without having to install then remember to go to the Watch app to set it up.
  • Less junk on the App Store. I remember searching for Netflix and the top search result above the official app was "flappy bird for Netflix, gmail, outlook, Facebook and Twitter" (or something like that anyway). Also, Enlight, a fantastic photo editor has a few fake apps with the same description, icons and screenshots. How do apps like that get through the approval process? Sent from the iMore App
  • Came here to say this!
  • Yes to all. These ideas would help make the ecosystem stronger and we would get better apps Sent from the iMore App
  • Some initial thoughts... When you buy an app it shouldn't charge you for 8 hours. You've got 8 hours then to test the app and decide if you want to keep it or not. If you don't uninstall it within that 8 hours you are charged. This negates the need for complexities surrounding affiliate links, trials, time limited access etc. Paid for upgrades should be enabled for developers but rather than it be like a standard app update its a separate app which the app store knows is linked. Like how it's cheaper to buy app bundles if you already own one of the apps in it. I'd rather know what sort of apps my friends and those around me are using as opposed to the "top" lists that we currently have that are often gamed by unscrupulous developers. Speed up app review times to 5-7 working days. "Free" should be added back as the install text instead of "Get" when apps are genuinely free without the -mium.
  • Try before I buy, or a refund window would be great. Sent from the iMore App
  • I'd give the App Store some spring cleaning before attempting to change anything. We're past the "my app store has this many apps" days. Quantity don't mean diddly-jack when you've got a crapton of useless apps, many of which haven't been updated since iOS 5 days or earlier.
  • Yes filters would definitely help. To be able to filter out apps with in-app purchases, or apps which are still not optimised for iPhone 6 or even 5 etc!
  • Please add voice search in app store
    I know you can do it with siri,, but place a voice button in app store would be great!! Sent from the iMore App
  • I've had instances where I've looked for a particular app, and it would show up in the App Store when I searched for it. Just simply "finding" apps can be annoyingly complicated at times. This needs serious attention, a long time ago already.
    There needs to be a trial period of time after downloading an app. Make it 12, or 24, or 48 hours, I don't care, just something. I'll pay a good price for a top quality app, especially apps that offer far more functionality and complexity. They do more than one simple thing. But I should have to buy multiple candidates in order to discover which one actually serves my needs, or worse yet, actually performs as advertised.
    One should be able to buy apps for the iPhone, iPad, or Mac from any device they happen to be using at the moment it should then be downloadable to the appropriate device when that device is in use at a later moment.
  • Maybe let us choose what app categories we'd like to see on the Featured page. Mine always has two rows of Games at the top and I have little interest in them. Sent from the iMore App
  • Totally agree with Planetary Paul. With a virtual store there's little need to have limitations. Simply allow me to register each of my devices with the store and allow me to push purchases to the proper device. I've missed out on sales on some apps because I couldn't get home and download from my Mac or iPad. Bundles should work across the store. This way if I purchase a Book that also has an iOS app I can purchase both at the same time. Ditto for bundles containing iPad and iOS apps. Wishlist with price notifications- alert of of any pricing changes with the iTunes content in my wishlist. For music please alert of me if a cheaper version of my wishlist song exists. Demo apps of course. Not too concerned with upgrade pricing as some developers are finding that they can just bundle and old version and new version a voila upgrade pricing. Allow me to hide some categories.
  • We NEED filtered searching. DATES, refined categories, free or paid, etc. !!!!
  • Updating updating app in section such as Health section with apps that support for health kit & same goes passbook section with app that support passbook so that it makes it easier to see if the apps has passbook or health support. I would like passbook & health kit that similar to apple watch badges that is currently available on the iTunes app store.
  • I'd like to see better use of categories and sub-categories to be better able to explore. Right now if you select a category, say games or development, you only see a small percentage of what is available but nothing else. I'd like to be able to dive down into categories (maybe games -> sports -> hockey or photography -> camera) and see all of the apps in that category. Searching, when it works, is only good when you know what to look for. Sometimes it's nice to browse and see if you can find something you weren't expecting. You can't do that right now. Maybe combine this with a filter to limit what you see to apps with a specific minimum rating.
  • I'd go back to the way it was first designed. You could go thru and see ALL apps and where you left off.
    App developers should be pushing for a return of how it originally was. Sent from the iMore App
  • I wish that the Mac App store and the iOS App Store merge into one
  • Better categories. Including ones that cost with money without in app purchases as well as free without in app purchases. Date that they were added. The ability to download an application from your computer or desktop etc and it'll automatically download on your iOS device including the ability to choose which one. Better search results. Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • I love the way it is Sent from the iMore App
  • One thing I'd fix or take out is that UGLY CRAIGSLIST-STYLE '96-looking Search List. You all know the one. Sent from the iMore App
  • I don't mind it the way it is, but these changes would make me like it more: 1. A reliable way to bury bozo reviews. There's so much noise that doesn't deserve to be given voice. 2. Remote installation to devices in your account from an iTunes website, like Google and Amazon do. 3. Don't remove stuff from the store if we have paid for it, even if the developer has abandoned support. 4. Allow emulators in the store!
  • Delete two thirds of the Apps. Quality, not quantity. Surely the race for app numbers is over by now? Let developers target devices. It's nice that iOS 9 will run on phones back to 4s - but do devs need to support old chips etc too? Loads of games crash on old iPads because they aren't up for it - yet there is no way for the devs to stop people downloading it. Plus I think devs being able to target newer devices would actually spur some on to buy a new device.
  • I would like to see a section for games that work offline. It is a pain to find games for kids when traveling that do not need the internet. And maybe they are out there. But finding education apps for grade 7-9 students is almost impossible. Seems just elementary or high school apps are all that comes up in searches. Maybe no one is making them for that school group?
  • 1. Amazon-style review ranking, by number/percentage of readers who found it useful.
    2. Ability to score and rank reviewers
    3. Ability to "follow" trusted reviewers who permit this
    4. Advanced Boolean-style search capabilities, similar to those employed in iTunes Smart Playlists, with fields like "title includes following words," "developer contains following words," "price," "includes in-app purchases" and "updated within the past x months."
    5. Guideline (not guaranteed) turnaround times for app update approvals -- a baby step toward the Holy Grail of overnight app update approvals and seven-day new app approvals.
  • Rene hit many of the big ones in the article with trial periods, upgrade pricing, and better search. But I'd love to see the App Store be accessible in the iCloud panel through a browser. You can go there and make purchases and send them down to any of your devices. This has to be coming, right?? Sent from the iMore App
  • For time the biggest problem is to find unknown apps, usually from developers with smaller budgets. Apple recognized this problem and teamed up with Pinterest. Sadly the Pinterest idea is not perfect, because it takes a long time to find apps. I would love to see a new tab where new apps are listed in categories for only 24 hours. This way people who like to play around with apps can browse and look for the news every day, similar to a news paper for apps. Sent from the iMore App
  • i would like to see a rewards program that rewards us when we buy apps or movies or something. like gift cards or electronics.
  • Taylor Swift had a money problem. Developers (and the App Store) have an engineering problem, which is much more difficult to solve. I really like Rob Napier's take on this:
    So given the list above, the only thing feasible in the short run is reducing Apple's cut.
  • Put the Confederate apps back plus whatever else has been banned and stop getting involved in politics.
  • Most of what you addressed could be done by the inclusion of alternate stores. Yes, internal competition.
    Why would Apple want to do that? Who cares. This is my device.
  • I would like to see reviews shift towards a focus on strengths and weaknesses. If it were my app store I would let the developer and users say what they thought the strengths of the app were and then thumbs up, thumbs down or comment on those. I'd handle negative comments the same way, trying to get themes of what makes an app good or bad. I'd also create a system where people who downloaded similar apps would be asked which app they prefer better and why.
    I'd also significantly lower the percentage for Mac apps so that most Mac apps are in the app store. It annoys me that I have to constantly be asked about flash when if Apple and Adobe just played nice it would work so much more smoothly.
  • handoff integration on all apps of tvOS, WatchOS, iOS, OS X
    Mac App Store is a desert, they would change that situation, there's no trial time for pro apps, now the developers prefer to stay away from the mac app store...
  • More visibility of course, separate store fronts for different categories. Such as an Indie App Store. Exactly the same database as the main app store, but with the feature focus and charts all filtered to show Indie titles. The option would then be for any App Store user to be able to set which store front they want as their default. Another long standing issue us devs have is the inability to reply to user reviews. There's good reasons for Apple not allowing this directly in wanting to not give out customer info to developers who could abuse it, but it would be good if we could submit a response to a review via iTunes connect for Apple to forward to the customer. That way when a customer mistakenly uses the review to submit a support request ("I can't get past the first level.. It crashes.." etc. when we can help them or would at least like to get useful details to fix an issue) Apple could forward our comments back to the user anonymously so we can actually help them.
  • I wish there was a "Pro" section for really good apps that are worth more than .99, also a way for developers to make great money so they will be more compelled to make bigger and better apps.
  • 1. Worldwide review system. So that we can see all the reviews of the app or content from around the world posted in English language and respective countries local languages. 2. Option to add Free apps to wishlist or later category. 3. When I post a review for an app, I am not able to see it like Google Play Store. Which we can later edit.
  • Agreed with point 1. I would like to see "regional" app stores removed and just have a singular app store. Apps that aren't available in specific regions can be hidden like what Google do. It's frustrating being in New Zealand as reviews are generally sparse so you don't get an idea of how good/bad an app is. Furthermore you get situations where the app store experience is completely inconsistent, for example that Best Apps 2015 Apple did recently isn't even available through the New Zealand App Store, yet it is available on the Australian one..
  • Add a try before you buy option for applications over $10. That way the more expensive applications have a chance, because I'll make a $5 app work for what I need before I go out and buy a $20 app hoping that it'll work out. Sent from the iMore App
  • If the app does not perform as expected, you can just get a refund. It's not a big deal.
  • I nominate Rene Ritchie for the VP of App Stores position. He seems to be one of the few Apple activists out there pushing for reform. Ritchie 2016!
  • Agreed Sent from the iMore App
  • Use Touch ID for REVIEWING apps instead of input password. Wow.. Sent from the iMore App
  • And/or an OS-provided app review API/Widget so the user doesn't need to leave the app to review it. That's the single biggest barrier to me leaving more reviews - it's painful and takes you out of your current context.
  • All Intl. App stores (iTunes, etc.) should not be limited to just the language of the country they're in, but should offer all major language alternatives or at least English. This should be system wide, App stores, iTunes, iCloud, all based on your primary language choice set in your Apple ID.
  • Mac App Store should be more faster, and there should be more useful apps. Sent from the iMore App
  • Allowing me to delete some of the apps I downloaded when my kids were smaller. Sent from the iMore App
  • I am talking about the purchase history. Sent from the iMore App
  • A Mac App Store category for apps without sandbox restrictions.
  • I long ago stopped wishing apple would change anything in a way I like. It's never gonna happen.
  • To bring back None payment option when changing country/ region! Can't use apps I've bought for hundreds of dollars since I left US! Such a greedy as******! It was so easy when traveling to change the store and use the one you need. Now they want credit or debit cards every time when you change it! People who travel a lot or moving in another country to live and closing their bank accounts to suck a **** and pay 10 times for the same thing!
  • I'ld like to see the App Store like it used to be around iOS 4. It had a much more enjoyable user experience. I still don't like the App Store! Maybe I just don't know how to use it anymore. You just can't find all the apps like we used to able to do. Sent from the iMore App
  • The ability to delete previous downloaded apps from showing in the Purchased area. Unless this option is already available... Sent from the iMore App
  • "Allow developers to respond to reviews." and "Commit to 24-48 hour turn-around for app review." are key ones for me (although I think 72 hours is a more likely, and still acceptable, SLA for app review). One additional wishlist item: iTunes should support merging Apple IDs. I have several customers who ended up with more than one Apple ID and bought my main app on one account, only to be defeated when trying to make In-App Purchases for the app with their new account. At present, Apple deflects all that pain onto users to solve on an app-by-app basis.
  • Try before you buy. And some apps don't have a premium version to get rid of the ads.
    I don't mind paying for an app, the ads can be a bit intrusive. Sent from the iMore App
  • 1) Switching countries should transfer all your purchases top three new country.
    2) touch id for reviews.
    3) set ring tone from music library if I already own the music.
    These are not potential improvements that may or may not be included . These are current pain points that just needs to go.
  • I want to see better, more personal recommendations for new apps to download. Apple can definitely do more in this space, but I wish that it's better than Apple Music, has those algorithms didn't work well for me at all. I think demos would be great, but I do wonder how effective they'd be in making a purchase. I think demos would work different based off the app; a game, for example, might give you the first 5 levels, or a translator app might give 10 translations, while a calendar app might let you use it for a month; I don't think they should give you a way to export, as part of the incentive in staying in an app is that you have your stuff in it already; apps are just as much as service as a product, and services need people using them on daily and weekly basis. In terms of paid upgrades, while I would be more than willing to pay for upgrades, I think there should be rules in place for what can and can't be done, like it can only be for paid apps and it has to include a significant amount of additional content, it can't just be big fixes and performance enhancements. Sent from the iMore App
  • I would put Phil Schiller in charge!!!
  • I am not sure if this is the right forum to ask this question, but every time I update my iPhone 6, I lose my purchased ringtones. I would love for there to be an area where I can see and get them back. Can someone please assist me? Sent from the iMore App
  • iTunes store on iPhone, select "More" at the bottom right, then select "Purchased." iTunes store on iPad, go to "Purchased" at the lower right. I don't own a Mac, so I don't know how it works there, but since both iTunes and the App Store have a "Purchased" option that is accessible from the lower menu bar, I'd assume OSX is similar.
  • Unified App Store with each app having purchase options for each OS format available: Game XYZ
    IOS .99. Check box
    TVOS .99 Check box
    OSX .99. Check box
    Total 2.98 When you purchase you would just check the box for the OS you want and the price would update based on your selections and the developers requirements. If the developer wanted to use unified pricing it would give an option for all OSs as well as separately: Game YZX
    All OS: 5.99
    Total: 5.99 OS specific:
    iOS .99
    tvOS : 2.99
    OSX: 2.99
    Total: whatever selected The selections would be the same no matter which Os you were in. In other words even if an app had only a iOS version you would be able to buy it in the unified AppStore within Appletv. Whatever OS you buy regardless of where you bought it the app is waiting for you on that platform. Buy a unified game on Appletv and iOS versions are waiting on iPhone and iPad. Sent from the iMore App
  • Your asking me ...... I would improve search ..... at the moment u cannot search across All your purchases. only to what is currently displayed.. e.g "iOS only" or "ipad only" be good if this search was across both.
  • Scrap the current system that has me constantly writing reviews and ask me what are the strengths and weaknesses. There can be comments on each. The developer can give us some options and users can add to those. The strengths and weaknesses can also be used to ask users occasionally which app was better overall or at one strength. I'd also make readily visible when the last time an app was updated in search.
  • Oh yeah, this is a good one. Personally I would appreciate the. option of being able to quickly give a, x star, rating when prompted without being immediately obligated to go to the App Store, log in, and write a review - that's gotten to be a bit much.
  • Two things, admittedly not exactly on track, but .... here they are: 1) App Store really really really really really really needs to have a way to manage corporate accounts without making back-door deals via telephone with an Apple rep. - Really. As in, one corporate account can buy bundles of licenses and/or site licenses. What a royal pain, and let me add that, it doesn't help the extreme anti-Mac sentiment in the accounting department that it is such a nuisance to manage corporate purchases from the App Store. Please - Really. 2) The latest iterations of iTunes are broken. Many will not notice, (I live in a rural community where internet is down as often as up), but as of a couple of updates ago, if I lose my internet connection, but my WiFi is still up and running, iTunes [the app] starts acting really wonky - crashes, freezes and best of all, locks me out of watching movies that I own and that are downloaded onto my local hard drive. The only way to resolve this is to turn off WiFi - then iTunes will launch properly and allow me to have access to my iTunes movies/media. But, of course, that means no wireless streaming through my new Apple TV to the TV ...! Other than that, the list provided in the article seems to cover all of my concerns/wishes/wants, and I would also like to mention that some cross-connection is already there for some apps on ATV. When I got my ATV a couple of apps that I had purchased for other iOS devices popped up on my ATV. I want to reinforce with my vote for Demos. I notice some developers circumvent this with "free" versions, but fully functional, time-limited Demos would be great, especially for corporate purchases. (See rant at top of comment.) As always, a big thank you to iMore and crew - I really do appreciate you guys and gals.
  • I would like to see all their digital content stores in one app. I don't like how I have to jump between apps for Apps, Books, Music, etc. I know the apps can cross-link to the other, but it would still be nice to just open one app and then be presented with a list of APPS, MUSIC, TV/MOVIES, BOOKS, MAGAZINES, etc.
  • Dude, the avatar! Really! (Guess this is my day for overusing the word, REALLY.) What do you get from that particular blend, a Boon or a Reagle? I'm laughing myself to tears.
  • That's an image my Dad came across online many years ago. I started using it as an avatar just for the sole purpose of seeing how long it'll stay until someone reports it and it gets pulled. So far, I've only seen it change on Facebook, and all they did was just change it back to my previous profile pic, but they didn't delete the pic from my account.
  • Be nice if you could filter out games with purchasable in-game currency.
  • Wish List for Mac App Store, and Wish List function for free iOS-apps (and other free content)! Sort and search function for bought Mac Apps (name, date, price, size etc), Export function to spreadsheet for made purchases. An incentive for customers to write reviews (gift card, free app, free song, free Apple Music period, free iCloud storage period or similar). As of now the lack of reviews for anything but the most popular titles are depressing (in more ways than one). Put Safari extensions and OS X widgets in the Mac App Store. Make english mandatory language option for every app. Regardless of origin/primary language market, english translation should always be available.
  • I'd allow for a broader range of apps, especially apps designed for the Apple TV. Such as a web browser, why isn't there one in the Apple TV? That touch screen remote would make a good trackpad for a mouse curser. I'd also separate "free with required paid subscrition" into its own category.
  • Let's see....demo apps (we've been wanting this since the debut of the App Store), use Google Search instead of Apple's own for finding things (Apple search sucks), add a best rating/reviewed section (I don't care about Apple's Top Paid or Top Free or Top Grossing sections), make the icons and text BIGGER already!! I'm tired of tiny icons and text that can't be enlarged.
  • - Refund for apps.
    - Remove purchased apps so I don't need to see the apps I installed by mistakes. - An information overload section that list all recently approved and recently updated apps. Won't be relevant for most peoples who know apps from news sites or editor recommendation, but is going to be fun for apps junkies.
    - Statistic of apps being uninstalled, and apps being uninstalled within a week. I'm not a developer, but I think this is also an interesting stats for developers to know if many users installed and found that it's not up to their expectation.
    - Make it a requirement for apps to give function to clear their data. Many apps keep accumulating old data they don't need (looking at you, Facebook and Twitter) that wasted space and the only way around it is by reinstalling.
  • I'd do what Microsoft is doing with theirs and combine the App Store and the music store into one big iTunes Store.
    I mean, all that content is in iTunes itself. Why should there be two stores, when there's only one place that they're getting their content from? Sent from the iMore App
  • I believe it is really time to be able to test an app before purchasing it. No/issue with paying for good apps. But being able to test them is a must then. In second being able to have upgrade pricing would not hurt. As last, for those who still use it, fix the family purchases.
    - when looking in the store for an app I should be able to see of the family sleazy purchased it. Also being charged several times for one app is not how it's many to be I believe. Had it with around the 8 apps already, all refunded in the end. But this should be fixed asap. Sent from the iMore App
  • I like the idea they should add in and apps door for the watch is well and the app that haven't been updated for iOS 8 could be scrapped and they should put share a section for what my friend uses in the app store and make sure that all apps are excess ability friendly Sent from the iMore App
  • I've been trying to find Instagram at the App Store. Apparently, it's impossible. I've gotten everything BUT what I want. Which I wanted to review. Wouldn't give me Padgram either. There are hundreds of apps I don't want, and I cannot find the app I want to review. Apple Fail.
  • I think it should be possible for developers to upload several versions of each app, e.g. the actual app, a demo version an ad-based version.
    I also think the in-app purchase option should be seriously limited. This has almost ruined the app experience. And it has made for a model where everything is *free*, except that it isn't. You will have to pay along the way to get access to the full content. This just means that you never know what a game or app truly costs.
    This also means that Family sharing is effectively disabled, since you can't share your in-app purchases.
    In-app purchases should only be allowed for apps, where it makes sense (like a newspaper app, where new content will cost you, or a navigation app, where you can buy access to more countries). It should NOT be used to open up features or to buy virtual gold in games.