How's the anodized aluminum on your iPhone 5 holding up?

How's the anodized aluminum on your iPhone 5 holding up? You know, the chamfer that runs along the display, and the unibody in silver or slate that covers the sides and most of the back of your iPhone? When Apple first announced the latest generation iPhone, there were some concerns that the aluminum was soft, the anodization didn't include sufficient layers, and that it was, in general, too easy to chip, dent, and otherwise scuff. Well, the iPhone 5 has been on the market for just over four months now, plenty of time to get a realistic idea of how it works in, and holds up to, the demands of everyday life.

I use iPhone 5 cases intermittently when I'm testing or reviewing them, but most of the time my iPhone is as naked as the day Jony Ive designed it. I like the look. But I've dropped it on pavement a couple times now and have the chips and dings to show for it. That hasn't encouraged me to slap a permanent case on it any more than blaster fire and asteroid bumps encouraged Han Solo to slap a Corellian freighter bra on the Millennium Falcon, but I know not everyone shares my affection for aged and used objects. I know some people go nuts at even the thought of a hairline scratch...

So how's your iPhone 5 looking? Pampered and perfect, as mint and museum condition as the day it shipped? Or worn in, torn into, and maybe even battered a bit? Fourth months later, how's your iPhone 5 casing holding up?

If you've got a picture, share it with us in the iPhone 5 Forum battle damage thread.