I didn't know I needed smart lights, but now I can't live without them

Philips Hue Hub And Light Stip
Philips Hue Hub And Light Stip (Image credit: Philips)

Philips Hue Lifestyle

Philips Hue Lifestyle (Image credit: Philips)

You know, usually, I'm pretty keen to keep using normal, everyday things. I don't really need a smart TV, I've got all the streaming services on my consoles, and I'm not sure I'll ever need smart windows or smart blinds. I also can't see myself buying a smart microwave and I certainly don't think I'll ever get a smart dog feeder — you get the picture. But somehow, I am unable to stay completely away from the land of the smart device — and you can now join me with these Prime Day Philips Hue deals. There's a smart hub and light strip available now for just $167 at Amazon, a deal that will save you over 30% off.

Prime Day is almost over so make sure you get in there quick before the prices return to normal! It'll be a while until these prices on the best smart lights dip this low again.

Traditionally, I have always used a light switch: one that I click when I enter a room and click when I leave. What I didn't know is just how useful it would be to be able to turn those lights on and off with my phone — and my god is it useful. I can turn on the light in the morning without having to get out of bed, I can check what lights are on when I'm not home, and turn some on to make it look like there's somebody in. One of my favorite uses is to turn on the kitchen light when I go to make a midnight snack — no fumbling in the dark for the light switch ever again.

Philips Hue is home to some of the best smart lights, especially when it comes to HomeKit light bulbs. They connect seamlessly with your phone and even work with Alexa and Google Assistant. They are, however, very expensive, particularly if you want to pick up a few light bulbs while you're at it. Thankfully, Prime Day has made them significantly cheaper, but not for much longer!

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