I finally figured out why Samsung makes anti-iPhone ads...

Samsung keeps making commercials that, instead of highlighting features potential customers might find compelling, spend most of their time showing off iPhones, and trying to make iPhone owners look pained, beleaguered, and just plain stupid. It never made sense to me as an acquisition strategy, though. iPhone owners aren't going to appreciate being called stupid and switch to Samsung, they're going to call Samsung stupid right back. But with this latest commercial, where Samsung misrepresents the differences in charging methods, I finally understood what was going on. Samsung isn't trying to win over iPhone owners—they're desperate to keep Galaxy owners.

The commercial spends almost its entire length showing iPhone owners struggling to plug in their Lightning cables. Then, at the last moment, it shows a Galaxy owner plonking down their phone on an already plugged in wireless charging pad.

Of course, anyone and everyone watching the commercial knows that wireless charging pad had to be plugged into an outlet, just the same as a Lighting cable. That would be an equal struggle for iPhone or Galaxy owners alike. And, once the plug is in the socket, the difference between inserting a Lightning connector and plonking onto a pad is negligible.

I have Lightning connectors and magnetic chargers in a couple rooms of my house, one for iPhone and iPad, one for Apple Watch. (I used to have one for my Palm Pre as well.) I use both every day. It takes me about as long to stick a Lightning connector in as is does to make sure I don't misalign an inductive charger and come back to a dead device. (Seeing the comforter so close to nudging off the charger in that video gives me flashback stress.)

Know how hard plugging either one of them into the wall is? Exactly the same hard.

But know how hard plugging either one of them into the wall is? The same. Exactly the same hard.

By misrepresenting the difference in the commercial, Samsung isn't just trying to make iPhone owners look stupid, it's Samsung assuming we, the audience, is stupid. Too stupid to know how plugs really work.

So then, why show this kind of commercial at all? No iPhone owner watching it will gain any brand affinity for Samsung, and no one with a basic understanding of plugs will believe it, so why air it? Why air any of them? Why not spend that money fixing other problems?

Because Samsung thinks they'll make existing Galaxy owners feel better about themselves. Samsung thinks watching these commercials will get Galaxy owners to laugh at iPhone owners, and by pandering in that way, decrease the changes they too will switch to iPhone.

Thing is, I think Samsung owners are way smarter than that as well. It's just sad Samsung doesn't.

Apple, by contrast, continues to showcase not only the iPhone in their commercials, but iPhone owners producing amazing photos and videos. That's not just award-winning. It's inspiring.

Update 1: As several of you have pointed out, the wireless charging is shown to be happening ridiculously fast. Samsung, however, does include fine print saying it's a time lapse and a simulation. That's a commonly used gimmick in ads, so while some might find it misleading, it's by no means unique to Samsung.

Update 2: As several of you have pointed out as well, trying to wirelessly charge a phone while using it is very difficult. Using it while plugged in is easy. I'll also add: connecting to a battery pack and putting it in your pocket doesn't work well with wireless either. It disconnects on you.

Rene Ritchie

Rene Ritchie is one of the most respected Apple analysts in the business, reaching a combined audience of over 40 million readers a month. His YouTube channel, Vector, has over 90 thousand subscribers and 14 million views and his podcasts, including Debug, have been downloaded over 20 million times. He also regularly co-hosts MacBreak Weekly for the TWiT network and co-hosted CES Live! and Talk Mobile. Based in Montreal, Rene is a former director of product marketing, web developer, and graphic designer. He's authored several books and appeared on numerous television and radio segments to discuss Apple and the technology industry. When not working, he likes to cook, grapple, and spend time with his friends and family.

  • Guess Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge aren't selling like the hot cakes Samsung was hoping for. Still baffles me who in their right mind even entertain the idea of buying a Galaxy phone but to each their own. Sent from the iMore App
  • Just because you or me like iPhone or iOS does not mean that everyone appreciates iOS. Those who are into the Android ecosystem might very well consider a Galaxy S6 Edge as their preferred Android phone. It is a fine looking phone nonetheless. Does not mean that the Samsung Galaxy owners are 'not in their right mind' while making their purchase decision. Sent from the iMore App
  • If I were into Android the S6 Edge is the first Samsung phone that doesn't repulse me and I would absolutely consider it. I'm not into the gimmick features like what I can see on the "edge" or the phone lighting different colors when face down but the curves would make swiping a pleasurable thing to do as with the iPhone 6 curves. So gotta agree with you - it's a nice phone. Too bad their ads make me not want to buy it lol
  • I would get the LGg4. So far the Samsung Galaxy S6 has been a mess of a phone. Very jittery OS, horrible battery life, and that horrible memory issue. Many of my Android friends, are very frustrated with this phone. It was descent when it first came out, but after a week or two, things went down hill fast.
  • It happened to me. I bought it to try android out again and I loaded all the android apps I had in my history that use often and the phone was wigging out. I swiftly returned it. I was gonna try the LG G4 but I decided just no to the whole thing. That aspect of android still has not changed. Sent from the iMore App
  • Yet another butt-hurt, boo-hoo rant by the journalistic clown Rene who bashes samsung for features it offers and then puts the exact same features on his wish-list 2 months later. Intellectually flawed quote from Rene:
    "But know how hard plugging either one of them into the wall is? The same. Exactly the same hard." As you already have been schooled enough times in the comments section, with wireless charging, you only plug ONCE, you understand that word? O-N-C-E...meaning one time. Rest of the times you just place the phone on the charger without plugging anything into anything.
  • I'm not sure if it's your hatred for Apple/iOS or your hatred for Rene, but this hatred clouds your judgement. Once you plug your lightning cable into a wall, guess how many times you have to re-plug it in? Never again. I have one on my desk. Never touch it. One on my nightstand. Never touch it. It's always there. Just as the wireless station is in the commercial. Just as I did with my palm prē plus. Just as Rene explains. So perhaps you will find it is you who are mistaken… about a great many things. Sent from the iMore App
  • You still have to PLUG the cable into your PHONE, every day, every night. In contrast, with wireless charging as i already said, there is no plugging anything into anything after the initial set up, you just drop the phone on the pad and walk away. It's amazing how you and the journalistic clown are twisting things and making it about the wall when it's about the constant plug and unplug from the phone that is the real difference
  • True. Takes seconds. More than five then you have a problem. I can't speak for the pad the Edge uses, but the Palm prē dock was decent, but still not foolproof. I often had to make sure it was lined up right. A long time? No, but not any faster than plugging in a cable. Plus, take into account the iPhone dock. Since you are comparing an aftermarket accessory (wireless dock) with the included cable (lightning), let's get on the same page. Using the Apple dock? Takes no noticeable amount of time more that putting the phone on a pad the right way. Would wireless charging be a great feature of a future iPhone? Sure. But that isn't the point of this article. The add goes out if it's way to make iPhone users look like morons. That woman jamming the iPhone into a clock dock clearly must be trying to put a lightning iPhone on a 30 pin dock. It isn't that hard. The difference between these and the "I'm a Mac" ads are that Apple wasn't insulting the PC user. They were highlighting common issues at that time with Windows PCs. Slight difference, but one that makes the difference between clever and insulting. Sent from the iMore App
  • Oh, and you are reading something into the commercial that isn't there. The commercial focuses on plugging into the wall, not the phone, I'm almost all instances. IF the INTENT was to highlight the plugging into the PHONE, as you state, the commercial FAILED because they know that plugging an iphone into a lightning cable is easier than what they include out of the box. Did you watch the commercial? Doing so adds a high degree of clarity and informs my comments, as well as Rene's. Not watching it and commenting only highlight that you want to argue falsehoods or just prove your complaints are based purely on predetermined biases. Sent from the iMore App
  • I have watched the commercial and whole point of it is that there is less fiddling with wires when you use a wireless charger...and that's a fact. Now unlike butt-hurt OCD Rene, I'm not gonna analyze the commercial frame by frame. The overall and OBVIOUS message is that there is less messing around with wires including plugging the wire into the phone...not sure why this is hard to understand by some.
  • Don't be so obtuse, and claim those of us who disagree with your point are being so. You say the "whole point is less fiddling with wires when you have a wireless charger" 100% true statement. You will get zero argument from me, and I bet Rene, too. So you choose not to analyze frame by frame like "butt-hurt OCD Rene" did, but are going to argue his points when he CLEARLY paid more attention then you did - again proving you are arguing based on bias not fact. The commercial does not OBVIOUSLY aim to tell that wireless means less fiddling. If it did, it would compare plugging the lightning connector in to placing the S6 on the pad. But that wouldn't work because it takes seconds to plug the lightning connector into the iPhone, barely more time than placing the S6 on the pad. To compare the examples illustrated iPhone examples to the S6, you would need to show the S6 person plugging the pad into the same spots as the iPhone users are. Let's dissect: The under desk guy - how does the wireless pad solve this issue? The clumsy guy sleeping next to a glass of water that he spills - how does the wireless pad solve this issue? The girl with the rats nest of wires - how does the wireless pad solve this issue? The guy at the only available outlet along the wall, again with a rats nest - how does the wireless pad solve this issue? The smash the iPhone into the hotel clock dock - this is the closest example, but they make the girl smash the iPhone around, when all she would need to do is slide it in. Easy as the wireless pad, and less chance to put the phone in the right direction. That chick would place the S6 face down she's that incompetent. The behind the bed/nightstand guy - how does the wireless pad solve this issue? Then we have the sole S6 user, the smug girlfriend with the wireless pad. How did she plug the pad in? Wouldn't she have had to get behind the bed/nightstand? - how does the wireless pad solve this issue? I would love to see your rational, fact base responses to my questions. Convince me. Calling me, or Rene, butt-hurt OCD Apple fans won't do it. Just like this commercial doesn't. Which is Rene's point. This commercial is not going to convince iPhone users to switch. It may, at best, provide smug anti-Apple Galaxy users false fuel for a non winnable battle. Again, proving Rene's thesis statement. Sent from the iMore App
  • I think the fact that you and butt-hurt Rene are analyzing a simple ad, frame by frame and writing essays and articles about it shows that 1) the ad has done its job to get publicity and 2) the ad was a dagger to the heart of die-hard fans of iphone and left them butt-hurt. 3) you're missing the point.
    This is a commercial not the bible, heck even the bible isn't taken word by word. its the overall message and the overall message is less fiddling with wires with a wireless charger. You can whine and moan about that guy plugging in bla bla but the ad drove its point home. Less fiddling with wires, doesn't matter which end of the wire.
  • Ah, you're a riot. It's Rene's job. Found something related to iPhones, wrote a story about it. You commented and continue to do so, so he's accomplished his mission. As for me? I'm challenging you to think. But each opportunity you refuse to do so. Proving that you don't have a point. You didn't address each of my questions. You reverted back to attacks. Suddenly it doesn't matter what end of the chord you plug in? I bet if Apple cared enough (thankfully they don't) they could make a response. Person after person effortlessly plugging that lighting connector in without looking, and one person trying to get behind their bed/nightstand to plug in the wireless pad. I mean, it doesn't matter what end, right? And I bet that would get your panties in a bunch. So, care to answer my questions in the prior reply? Sent from the iMore App
  • Looks like right now, its yours and Butt-hurt Rene's panties that are mangled together over an ad. You, Me and butt-hurt Rene all know what the real message of that commercial was. You want to distract from the real point by arguing about the position of a guy in that commercial, lol or the angle that an actor was holding his wire...sad really. You know wireless charging is more convenient than your "lightning" cable, I know it, butt-hurt Rene knows it, Samsung knows it and Apple knows it. Samsung did a ad on it and put humorous scenarios to drive the one single point: Less fiddling with wires with a wireless charger, PERIOD. The rest is your iDenial my friend.
  • Are you paid per 'butt hurt'? Jesus, enough already. Sent from the iMore App
  • If you travel, you have to bring the induction base everywhere with you and there would be no difference in plugging shit in, except bringing more crap with you everywhere you go.
  • I wouldn't necessarily say plugging anything is all that hard. I mean I have been plugging in phones on dark bedrooms since if was a sophomore on college (14 years). Personally as a note 3 user I think plugging it in is easy. You know what I find easier. Plugging in an iPhone with lightning. My reason is that unlike micros USB where you need to have it in a particular orientation, lighting works in both orientations. Samsung does look foolish in these commercials but as a Samsung user, I will tell you that I'm betting most of us don't pay attention to them. If they want to waste money on that type of advertising then so be it. On a side note I will say that if apple would do me a solid and add wireless charging to the iPhone 6s or 7 or whatever it is they will call it this fall I would switch back in a minute. Some people say it's and gimmick and such but I have used it with my note 3 with wireless charging back and it is very convenient. Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • Rene says it isn't more convenient so why would you want it? He agrees with Apple that wireless charging is ridiculous (until Apple adds it of course). The difference is, I plugged my wireless pad in once when I got my Edge and haven't plugged it in again since. Posted via S6 Edge
  • Easy to confuse if you don't read the article: Apple does wireless charging on the Apple Watch. Love it. Use it every day. Loved using it with the Palm Pre years ago. It's just no easier or harder to plug into an outlet than any other charger.
  • Then why do you love the wireless charging? Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • what are you talking about!? It's MUCH easier to plug in the wireless charger ONCE and then just set your phone on it. Instead of plugging in the phone each and every time. Bookmarking this page for when the next iPhone has wireless charging and you go crazy over it.
  • So answer me this question? If you need to use your phone while you are resting in your bed and your phone is about 2% charge, how do you go about it?
  • Here's the overall point- Options. Unplug the cord at the charger and plug it in the phone, continue using in bed. Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • So you are back to what Rene's point!!
  • Plug it in conventionally. Mind blow!
  • Then why not do it on all of their other products? Wireless charging is great. Why can't Apple jump on that bandwagon like Android, Windows Phone, and even BlackBerry already have?
  • Because you can't do wireless charging through a metal back and Apple prefers to have an all metal body phone than one with a glass or plastic back.
  • They will, when it suits them. Have you not learned anything over the past 8 years? Apple will go its own way, do things the competition can't match, and watch them scramble to highlight what they can do that the iPhone can't. Then, a few months or years later, the iPhone will grab those features, and the competition then has to focus on a new "but iPhone doesn't have..." Sent from the iMore App
  • Exactly. Apple will introduce the technology when the technology is good enough to use efficiently. I think the reason Samsung attacks Apple is that when they try to do an advert that shows off their own product's features you get something like this:
    https://youtu.be/U8jsDWV8YpQ Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • Shoutout to webOS and the Pre! Sent from the iMore App
  • The difference is that charging your iPhone you need to plug the cable everytime where else charging a wireless charging capable phone is just one time set-up and the future is hassle free (of course provided you don't move the wireless charger around) And there is one more benefit to wireless charge, that's you can do it with 1 hand. Compare to that you need to use both your hand to plug the cable into the phone charging port. I can't believe you wrote such a long article to bash samsung... Posted from my Samsung Galaxy S6
  • Yep, I'd love wireless charging on the iPhone. I have also a Nexus 5 with built-in wireless charging and especially in the car it's nice just to put the phone into a mount that contains also a wireless charger. No need to connect any wires. Now that I'm using a waterproof Catalyst case with my iPhone 6, not having to open that flap every time I need a top-up charge would be rather convenient. Sent from the iMore App
  • He's bashing the Samsung ad because it doesn't simply show how great wireless charging is (as if it's new all of the sudden?) but in that it's misrepresenting the problem the actor is having. It's a dishonest ad. The feature of wireless charging is cool and great and that's fine. Apple doesn't do it on the iPhone not because they don't know how (LOL), but because they prefer to build the iPhone with an all metal body. Inductive charging through a metal back does not work well.
  • "And there is one more benefit to wireless charge, that's you can do it with 1 hand." Hey, isn't that wireless charging pad Samsung is showing basically a charging dock?? I have a charging dock for my iPhone which allows me to plug in using one hand. How is that different? See what you did there, you did what Samsung did. You made a false equivalency and compared using a charging dock to having to plug in a cable. It's bullshit bro.
  • It's yes and no. I do admit that I missed out the charging dock. But you still have to align the charging port to the charging cable pin. Else you will risk to break it. No? Still to me, I think wireless charging is cooler. And you sounds like you know why Apple make that decision to not have wireless charging capability? Or the other possibility is that Apple didn't even think about wireless charging in design. Posted from my Samsung Galaxy S6
  • I have several Lightning cable/chargers plugged in throughout the house (one in the kitchen, one in the bedroom, one in the office, and one stays connected to my computer). I never take them out. So there's no plugging them into the walls. HOWEVER, you still have to plug the lightning cable into the phone—which can be a pain in the ass to do in the dark, even though you don't have to worry about lining up the plug the right way. So despite the fact that it's no major chore for me, wireless charging would be MUCH easier.
  • Rene, I would love MagSafe on the iPhone. It would be kind of the best of both worlds. Why do you think they never did it? (and probably will never do it - with USB-C adoption) I'm guessing it has something to do with how many things lightning does that couldn't be built into a MagSafe plug...
  • one question...how are these ads any different than the Apple vs Microsoft commercials? because you and the rest of the iMore staff seem to forget that they were just as insulting to the consumer as these are...or where they just tasteful advertisement, cus you know..Apple? I am not here to bash Apple, in my family I am the only Android [black sheep] user, I own 3 iPads myself. but if you're going to sit there and write how Samsung thinks the consumer is stupid, how about also talk how the Apple execs do the same in their keynotes... how Phil stands there and insult the Android community and all for shits and giggles, making their products seem "magical" as if the features they're presenting are original and not borrowed from other OS's. It is very difficult to click on this website now a days and expect to read great content, content that I can learn from.. this place has become a click bait site and its sad.
  • I'll bite. Easy. Apple didn't insult Windows users. It presented a real issue Windows PCs of the time had, and how a Mac could solve that problem. These ads take the best of the black and white problems on informercials, over exaggerating nearly non existent issues, then show that Samsung has a wireless dock. Forget that in all but the one girl smashing her iPhone into a clock dock, the problem of outlet location is clearly not solved by the wireless charging dock. This ad is insulting to those it would claim to want to convert, hence Rene's point that these ads are NOT designed to woo Apple fans, but keep existing Galaxy users.
  • Wait...... I'm a bit confused, today is Thursday. The usual Samsung bashing is on Monday for Rene... I had to check my calendar just to make sure. Btw agree with the article.
  • Gotta mix it up to stay fresh.
  • I am glad you admit it at least. Was worried for a few days. Had not seen an article like this so far this week. Was looking out my window for the Four Horsemen to appear.
  • Please. He is commenting on a bad piece of marketing that centers around bashing the iphone. If Samsung will shell out millions of $$ to bash someone, Rene can do it weekly if he likes. Probably for less than millions of $$. No offense Rene. Sent from the iMore App
  • Yup... it's amazing the spin power some people have. Samsung is doing the disingenuous iPhone bashing (I plug in my charging stand once and now can plug in my iPhone one handed in half a second!) and yet when someone points that out, these trolls spin it to make it seem like the messenger of the dishonest scumbag ad is the victim. They must have graduated from Carl Rove's school of Dickhead.
  • Well if you want to call this bashing and bad marketing, so was the Mac vs PC ads. Just as tasteless and annoying
  • I think he was being sarcastic ;)
  • I was being sarcastic
  • The only thing I would add, as an iPhone 6 user and a Galaxy S5 user, is that it takes me less time to have my Galaxy charge than my iPhone since I have to find the cable on the floor or place it in the charger slot, instead of placing my Galaxy on a charging plate. So, I guess in a matter of speaking, it all comes down to convenience.
  • I have a dock in in my room, so the plug never moves much. I don't in my office and the wireless cable ends up on the floor as well. Shrug emoji.
  • I have multiple lightning cables hooked up so its just a case of plugging in my iPhone or iPad. It's pretty simple. Sent from the iMore App
  • No commentary about the EDGE's ad? "The GS6E shows [some stupid color] when you get a message, the iPhone's side does NOTHING!" I can think of exactly zero situations (for me) where this would be functionally helpful. If you're in a meeting, your phone should not be on the table at all. Also, you'll still have to check the notification afterward, bc that light indicates little more than "x-type notification from x-contact". Anywhere else where discretion is not involved, your phone will be face up or in your pocket.
    (I have another minute to rant)
    The curved glass refracts the display... Including the UI, and video, and picture... What's the f'n point? Sent from the iMore App
  • Let me know when Apple does it. I am sure most people will like it then. I remember the Galaxy Gear watch reviews by Apple news sites were not that flattering but everyone is now rushing to buy an Apple Watch which is really a copy of the original Galaxy Gear minus the camera (which I hear is coming in Apple Watch 2)
  • Actually i agree with him! Even if Apple does it i will still hate it :) it just ruins an otherwise excellent screen... Sent from the iMore App
  • If you really think the Apple Watch is a "copy" of the Gear, then I'm afraid we can't help you.
  • Agreed Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • You are right..it isn't....app performance on Apple Watch so far has been reviewed as worse (well third party apps at least) compared to Android Wear or other wearable OS-based devices (well with the exception of this website). Even BGR, the "Onion of tech journalism" has criticized performance on third party apps.
  • Apple Watch a copy of the original Gear? Hahaha. Great joke. Tell me again how all those generation of Samsung smartwatches have set the world on fire. Now that Samsung has seen a real smartwatch, they are planning on releasing the "killer" smartwatch alongside the Note 5 in the Fall. Apple Watch is so much better even with its flaws and it's only the first generation. I'm ready for Apple Watch 2. Sent from the iMore App
  • It's funny how people think that originality gives you some kind of advantage in of all things, technology. Apple and its users never claimed it to have invented anything except maybe the personal computer which is hard to dispute. Yet, their iterations, improvements and especially waiting until technology catches up with vision is what makes everything they do a success. Perhaps that's why when people say Apple didn't do it first but they did it best, they might actually be talking from experience instead of from a smartphone commercial mocking half of all U.S. smartphone users.
  • Except the Gear is a piece of crap that only worked with 2 phones that sucked. Yeah, & {sarcasm} Samsung copied Pebble... Who copied Sony.
    The day Apple announces a phone with a curved-edged display under curved-edge glass is the day I stop buying products from Apple. Sent from the iMore App
  • I am sure I saw an article a long while ago where Apple had been granted a patent for a screen with two edges where the edges could be used for displaying messages etc. This was months before the fast copiers brought out the Galaxy Note Edge. On the matter of the charging cable, I can easily travel with an Apple charging cable in my pocket. It is not so easy with a charging dick. Sent from the iMore App
  • Dock Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • I have an S6edge and there is no refraction. While I agree the useage scenario in the commercial is asinine and borders on carrying on about shit no one cares about.
  • The point is it looks better and feels better while swiping through the interface. That's it. I agree that there are trade-offs, like reflections, (and I think you should Google what refract means). Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • I know the definitions. Yes it reflects, and that's likely more of an issue than the refraction. Sent from the iMore App
  • Simply because it's cool :) and of course it looks a lot better then the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 plus with the 2 fat ugly plastic line that cut through the back plate... Posted from my Samsung Galaxy S6
  • Bare faced lie.
    I can think of exactly one situation (for you) where this would be functionally helpful. If you're in a meeting, maybe your phone was on the table, now you’e seen the notification where previously you may not have. Be realistic and not fanboyish. It’s an extra way to accomplish something, how could that NOT be more helpful? It may have limited use for you but the above is a fact. It is an EXTRA way for you to know about a notification, that’s got be more helpful if they are something you want to monitor.
  • I agree, it looks nice but doesn't really have any advantages as of yet. But with that said, look at the back of the Edge. It looks really cheap looking, and build quality is terrible. Samsung is thinking, "They will be in enamored with screen, and won't notice cheap, flimsy, terrible looking plastic we put on the back". Sent from the iMore App
  • Dude, do your study before putting some thing to humiliate yourself. S6 edge back is made of gorilla glass 4. Yah since you talk about the back. In my opinion iPhone 6 back is ugly simply because they have that 2 ugly fat plasticky looking line cut across the aluminium case. And you call that art? Posted from my Samsung Galaxy S6
  • Class (Apple) vs. no class (Samsung). Pretty straightforward.
  • "I'm a Mac."
    "And I'm a PC!" It is funny that when Apple does it, it is smart, clever, witty, and funny, but when a competing company uses that same strategy, it is distasteful, desperate, and unoriginal. Such a pathetic double standard.
  • I was waiting to see this kind of post. Ah yes, the Mac vs PC ads, those were great weren’t they. There’s one HUGE difference. Apple’s ads were poking fun at the PC itself, not PC users. Samsung on the other hand directly accosts iPhone users as clueless dolts, lemmings, stupid. The trolls that post here do the same thing. You can’t explain why or accept that Apple’s products are very successful so you are reduced to the same tactics, i.e. people who buy Apple products are stupid. As Rene points out that’s not exactly the way to get iPhone users to switch.
  • Difference would be one was successful at driving sales. We will see if this marketing ad moves the needle for Galaxy phones. Sent from the iMore App
  • No it wasn't. OSX is still around at best 10% of total traditonal computer market share for OS and Mac representatives tiny profits compared to the cash cow for Apple that is iPhone. Saying Mac vs PC ads were better or successful is outright wrong.
  • This is why no one takes Apple users seriously. You must have missed those Mac vs PC commercials that aired for years. Or all the stabs at WWDC. Apple has it made. Even their own users will alter their own reality in Apples favor. Truly a cult.
  • Ah, yes, the old "cult" meme, a good standby for the creatively challenged and classless, not to mention defensive and insecure.
  • Watch the movie "Macheads.". He is right
  • It sounds obvious that someone is not happy because the Sammy is challenging their god-ish Apple. I can smell that. Posted from my Samsung Galaxy S6
  • Have to say, difference is that you only plug in a wireless charger once and you're done. You're plugging your phone in every night. Sure plugging in your phone isn't hard, but searching for the cable, lining it up and plugging it into the phone does take longer than just dropping your phone on a pad. There are lots of things you can point out about the ad, but the fundamental premise of it is correct — you can wirelessly charge a GS6 and it's easier to do than fishing for a cable and plugging it in.
  • Lol I said the same thing in my comment Andrew Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • Yeah... Sent from the iMore App
  • Docks exist guys! Not exactly that hard to do... Plug in once and off you go. But still, René's point of view is valid. Samsung looks like they want to be the "anything-but-Apple-crowd"'s darling. I mean with the snarky voice-over and all.
  • How is it going with talking on your wirelessly charging phone while charging? It's easy to use a charging iPhone.
  • If I'm in a situation where I have critically low battery and need to make a phone call, I can still plug into a wall and use the phone. The other 99% of situations, I can just use wireless charging.
  • One could also use a Bluetooth headset. Wireless charging is more of a "I'm going to be here a while thing." like your office, or house. You're not going to carry a charging pad and use it everywhere you go. That's just stupid, but it almost feels like that what people here are implying. Point being, having more than one way to charge the phone is good. You can do a plug in if need be, and when you're sitting at your desk, you can drop it on the pad instead of fussing over cables. Sloths fight leopards. You can't open a bag of chips. Clearly humans are the weaker species.
  • The benefit of charging my phone faster by spending 1/2 second plugging in a cable, for me at least, outweighs any advantage of using a wireless charging dock. Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • Then to compare the same scenario, show people trying to grab a lighting cable that is already plugged into a wall. That would be the obvious, similar analogy. Not digging behind a bed or under a desk looking for an outlet.
  • What Samsung does is no different from what any other manufacturer does. Pepsi shows taste test versus Cola, Burger King compares their food with McDonalds, and Chevy compares their cars with Honda and Toyota. It is called advertising. You compare yourself with the market leader and hope people see value in your product. By the way, is it inspiring when Apple stands on stage every WWDC and compares iOS with Android to try and drive the point that iOS is better?
  • This guy gets it.
  • In Phil we trust
  • Exactly. It is one of those things that when apple does it, it's ok. When any other company does it, Rene takes offense to it and rushes to put an article about said company.
  • Actually I think it is because Apple typically does a better job when they do it. Mac vs. PC is a perfect example...amazing advertising campaign because it was funny, accurate, and most importantly pointed out real benefits of the Mac and real flaws of PC. The Samsung commercials are just plain bad and forgettable, and they come off as desperate.
    You can argue all day about who has better products but it's pretty damn clear who does a better job at marketing. Sent from the iMore App
  • No it wasn't. Tons of half truths in those ads about the competition and Mac. Targeted to tech illiterate
  • Now, though, Apple just chooses to inspire a certain emotion in their ads without actually showing any benefits of their product. If I showed someone an Apple Watch ad, and asked them if they wanted one, they' dash absolutely. But if I asked them to tell me what it's good for or what it does or why it' setter than other smartwatches, they'd have a hard time answering that. I'd say that Apple nowadays has some amazing cinematography skills, but really, they're just tricking people into thinking that this watch will cause them to have pivotal, emotional, intimate moments in their life. Whether that's a good or bad thing is up to the individual.
  • How quickly Rene forgets the Apple video portraying how difficult it is to get a credit card out of a wallet.
  • Shhhh facts make him upset! You might get an email from him for "being negative" when in reality you are pointing out truths!
  • Dude don't you have something to do? Sloths fight leopards. You can't open a bag of chips. Clearly humans are the weaker species.
  • Actually I think you're wrong on all counts. The Pepsi challenge was among the most bold Because they actually mention Coke by name. Most campaigns never mention competitors by name uess the are considered the true underdog. And even then, Apple never mentions Windows or Microsoft, it's always PCs vs. Macs to this day.
  • at this point, why worry about it?
  • Spot on Rene, slight typo: decrease the changes they too will switch to iPhone. I think maybe you meant "chances" instead of "changes"? Matthew
  • I think this whole article was a typo Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • 1. Wireless chargers are meant to stay plugged in. Then, you can plop your phone down on them easily.
    2. Qi wireless is easier and better to use than magnetic inductive charging in Apple stuff because when magnets are added, and the charger is light, like the apple watch, before you put the device down, the magnets in the charger make the whole thing move. Having a dock-type device that doesn't move and sits firmly on a desk makes for easier charging.
    3. Battery packs aren't meant to be used with wireless charging. That's why there's still a micro USB port.
    4. And, just for you, Rene, because you put such an emphasis on accessibility in your writing (because that happens to be something that Apple is good at), how many hands does it take to plug in a lightning cable? Two. How many hands does it take to put a phone down on a Qi wireless pad? Tell me. Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • Regarding your fourth point, about accessibility: When you originally plug in your Samsung Wireless cradle...i.e., the device upon which the phone sits to do it's wireless recharging, does one not have to plug a cable into the cradle that leads to a small USB power adapter? And if that is true — I honestly don't know because I'm an iPhone guy — but if what I asked is true, then you really don't have a point as to a gain in the Samsung Accessibility column, given that the potetntial benefits of the "one-handed drop-to-charge" would be offset by the "still-need two-hands-to plug-the-cradle-to-the-power adapter via-a-wire/cable." Now one could argue that it's a one time thing, and so come on gimme a break. But that sort of thinking would make a lot of accessibility users S.O.L., ya know? Imagine giving little one armed Freddy a brand new Samsung smart phone, all packaged up, brand new from Walmart...oh wait, damn...he wouldn't even get into the packaging with only one arm. Well, forget THAT analogy. (With the noted exception that Apple really and honestly does it best when it comes to industrial design/new product opening/magic.)
  • You can take off Samsung's packaging just as easily as Apple's. And yes, the charger would stay put in one spot. It's not a matter of never using two hands, it's a matter of using two hands every time vs. two hands one time.
  • Can you not get the idea? Wireless charging is one-time setup and hassle free after that. Meaning you don't need to unplug your wireless charger and plug it in every single time. Who on earth that has the idea you need to plug and unplug it everytime? Oh gosh. No wonder majority of the tech people hates Apple company. Because their product are making people unable to think logically. Gosh! *this part is just my personal opinion* Posted from my Samsung Galaxy S6
  • But the advert shows a guy trying to plug his phone in a socket at what looks like an airport or something. Surely this is an example of when a cable is a better solution than taking a wireless charging dock with you? Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • I finally figured out why Rene writes anti-Samsung posts Click for more ...
  • This made my day, Jerry. Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • I wonder if he's gonna send you an email for being negative on his posts like I got. Sloths fight leopards. You can't open a bag of chips. Clearly humans are the weaker species.
  • He might threaten to ban Jerry for calling out his bullshît
  • You're my hero, Jerry.
  • Love when other Mobile nation editors think that these articles from Rene are getting out of control. Get a hold of yourselves Rene. Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • I really hope Phil comes and jumps in again to bring Rene back down to Earth. Hell bring over WC and Crackberry too! Humble pie and truth tea taste better with more people.
  • Hi, from your neigborhood Windows Central editor!
  • Yay!
  • Well, that made my hour. Thank you. Sent from the iMore App
  • Yes! Get him Jerry! Get Phil to join in!
  • This isn't about bashing a guy, it's about bashing unfounded opinions.
  • You know what I mean. I am not saying go after Rene. I am saying for them to come here and bring some good knowledge to counter his opinion which is all these articles are.
  • And this right here is part of why I avoid AC. The often unprofessional behaviour of their EIC and Admin. Completely unnecessary, unprofessional and troll baiting, look at the people who took it as approval for them to start personally attacking Rene, like Jerry being passive aggressive was a green light. Really guys? Sent from the iMore App
  • Wireless charging also puts less wear and tear on the charging ports/cables (which in apples case are notoriously flimsy and wear down quickly.
  • Yep that too Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • Phones, people. They're just phones.
  • It's also someone with a biased opinion writing articles about illegitimate reasons why you should give one company money over another for something you're going to use for two hours a day for the next two years of your life. I want people to make the right decision. Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • YAS Sent from the iMore App
  • Renee, dude, I have a Galaxy phone and an iPhone and iPad, but you man, that's just a dumb opinion piece. You don't get it.
  • I actually think René is on to something (have you read the article by the way?) his conclusion seems perfectly possible and not dumb at all... Or maybe you care to enlighten everyone with the reasons why you think the article is dumb?
  • Dude the one reason Rene writes these articles: clickbait. Simple as that. Easy way to bring people here that do not have Apple products. My guess is Mobile Nations had a goal or quota for page views of their sites and possibly a bonus structure set up around how well one site does compared to the others in terms of generating ad revenue.
  • So you didn't read the article either then... sigh.
  • I don't need to. I have read plenty of his other garbage articles to know what to expect. He writes these to get page clicks. Even Jerry from Android Central had called him out on it and Phil from AC has come here recently to correct his scare-mongering FUD
  • So, you don't need to read the articles, and just come here to troll? Sad.
  • This is another FUD article by someone sour posting whiney articles about competition instead of actually writing about iPhone. Clickbait no matter how you slice it. He will stop poo pooing wireless charging and say it is revolutionary once all Apple products adopt it.
  • What are you rambling on about? Are you trying to bully this blogger and the commenters here into silence or what?
  • How is it bullying if someone spreads double standards or misinformation and you call them out on it? Apple had used these same types of marketing tactics in the past yet Rene never said the Mac vs PC ads were just as dumb or pathetic. This is just plain hypocritical. But he needs something bad to write about competition each week to get non Apple owners here I guess. Need ad money for the site...
  • You really need another hobby... Sloths fight leopards. You can't open a bag of chips. Clearly humans are the weaker species.
  • I don't know about dumb. But hypocritical and biased. It's marketing. Apple does it as well.
  • iPhone users don't have to keep charging their devices. They plug them in at night, wake up, and they have a battery that can last them all day long. Whereas Samsung users need convenient charging capabilities, after all, they constantly have to charge the thing. Oh, I'm sorry... Did that hit a little too close to home?
  • Sorry, but this is where I disagree. Even when an iPhone 6 Plus, I still find myself having to Juice up my phone at least for 15-20 min in the afternoon, just to be on the safe side. Also, try going for 18 hours without being with a charger and find yourself using the phone more than usual. This isn't an Apple vs Samsung thing, Cell phone batteries in general suck IMO. I'll admit that a Jailbreak definitely plays a factor in battery life, but even then, battery on Stock iOS is not much better.
  • Compared to my old Android phone my iPhone 6 Plus has almost limitless battery power. My old Android phone was a battery pig.
  • Note, Old smartphones sucked for battery life full stop. Including old iPhones. The wallhugger ads didn't spring from no where. But hey, my z30 that's nearly 2 years old still gets two days of battery life doing normal to heavy usage. Sloths fight leopards. You can't open a bag of chips. Clearly humans are the weaker species.
  • LOL
  • The battery on my Nexus 5 would never get me through a full day of normal use. I like the phone in every respect but the battery life. Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • Have you tried the note 4? My Note 4 edge runs circle around my iPhone 6, so nice try but no dice.
  • If the Note 4 is anything like the older Note 3 in which it had the worst battery life I've ever seen, I'll pass.
  • False. iPhone has weak battery life. The 6+ has ok battery life, my 6 has worse battery life than my 5s did. Far from lasting all day, unless you barely touch the phone. Sent from the iMore App
  • Adding wireless charging to the Apple Watch was necessary to make it water resistant not because plugging in is hard to do. Sent from the iMore App
  • Is the to give you rage and saltiness to write clickbait articles on an Apple blog Rene? Because if that is the reason why, it is working. Even Phil has had to come over from AC to help reign in some of the FUD being spit out over here. If Apple is doing as well as you say they are and their profits are just fine, why do you continue to rage about Samsung if what they are doing is not hurting Apple? You seem to have a lot of emotional investment in them.
  • I guess I'm sort of failing to see how making fun of iPhone users (like me) is much different than the Mac vs PC commercials were a few years ago that made fun of Windows users (like me - at the time). Both were/are funny and point out true - even if small - things in a humorous way. I'm sort of sorry I took the time to read this article. The comments have been redeeming but not in the way I would usually expect them to be.
  • I could care less if Apple decides to implement Wireless charging on phones. I also hate the fact that it's called wireless charging, because it still needs to be on a pad or puck in order for it to actually charge. If I decide to use my phone while it is on the "wireless" charger, then suddenly it stops charging, what part of "wireless" is that?? To me, wireless charging means being able to move around with my phone while it charges and not be conformed within 1 inch of the pad. Let me know when Wi-Fi charging is actually implemented and out of it's beta phase, then I'll have something to be excited about.
  • What Samsung doesn't seem to realize is this - by continuously ridiculing the iPhone they are making more advertisement for the iPhone than the Galaxy. That's how the subconscious mind works, hence iPhone sales are increasing.
  • Like how Apple advertised for Windows with Mac vs PC ads?
  • They did that back when they were not on top, now it's different which is why Samsung is doing the same lol
  • Numerous ads and I still have no desire to dig out my work ip6 and use it in the sandbox... But you're entitled to your opinion. Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • I've seen so many people who break their charging cable tip or the charging port. So.... That being said a pad works great so you don't have to worry about plugging it up constantly. Maybe just maybe they're pointing out some differences between the 2 types. Coming from a S6 Edge and a IPhone 6 plus myself and have every iphone (except 5c) and most every Galaxy (hard to believe) there are clear differences. As far a camera not really a competition, the s6 edge is much better then any iphone out. So if Samsung copied the way of advertising (posting people's real photos and videos) Samsung would win in my opinion. The new Galaxy S6 Edge/S6 is one of the best camera phone's you can get right now. The iPhone 6 takes good photos but just try zooming in past the little bit that you are able to zoom.
  • Response to (trparky) if that is true why the hell do I have to plug my iPhone 6 with 128gb of internal storage into my charger at 5:30 every night because it's out of freaken juice??? Battery sucks in my iPhone 6. Quit making the phone so thin and add more battery. Posted via the iMore App
  • Sorry, you chose a brand thats dominated by aesthetic obsessed consumers
  • So why did Samsung follow the same form factor? Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • +1 Sent from the iMore App
  • Did I miss the article about the Samsung Galaxy keyboard security vulnerability they were talking about last week? I was sure you'd pounce on that but I don't remember seeing it. Sent from the iMore App
  • Probably because Samsung already fixed it with a Knox Security Policy update until a proper patch comes out..
  • Yes, but let's not forget that logic does not apply here at iMore. Sent from the iMore App
  • Samsung acts like invented wireless charging, which is a joke. Nokia released phones in 2012 that have that feature, and I'm sure there were others before them that didn't have the name Samsung attached to them.
  • That is true but Samsung is not trying to win market share from Nokia...
  • Please stop calling it "wireless charging." That term is bullshit and nothing but a gimmick. Wireless means no wires. "Wireless chargers" plug in the wall just like every other charger, they just don't have a plug that goes in the phone. They're not more convenient or Magical. When I'm less than 10 feet from a plug and my phone charges when it's in my pocket or hands, that's wireless charging and that's magical. Sent from the iMore App
  • Hopefully you'll get your chemotherapy the same way too. Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • There are no wires going into the actual phone..wireless charging. It is done via conduction.
  • "Induction" not conduction. 2 totally different things.
  • I mix the two up sorry
  • Rene's right about his major point: you have to plug both chargers in for them to work. The angle of this ad is wrong, and should focus on how much easier it is to set the S6 on the pad versus plugging in the iPhone's lightning cable. Even then, though, the ad would still come across as one of those low-rate infomercials where the actors are completely incompetent at performing the easiest of tasks (like many people featured in this ad). I use an iHome radio with dual charging ports on my nightstand, which can be difficult to use at times if I'm trying to dock my phone one-handed… in the dark (it's perfectly easy to dock when I can see the port). Also, the ad shows iPhone users in several locations attempting to plug in their phones (versus the lone S6 user in the most convenient setting for the charging pad): at the office, some random place outdoors where no plug is even available (plus, who carries that many cables in a bag?), and by a random outlet (again with the cable overload). In all of these cases, the charging pad would have to be plugged in as well, as Rene stated. In the last scenario (random outlet), the pad would be a terrible option because a) you can't use the phone while it's charging (as others have stated) and b) it takes nearly 33% longer to fully charge with it; if I'm in need of some juice, I'm not going to use the slower charger. (There's also a lady in a hotel using a radio similar to mine, which a two-year old could use easier than what's being depicted in the ad.) When Apple does offer this technology, and they likely will, I'll certainly be interested in using it. However, it's not going to win over most everyday users, which are the individuals Samsung needs to convince to switch over from an iPhone (or even jumping ship from Samsung to Apple, as Rene stated). You hardcore Android fans posting comments are free to defend this all you like, but you speak for a minority that doesn't have anywhere near the level of devotion you have for your mobile OS / manufacturer of choice.
  • Well, Samsung is stupid, who would have guessed. /s
  • Not that stupid. Unless ofcourse youre in so much iDenial you believe the Note had no influence on that 5.5" iPhone that came out.
  • I don't think Anybody is denying that. I'm sure everything influences things.
  • OH CRAP I WAS ONLY DOING THAT WITH MY LUMIA IN LIKE... 2012 Get with the program Samsung. Either have the cojones to write your own OS or F off.
  • You're an idiot
  • Rene, but consider that: Not everyone owns a smartphone. I don't know what the true numbers are, but if you can believe this site
    ( http://www.pewinternet.org/2015/04/01/us-smartphone-use-in-2015/ ) about 35% of America have yet to jump on the Smartphone bandwagon. Might Sammy's ads be targeting these deprived Americans? Consider also that our children are increasingly connected. Do you think these ads might seek to build an impression in the minds of the children ripe for a new phone to influence what they ask their parents for? IOW I believe there's some truth to what you said, but I also think it's only part of a larger picture.
  • Nah, The problem is.. Samsung TRIED to sell the S6 on the merits of the device, and nobody bought it. In fact, ti was still bashed. So... At the end of the day, Samsung's audience isn't switchers, it's people who dislike Apple. The Galaxy's only selling point is being NOT an iPhone.
  • That's a broad claim to make. :B
  • That, and that it's significantly better than the iphone. Its superior hardware running on a superior mobile OS Hehehe....
  • I seriously can't remember a Samsung commercial.
  • What if your not next to your bed?
  • IKEA makes furniture with Qi charging built in now. So you just plug your whole desk in the once and charge all of the things. I like the idea of that.
  • I have to say the wireless charging feature looks pretty nice - it is a small incremental ease of use feature that makes the device more pleasant to use. Certainly not a must have or a deal breaker but in the same way as Touch ID a real convenience. We all hate wires and the bundle of stuff we have to carry with us when we travel - fair enough, wireless charging doesn't change that.
  • Lousy article, what is hard to understand, wireless charging is just so much more convenient. I got iPhone 6 and I had Nokia 1520 with wireless charging and loved it.
  • It's a two company industry so to speak when it comes to phones. Apple and Samsung rule the market right now. Who else is Samsung going to target if it's going to do ads like this? Collectively, android makers and Microsoft might be the real targets. But none of them is big enough to even highlight in an ad. It's best to be the anti iphone for now. If there must be only 2, make sure you are one of them. If Apple isn't going anywhere then you better be their Joker (or main rival). This isn't about targeting Apple's users, it's about making sure that you are seen as the main other choice as the majority of the global market clearly aren't iphone users. I honestly don't see how Samsung could market much better than they are. That dept is doing the best they can with what they got. The real problem is that they're just an OEM at the end of the day. They're always going to be limited to just selling hardware because google owns the platform and ecosystem that they're selling. They're always going to be limited in that their apps will not be native but third party. Changes to the OS is forking android but not their own which creates problems. Android can never be specifically designed for Samsung hardware. It just doesn't work like that. These are Apple's key advantages. IMO, buying a samsung phone is like buying a windows PC loaded with manufacturer bloatware and a forked version of windows. I wouldn't do this. If I wanted an android phone, I look straight to the source. Google. It's all about google if I'm choosing android. That Samsung has been this successful with their Galaxy line speaks for the power of marketing, and how easy it is to manipulate the masses in the tech market. At the very least, you have to credit Samsung understanding what Apple has done. None of the other android makers or even Microsoft seem to have this understanding. Just when you think MS might be on the verge of understanding consumers, they take a few steps back.
  • Why attack Apple at all? Why attack anyone? Why not simply show the features of the phones? Maybe Samsung isn't confident enough in their phones to advertise them SOLELY on their own merits.
  • I’m a Mac……I’m a PC. It was Ok when Apple were doing it. Apparently though, when Apple do it they are making fun of the product, yet when the competition do it, it’s the users that are being made fools of.
    Making fun of the product is fine but attacking the users, (yes ‘attacking’, I’m pretty sure you’ll see a certain somebody claim that), that’s not on. Really, I don’t feel like an iPhone using fool when I see a Samsung ad. On the whole I actually wish my iPhone had those features also and I very much suspect you all do too.
  • comparing and contrasting is a common marketing technique. Additionally, so is a flat out attack on the competition. It's hardly a new thing. you see it in ads from companies making all kinds of products like burgers, cola, video game systems, cars, shampoo, paper towels. pretty much anything.
  • Plugging a lightning cable into an ipod is much easier then plugging a micro usb cable into an Android or Windows phone. That reversible connector makes a noticable difference. But I do prefer wireless charging.
  • But thus article is about lightning vs wireless. Which the writter has some problem to differentiate charging with cable vs wireless... Posted from my Samsung Galaxy S6
  • I know many people who have wireless charging built into their phones (me too - Nexus 5, Lumia 735), yet they all still plug them in with the cable that came with their phone. Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • O Rene. That's all I have to say Posted via the iMore App on my iPad Air or iPod Touch 5
  • I wonder why this site has so many articles about Samsung.....
  • I wonder why Android fanboys do nothing but talk about the iPhone?
  • I think we are due for an article on the dangers of Google
  • Ok, so everyone is going on about how hard it is to plug a lightning cable in to the iPhone, and how easy it is with the Samsung wireless charging. Well, in the commercial, it says that the wireless charger is sold separately... right? So whats stopping a person with an iPhone from going out and buying a wireless charging pad and case? They are both sold separately, so it's the same thing. The problem with all these Samsung commercials is that they are very, very over exaggerated. I have never looked like anyone in that commercial while plunging my lightning cable into the wall. And just to touch on the crowd that are saying that when their battery is low, they can plug the micro USB into the phone... I would advise you to be careful. Because if you do that, you will stand to look like the people in that commercial... You know, like an idiot.
  • I had a toothbrush with contact charging (NOT wireless charging) back in 2006. Samsung, welcome to 2006.
  • The PalmPre used this kind of charging as well. On a side note, WebOS was my fave mobile OS. It's a shame that HP never let it mature.
  • Hey too bad some phones are not even at the level of your 2006 toothbrush
  • Typical samsung. SMH. Umph! Sent from the iMore App
  • i will comment more on the commercial rather than the article because i feel samsung missed an easy mark. As pointed out instead of saying how bad cables are show how good wireless charging is not for the bedtime use because yea it is nice there but like others have said cant use the phone while its charging. Show the car docks that have wireless charging how you just stick your phone in no need for the cable or in the office having a wireless charger on your desk to top up a bit here or there. Wireless charging convenince is not about quick charging right now it is that easy top up here and there. or even show a person at starbucks putting their s6 edge on a charging pad in the counter. This commercial could have so easily been so much better for samsung and i feel like they cheated themselves i love wireless charging and i wish all devices supported it. do i need it? no but it is nice to have options.
  • Gotta say I have a dock at the house and it is as easy as wireless. My iPhone 6 Plus gets absolutely amazing Battery life, I easily get a full day.
  • Reading most of these comments I have to laugh... Tell me the difference here... 1) Samsung user uses a wireless charging pad.. You initially plug it in and that's it.. You can now rest your phone down everytime you want to charge.. 2) iPhone user uses a dock.. plugs in one time and never moves.. just like wireless charger it only takes 1 hand to plug/connect it to the dock... Whats the point of the argument with samsung?? you can both plug in a phone once using one hand via wireless charging or iphone dock?? Also in the middle of the night it's much easier to knock a phone off that is currently wireless charging than one that is connected to a dock/stand.. These arguments are so invalid its FUNNYYYYY... if both users want to use the phone with a low battery they both have to plug in a cable.. There is no benefit to wireless charging vs using an apple dock.. the both are quick and easy to achieve. If anything the iPhone user has it better because you cant AS EASILY disconnect the phone from charging like you could a wireless charging phone. And second the lighting can be plugged in any direction vs one direction for the Samsung unless your phone has USB-C.. That commercial is in fact stupid and inaccurate. Wireless charging is also slower....... Come on folks lets be real.
  • The reason that Apple and HTC One don't have inductive charging was the aluminum casing. The Samsung Galaxy 6 is plastic. It will conduct thorough the plastic, were the aluminum may conduct thorough out the whole phone. Yes this a simplified summations, but it was one of the reasons why Apple never added it. If Apple adds it, they will have design the casing different. Don't mean change material, but change inside of the casing, add a focal point & more insulation for key components. Or create a contact point like the  Watch. The other problem it is not that efficient of a charge, and creates heat. That could be a real problem with a metal phone. This is just a guess, please correct me if I'm wrong. Sent from the iMore App
  • S6 is glass, not plastic Sent from the iMore App
  • Dude. Are you not doing your homework before posting false fact? Galaxy S6 is built of metal and glass. Posted from my Samsung Galaxy S6
  • 171 comments on this?? Ugh. There must be something more interesting to talk about. I didn't read the article, but I'm glad Rene has finally figured it out. Maybe now he can post more interesting articles. I doubt it, but I'll keep my fingers crossed....
  • As a current s6 user (and previous owner of nexus 4, 5 and 7), I have to say this ad is spot on. Having a phone with wireless charging is very convenient. Also, if I am not a tech enthusiast, I'd have a hard time even noticing it's an iPhone in the video and not some random generic phone.
  • Samsung needs to realize that it isn't the only Android option out there. If anything they should be trying to prove to consumers why they should be sticking with Samsung vs LG/HTC/ZTE/Sony/Asus/ETC. Apple is just one competitor. People aren't choosing Apple over Samsung, they're choosing ANYTHING over Samsung. Like seriously.
  • I think the difference that people are missing is that Samsung are just trying to get people to spend more money, as if I am right, neither S6 Model of phones come with the wireless charging bays as standard and they are a paid for optional extra.. so whilst Samsung can advertise how easy it is to wirelessly charge the phone it doesn't mention you have to pay a lot more for the kit that enables you to do it.. so they make Samsung people use the cable just as much as Apple do iPhone users at the end of the day..
  • Has society become so lazy that plugging something into the wall is such a difficult task? Sent from the iMore App
  • I know, right? What was wrong with those dial phones that were always plugged in and you never had to worry about charging them?
    Lazy people nowadays.
  • HIlarious. so above i wrote i couldn't remember a Samsung ad. Well as i circled back to this page a Samsung phone ad came on. And interestingly, Apple wasn't mentioned at all. It was just an add torture testing a samsung s6 i think it is (don't have a samsung phone). it was on some sort of conveyor belt and drop in a bath tub and all kinds of crap to show it was durable.
  • I do like the wireless charging on my Galaxy S6 but that won't keep me from going back to an iPhone in the Fall when the new one comes out.
  • Rene, I really like your work. I really do. I read all your stories and listen to all your podcasts. But sometimes I wonder if you really think about all your articles. My parents both have wireless charging sleeves for their iPhones. I asked why. They said "it's a free case and I never have to try and plug it in to charge". I find this article eerily reminiscent of all the click bait articles you routinely smash on macbreak. I wish you'd have given it some more thought. Btw why do you guys have this upvote comment system that you can't use on the iMore app??!?!? Sent from the iMore App
  • Those people here who question the convenience of wireless charging simply haven't used it.
    I have and it is great for people who use their phones a lot, especially people who are on the road a lot. My first phone with wireless charging was a Lumia 920 and I picked up a couple of wireless charging pads. Then a Nexus 5. I liked it because I COULD use the phone while it was charging. It's easy to pick up when it rings and then put down to continue charging. Unless you have an electrical socket 3' from your face, those wires are never long enough to answer a call without ripping the cable from either the phone or the wall socket.
    Another major convenience is if you're in and out of your vehicle a lot. Using GPS, Bluetooth etc in a vehicle uses a lot of battery and wireless charging (in a mount) means that I usually get out of my truck with more juice than when I got in. And no unplugging anything. Just grab and go.
    I have it even better than that now though. I have a Note 4 with a wireless charging back (an accessory, not stock, but also not expensive) and of course the Note 4 also has replaceable batteries. I never plug my phone in anymore. Ever. I always have a charged battery in my glove box and whenever the battery hits 15% or so I swap it out. My phone can be picked up and used 24 hours a day. On a trip? Several charged batteries last me a week.
    Now, the naysayers might not like the plastic back on my Note 4 but I wonder at that. Everyone I know has a plastic back on their phone except one friend who likes his iPhone 5S naked. My wife's iPhone 6 has a plastic back. Difference is that my plastic back is useful because it gives me access to my swapable battery and wireless charging.
    The iPhone will have wireless charging someday as well. And they will allow you to do with your home screens what you want instead of having only what we Android users call an app drawer as your home screen. As you can see from my choice of phones, I am not stuck in one ecosystem phone-wise, so I'll probably try an iPhone again when those things happen.
  • You have a good point there when you say everyone has a plastic back. Naked iPhone? Probably your friend preffer the seasoned wear and tear of the rugged look. Posted from my Samsung Galaxy S6
  • Not questioning the convenience. Had it on my Palm prē. This commercial shows people looking for wall outlets and being clueless how to find one, then one Samsung user plopping their phone down on a pad. How did that pad get plugged in? It isn't showing you how the wireless pad solves the issue of finding an outlet
  • What do you guys think about the other commercial when the iPhone cuts the grandma out the pic and the new Samsung s6 does not?
  • I think that is spot on :) I mean that's just fact. But one thing I think Apple did better with their camera is the ability to take HFR video. The max I can go for my samsung is 60FPS @ 1080p. But that's not a deal breaker anyway. Posted from my Samsung Galaxy S6
  • I think the guy taking the photo on his iPhone would just step back a step to fit his grandma in the photo. After all that is why you have a screen on a phone camera, so you can see what you are taking a photo of. Or he could just use panorama. Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • Samsung is just playing on the us vs them mentality that keeps brand loyal buyers with a brand. You see it in every from DSLRs to cars to comics. I've owned iPhones since 2007. I've had the 30 pin dock connector never mind the lightning jack. Guess how many times I've been in the ridiculous situations in the ad? 0 Sent from the iMore App
  • Charging pads are more convenient than cables and I'm sure as soon as Apple starts supporting it you'll be telling us how wonderful it is.
  • No one seems to be saying that wireless pads are NOT more convenient.
  • Samsung ads aside, wireless charging is awesome. I bought a wireless charging cover for my iPhone because I found wireless charging so useful with the Lumias I previously owned.
    I would disagree that it's as quick to plug in a Lightning/USB cable as it is to "align" one's phone on a wireless charging plate. There is not much aligning to do with a phone that has a wireless charging coil built into it. They pretty much work no matter how you place them, as long as you charging plate is not minute.
  • So easy to say that I can go out and spend money in anothr twelvesouth iphone stand and hope for lightining connecter will be used for the next few more years?
    Or will wireless charging be in a future iphone like whats its already in the apple watch?
  • Amazing how many non-iPhone users seem to care about what features iPhones have. Also amazing how the comments seem to be focused away from the point of the article. I agree that the ads are about keeping customers, not earning new ones. These ads are the political 'red meat' fed to the masses. And judging by many of the comments here, it seems to be working!
  • I actually got half way through reading this before I finally figured out it's an article about an iPhone user whinging about an advert! Makes me want to buy a Samsung when I take a step back and look at the mentality of most iPhone users!
  • "the mentality of most iPhone users"??? You know millions and millions of people?