Iboy StanceSource: Classicbot

What you need to know

  • The Classicbot iBoy is a thing.
  • It's like an iPod but in the form of a gorgeous toy.
  • You want one. That's all you need to know.

Classicbot is a name that some will remember as the company most famous for making Apple-inspired plushes. The company's back, and this time it's offering a toy that looks like an iPod. And a robot. And it's stolen my heart.

First spotted by our friends at MacRumors, Classicbot's iBoy is a toy that is made to look like an iPod of yesteryear, complete with the chrome finish around the back. And there are even some Earpods that act as ears. I mean, just look at this thing and tell me that it doesn't do two things:

  1. Remind you how great the iPod was way back when.
  2. Make you want to fill a room with these things.

Just me?

Iboy PositionsSource: Classicbot

Either way, you can get one of your own for around $30 via the wonderful world of Kickstarter. It's a pre-order situation right now, but given the company's reputation I don't see any issues arising here.

If you do pick one of these things up, you can expect:


• Crafted from high quality ABS plastic

• Glossy white painted body and limbs

• Mirror-like chrome rear finish

• Easily posable magnetic-jointed limbs

• Ultra-fine silk-screened details

• Added weight ensures satisfying heftiness

• Realistic wired headphone connection

• Clickable buttons and turnable wheel

• Stands some 10 cms tall and weighs approx. 100 gms in robot mode

Iboy AnimatedSource: Classicbot

Delivery is expected around November time, so you won't be getting your iBoy soon. But you know what they say? Good things come to those who wait!