Iconboard Ios 14 HeroSource: Dario Roa

What you need to know

  • The world of iOS 14 Home screen customization is taking off.
  • But setting up your Home screen can be a real pain.
  • Iconboard makes it easier and quicker to configure your Home screen the way you like it.

It's fair to say that the world of iOS 14 Home screen customization is growing quickly and it's something that few of us saw coming. Unfortunately, making those Home screens isn't a fun process and setting them up can be time-consuming. Iconboard is an app that hopes to help make creating, managing, and applying icon themes and packs as easy as possible.

Rather than making you set up individual app icons one by one, Iconboard helps you do multiple at a time while. You can even generate custom wallpapers if you like. Applying whole icon packs is also a cinch.

Here's a run down of everything you can do with Iconboard.

  • Create custom icons from over 1,500 glyphs, applying custom background and border colors & gradients.
  • Import images to apply them as icons
  • Save different setup configurations to quickly change your styles.
  • Generate custom wallpapers as solid or gradient files.
  • Customise the action to be performed when opening the icons.
  • Invisible icons: Place your icons in any position on the screen with this feature. This action needs to also apply the wallpaper generated from the App.
  • Custom icon themes to take your customizations further.
  • Open App Store apps seamlessly.

That final point is an interesting one, though. All non-system apps will launch without the Shortcuts app first needing to be fired up. That's Apple's fault, apparently. You'll also miss out on app notification badges as well.

Iconboard is the app for anyone who is tired of the hassle related to applying icons and icon packs as a whole. Eve better, it's free and available for download from the App Store. There are in-app purchases available for those who want to give the developer a little thanks for their work – something I'd recommend everyone do if they get some use out of the app.

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