Linea Sketch on iPad ProSource: The Iconfactory

What you need to know

  • Linea Sketch will be moving to a subsription model next year.
  • The Iconfactory says it's simply not viable otherwise.
  • The switch will accompany a big new update.

The Iconfactory has confirmed (via MacStories) that its iPad drawing app, Linea Sketch, is switching to a subscription model early next year. It's currently available as a paid app in the App Store and the switch will take place when the next big app update is ready.

The developer says that while the plan was to try and avoid going to a subscription model, the app simply costs more to make than the revenue that's coming in.

We tried hard to avoid a subscription, but the costs to maintain the app are much higher than the income from new sales. This is obviously not a sustainable situation! We have two options:

  • Let the app die a slow, painful, and unsupported death
  • Find a source of recurring revenue

If you're wondering just how much work goes into making these kinds of app, it turns out it's a lot.

We spent over 200 hours on the Linea 2.7 update. A majority of that time was not even spent adding new features, instead it was spent making sure that everything looked right with the operating system's new Dark Mode!

When the switch to subscription happens, it'll be part of the Linea 3.0 update which brings with it a few new features that people will want to get their hands on. And the subscription will get them complete and full access to both the iPhone and iPad apps.

  • Time-lapse to capture your creation as it evolves
  • Templates with adjustable intensity
  • Custom backgrounds with adjustable paper color and texture
  • App themes and beautiful new app icons for your home screen
  • QuickToggle: two-handed drawing is all we're going to say :-)
  • And more…

If you purchased Linea in 2019 you'll get a free year's subscription, while everyone else will pay $0.99 per month or $9.99 per year.

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