Ifixit Ipad Pro TeardownSource: iFixit

What you need to know

  • iFixit has got its hands on the latest iPad Pro.
  • That means there's a fresh new teardown to take a look at.
  • They reveal the iPad's new LiDAR scanner and more.

iFixit has got its hands on the latest iPad Pro, which means that there's a fresh new teardown to take a look at.

Over on Youtube iFixit today posted their latest video stating:

We're in lock down but that's not going to stop us from tearing down the brand new 12.9 inch iPad Pro. It's the iPad Apple says could be your next computer.

With a new A12Z Bionic chip that Apple claims outperforms most laptop processors, and a new camera system that includes a lidar scanner, there's plenty of new tech for us to investigate here. iPads have always been a pain to take apart, but with so much time on our hands, what else are we going to do?

In the teardown they remove the iPad's display and dive straight into the iPad's camera housing, taking a look at the new LiDAR scanner. They also have some infrared footage of the LiDAR scanner in action which is super cool and features a nice cat. Then they take a look at the front-facing True Depth Camera system, before looking at the USB-C port, the logic board, and the battery.

Apple announced its brand new iPad Pro last week sporting the new LiDAR scanner for improved AR, as well as 4K video and all new trackpad and mouse support thanks to iOS 13.4. You can check out our review here!

Pros for pros

iPad Pro 11-Inch Silver

iPad Pro

Faster, better camera, and now with lasers.

The 2020 iPad Pro finally gets a premium camera experience. But that's not all. You can be the first to own an Apple device with LiDAR today.

If it's teardowns your into, iFixit also recently published its teardown of Apple's new 2020 MacBook Air, also launched last week.

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