This illuminated laptop cord will help you stop fumbling for outlets

Picture this: It's like one in the morning. You just finished marathoning Sealab 2021 for the millionth time in a row, and the room around you has gone dark, either because prefer to watch stuff theater-style or because you're too comfortable in bed to turn on a light — I'm not here to judge. Suddenly, you remember that you've forgotten to plug your laptop in to charge. Instead of turning on a light and plugging it in like a sensible human being, you just repeatedly bump your hand against the wall outlet until you can roughly discern where to mash your cord into.

If this scenario doesn't sound familiar to you, then you're probably more generally functional than I am. However, if it does ring a bell, you may want to consider tech accessory company Ten One Design's newest offering. Simply dubbed Stella, this nifty laptop cable actually glows when it senses it's near an outlet, illuminating your task and pretty majorly cutting your chances of electric shock due to low visibility. It accomplishes this using patent-pending technology that registers the electrical fields surrounding the live outlets, which, as Ten One Design founder Peter Skinner notes, brings "the advances of today to the plugs of yore." After your computer is plugged in, Stella's light within five or so seconds.

Stella is no slouch when it comes to the actual power transferring part, either. The cable is extremely versatile, and is compatible with all MacBook chargers; 10W, 12W, 29W, and 30W iOS chargers; and PC laptop chargers with 2 prongs. PC laptop chargers with 3 prongs will also be supported soon. What's more, Stella's unique design makes it both heavy duty and aesthetically pleasant all at once: its custom braided nylon shell promotes flexibility along its length, allowing you to wind it neatly around your charger without straining it, and its angled plug reduces cord stress even further, ensuring its longevity. It even comes with a slide-out clip (Mac) or a strap (PC) as well as progressive unwinding for better cord management.

If you're interested in lighting up your life a little with Stella, it's available for preorder today on Ten One Design's website for $34.95. If you like, you can also purchase it bundled with the company's popular Blockhead adapter for $49.95. All orders made today will ship sometime in July.

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