iM Poll: Which companies do you think are most environmentally friendly?

Wind Farm
Wind Farm (Image credit: Apple)

It's no secret that at iMore, we love Apple. It's also no secret that Apple has been known to lead the way when it comes to protecting and caring for the environment. But Apple is not the only tech company doing its bit to keep our planet habitable.

April 22 is Earth Day, and for its 50th anniversary, Earth Day is going digital. As part of our coverage across our family of sites, we'd like to get your thoughts on the companies that you think are the most environmentally friendly. Not just in terms of facts and figures, but also perhaps more interestingly by perception. We want to hear your thoughts and get your vote on the company that you think is the most environmentally friendly. Below is a poll list of companies, most of which are tech related. Pick the one that you think is the most environmentally friendly. When you've voted, be sure to leave a comment down below, letting us know who you picked and why. A select few of you wil get your thoughts featured in our follow up article where we reveal the results! You can select up to three companies, so poll away!

Not sure who to vote for, why not take a look at some of the work these companies do?

Plenty of these companies, such as Microsoft and Apple have large sections of their website dedicated to the work they're doing to protect the environment. These measures can include steering clear of harmful materials in manufacturing, using solar power to run stores and data centers, reducing packaging size to improve shipping efficiency and reduce waste, building electric cars (Tesla, duh) and more.

We'll be back in about a week to share the results of this poll with you, so be sure to stay tuned. And don't forget to leave a comment below!

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