iMac Pro heroSource: Apple

What you need to know

  • The iMac Pro is now listed as "currently unavailable" in the United States and Canada.
  • It is still available in certain countries and regions.

The iMac Pro, the pro-level iMac that has graced desk setups for the last four years, is now listed as "Currently Unavailable."

As spotted by MacRumors, the iMac Pro is now showing as "Currently Unavailable" if trying to ship the computer to an address in the United States and Canada. It is also showing as out of stock in the Apple Park Visitor Center, a store that you would expect to have stock of an Apple product considering it is part of Apple's corporate campus.

Imac Pro Currently UnavailableSource: MacRumors

The designation solidifies earlier reports that, once stock runs out on the iMac Pro, Apple will be discontinuing the machine entirely. If you're in need of a desktop Mac and wondering what the best choice is now, check out our list of the Best Mac Desktop of 2021.

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As noted by the report, however, "Currently Unavailable" could mean that stock could come back if Apple ends up scrounging a few up in its supply chain. It appears that the machine is still available to order in certain countries outside the United States as well, so check to see if it still available in your region.

"Currently Unavailable" can sometimes see a product come back in stock, so the ‌iMac Pro‌ may not be sold out for good at this time. The machine is still available in Europe and Asia-Pacific, for example, with two to three week shipping estimates.

As iMore's Oliver Haslam explains, Apple silicon killed the iMac Pro. The new iMac lineup, which is expected to be released sometime this year, is expected to feature the next Apple silicon processor that will most likely prove that an iMac Pro, while making sense in the Intel era, is no longer needed.

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