Imazing Pro Raw UpdateSource: iMazing

What you need to know

  • The iMazing app has been updated to include support for Apple ProRAW images as well as Apple silicon.

The folk behind the poplar iMazing app released an update that includes support for Apple's Pro RAW image format a few days ago and with the release of iOS 14.3, everyone can use it. The app has also been updated with native Apple silicon support as well.

Part of the version 2.13.2 update that was released a few days ago, the Apple ProRAW support adds another string to the iMazing bow, allowing users to browse their iPhones and then extract ProRAW images at will.

iOS 14.3 is out in the wild, bringing an exciting new feature for photographers: the ability to capture images in Apple's new ProRAW format with their iPhone 12 Pro or 12 Pro Max. We're delighted to announce that iMazing has already been updated to support ProRAW – our users can browse and export their ProRAW shots from day one, using both the macOS and Windows versions of iMazing. ProRAW support was added in version 2.13.2, just a few days before iOS 14.3 released.

Alongside the new image feature, iMazing has also gained support for Apple silicon, too.

The folk at iMazing have a blog post up that goes into more detail about ProRAW and how it can help people take better photos. The good news? You probably already have the updated iMazing app installed. If not, go get it now.