Incredible array of rare Apple memorabilia fetches thousands at auction

Rr Steve Jobs
Rr Steve Jobs (Image credit: RR Auction)

What you need to know

  • A vast array of Apple memorabilia was sold at auction this week.
  • Items including rare pieces signed by Steve Jobs fetched hundreds of thousands of dollars.
  • All but one of the items sold alongside other rare items, including a prototype mockup of Atari's smash-hit Pong.

A vast array of Apple memorabilia including items signed by Steve Jobs has sold at an auction for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

'The Steve Jobs Revolution: Engelbart, Atari, and Apple' closed Thursday, with a wide variety of items from Apple and other relics of computing yesteryear going under the hammer.

Auction Sell

Auction Sell (Image credit: RR Auction)

The top-selling item was a rare Apple Computer check signed by both Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, for a payment of $3,430 for Apple II components. Dated July 15, 1976, the item sold for $131,138, more than five times its estimated price.

The check was closely followed by a Steve Jobs Atari job application, which missed out on its estimate by a huge amount after its authenticity was thrown into doubt. It sold for $130,000, much less than its estimate and $200,000 less than the item was bought for last year.

A signed Steve Jobs Autograph note to one 'Brian Miller' sold for $2 shy of $100,000, and the next closest item was a Steve Jobs signed issues of Macworld #1. Other items sold included an Apple-1 computer manual, a Steve Jobs signed high school yearbook, a special edition Bob Marley iPod Classic (first-generation), and a further array of business cards and prototypes.

The smash-hit of the auction was not an Apple-related item but was instead a unique Pong 'Home Edition' prototype mockup made of wood that sold for more than $215,000. You can see the full array of items sold here.

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