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  • Intel EVP Gregory Bryant has told Yahoo Finance that the company feels "very good competitively" in the face of competition from Apple silicon.

In an interview with Yahoo Finance, Intel's EVP Gregory Bryant told the outlet the company feels "very good competitively" about competition from Apple silicon and rivals like AMD.

Bryant gave the interview to discuss Intel's transformation strategy for 2021.

In the interview, as transcribed by Apple Terminal, Bryant stated:

There is a lot of growth. We expect there to be competition, when you're in a business that is healthy and growing rapidly, whether that's from Apple, the ARM guys, or traditional competitors like AMD, we feel very good competitively, we've got strong products in the market today with Tiger Lake, our 11th generation core-products selling better than we had originally expected at the beginning of the year.

The news comes hot on the heels of reports that Apple is planning a new Apple silicon chip for next year, said to be a high-performance chip with as many as 32 CPU and GPU cores. Given the performance increase in Apple's M1 chips over the previous Intel offerings, it's not a stretch to say a 32 core Apple silicon behemoth could absolutely smash Intel's best offerings. According to that report, the next series of Apple silicon chips will debut in upgraded versions of the MacBook Pro, new iMac desktops, and a new Mac Pro workstation.

In the interview, Bryant also covered the strong demand for chips in laptops and mobile computing devices driven by the global pandemic in 2021, offset somewhat by waning demand for desktop devices.

You can see the full interview here.