Ermahgerd! These card games can add teh lulz to any party

What are you doing with that old, dated deck of cards? Don't you know there are more modern games you could be playing at parties with friends? Yes, Cards Against Humanity is fun, but it's only one of a slew of kick-ass, next-generation card games out there for you to get your party on with.

What do you Meme?

What do you Meme?

Fuckjerry is one of the largest lulz-centered Instagram pages out there with nearly 10 million followers, and whether or not you agree with where Tebele sources his jokes, his brand Fuckjerry is still one of the most recognized in the online community for posting dank memes.

Now, with the help of Kickstarter, 'What Do You Meme?' – which we're positive is based off the Justin Bieber song What Do You Mean? – has surpassed its $10,000 goal on Kickstarter by nearly $100,000.

Playing What Do You Meme is simple: To start, everyone draws seven caption cards. Then, the Jerry (the judge) picks up a photo card with a meme on it and places it in the middle of the table so everyone can see. It's important to note that the person with the most Instagram followers starts as the Jerry.

Then, similar to Cards Against Humanity, you pick the caption card that you think would work best with the picture. The Jerry then reads each caption card aloud and picks a winner based on their favorite response.

The winner is crowned when they get seven of the caption cards and all of your lulz.

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Game of Phones

Game of Phones

Take (a less vulgar version of) Cards Against Humanity, add a dash of smartphone addiction, and you have Game of Phones — a card game that encourages players to pick up their phones to play!

Back in 2014, design students from New York named Sam and Luke decided to create and design a board game that embraces how obsessed we are with our phones, rather than shun and hide it. After a super-successful Kickstarter campaign that helped the duo raise nearly $17,000, Game of Phones was born and people could not be more excited to start playing.

To play Game of Phones, all you need is a good group of pals, the game itself and your cellphone!

The game starts with a question master picking a card and showing it to the entire group. Everyone then finds a response to the question on their phones before showing the question master. The person who picked the original card then sorts through all the options and picks their favorite. Whoever's chosen wins the round.

Each turn lasts around 60 seconds and the question master is responsible for not only picking a winner, but also keeping time. You play Game of Phones until someone has won 10 rounds – that's a whole lot o' time for fun on your phone!

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Slash: Romance without boundaries

Slash: Romance without boundaries

To most, the word "ship" is used to describe a vessel in the water, and "shipping" is used to talk about that Amazon order you placed last week for vintage butter dishes, but for people online – Tumblr, specifically – "ship" and "shipping" means to take previously established or created characters (from pop culture, history, cartoons, or literature) and puts them together as a pairing or couple. RelationSHIP = SHIP or SHIPping. See, it's SHimple!

Slash: Romance without boundaries is a card-based party game that makes players compete against each other to create the best fanfiction couples and pairings — ships — they can with the hand their given.

It works by having a "matchmaker" pick a card and place it face-up on the table for all the other players to see, but unlike those games, there's a bit more of a creative storytelling element involved. The matchmaker can request that each player narrate a part of the relationship (talk about how the characters met, fell in love, their wedding, blah blah blah) while other players pick what they think is the best pairing for that card.

As a player, you must do anything to get the matchmaker to pick your card, so you can get as detailed and over the top as you want when playing. This game is also a great creative tool to get the juices flowing on your own, but if you want to play it with a group of friends, the winner is crowned only when one person wins 20 points worth of character ships.

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The Metagame

The Metagame

Looking for a card game that will start a genuine conversation amongst party-goers at your next party? Then why not check out the Metagame, aka, "the ultimate cure for awkward silences"!

The Metagame is designed to spark conversation about … well, almost anything! There are a few different ways to play the Metagame, but it all breaks down to two sets of cards: opinion cards and culture cards about film, TV, music, pop culture, art, and just about everything else.

All in all, there are six ways you and your friends can play. You can pick from the matchmaker game (3+ players) that requires players to match opinion cards and culture cards, history 101 (2+ players) which makes players put their cards in the right order on a timeline, debate club (5+ players) where you pick a topic and try to convince everyone that your card is the winner, head to head (3 players) for when you want a quick and challenging game, metaquilt (3-7) for a slightly bigger challenge, or the massively multiplayer metagame (5-50+ players) to show off all your weird thoughts and opinions to friends and party guests.

There are over 200 culture cards to pick from, and over 100 opinion cards that say things like, "Which feels like first love?" or "Which is a sign of the apocalypse?" so you know there's a chance for some ridiculousness to happen.

The best part about the Metagame? You can buy it online or at Barnes & Noble, or you can download and print it for free!

(You're welcome.)

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What's your favorite game to play?

Is there a bizarre board game you can't get enough of? A card game that you and your friends are obsessed with? Let us know what contemporary card games we should play with pals in the comments below!

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