Iphone 13 Vr ConceptSource: ConceptsiPhone

What you need to know

  • Apple is rumored to be working on a new mixed reality headset, so someone created a concept design.
  • 2021 will bring a new iPhone to market and this concept imagines what that might look like.

Apple is strongly rumored to be working on its own mixed reality headset, dubbed Apple Glass, and we know that a new iPhone will ship later this year as well. So what happens when you combine the two things?

You get a concept for iPhone 13 VR and my wallet is already quivering. Check it out courtesy of YouTube channel ConceptsiPhone and creator Antonio De Rosa.

New iPhone 13 VR And Apple View Trailer 2021. With VR Retina Display, 2TB Storage and Rear Display.

If I'm being honest I'm less interested in the mixed reality headset than I am the idea of a rear-facing screen on something that looks similar to the current iPhone 12 Pro. Some people inexplicably keep their iPhone face-down on their desk or table and this strikes me as a great way to still get notifications and whatnot. Although I'm sure Apple would rather you just bought an Apple Watch for that.

This concept does raise an interesting idea, though. If and when Apple does ship Apple Glass, could it require a special iPhone for it to work properly? That could make for quite the costly upgrade year if it turns out to be the case!

If you can't wait until September for a new phone I'd suggest picking up the best iPhone money can buy right now – iPhone 12 Pro. You won't be disappointed.