Forget Apple AirTag, Invoxia's BioMetric Smart Dog Collar is the right way to track your pet

Smart Dog Collar Invoxia
Smart Dog Collar Invoxia (Image credit: Invoxia)

What you need to know

  • The collar tracks health vitals and pet location.
  • Launches this summer
  • Will require a monthly subscription.

In 2021, Apple explained why it didn't recommend using its AirTag to track pets. Later this year, a device built for that purpose will become available for dog owners everywhere.

At this year's Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Invoxia has announced the BioMetric Smart Dog Collar. Launching this summer, the device uses artificial intelligence to monitor a dog's health and well being. You can also use the collar to track the pet's real-time location.

Called by its owners as the "first consumer pet tracker to utilize artificial intelligence," the BioMetic Smart Dog Collar uses sensors, accelerometers and embedded deep neural networking capabilities to monitor a dog's respirator and heart vitals. It can also detect anomalies in a dog's behavior, alerting owners and vets of possible health issues. Further, the new product can accurately differentiate between walking, running, scratching, eating/drinking, barking, and rest periods.

App Smart Dog Collar

App Smart Dog Collar (Image credit: Invoxia)

Naturally, everything that's tracked with the BioMetric Smart Dog Collar will get collected and be accessible through an iPhone app.

According to Amélie Caudron, CEO of Invoxia, "Until now, data has been difficult to collect so there are few studies that provide vital feedback on pet health from everyday activity or continuous monitoring. With the Smart Collar, the ability to collect at scale a large quantity of data over time, will open up incredible doors for research on correlations between vital signs and dog illnesses. This is how we discover new biomarkers, treatments and medicines."

Invoxia, which already offers tracking monitors for cars, people, and valuables, launched its first Pet Tracker in 2018. The BioMetric Smart Dog Collar will launch for $99 with an estimated monthly subscription cost of $12.99. The collar will be available in a range of colors and have an elegant, sleek finish. Battery life is expected to last for weeks at a time.

We'll keep an eye on the BioMetric Shart Dog Collar and hopefully review one prior to its summer release. Stay tuned.

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