iOS 14 concept imagines Split View coming to iPhone

What you need to know

  • Marvelous iOS 14 concept imagines Split View coming to iPhone.
  • The concept also imagines a dock that can be accessed in apps.
  • Is this something Apple is considering for iOS 14?

One of the coolest features available on iPad is the ability to use two apps at the same time. Known as Split View, the feature makes it easy to compose an email while browsing through your camera roll. What if that feature came to the iPhone?

This new iOS 14 concept imagines what Split View could look like on the iPhone's smaller display, and it works surprisingly well. Split View on an iPhone would have been ridiculous back when the iPhone first launched, but with displays getting bigger every year, multitasking the iPad way doesn't seem all that crazy.

iPad Pro and keyboard

iPad Pro and keyboard (Image credit: iMore)

The concept demonstrates how seamlessly Split View on iPhone could work, while also showing off some other iPad flourishes coming to Apple's smartphone. For example, unhiding the dock when in an app, as well as tidying up how phone calls and Siri work.

Concepts are always a dangerous thing. They make fans pine for what would be, ultimately leaving them disappointed when Apple doesn't deliver that imagined feature. While this iOS 14 concept shows that, sure, Split View could potentially work on an iPhone, it's unlikely to happen.

Although Apple is still releasing updates for iOS 13, the company is likely hard at work on the next version of iOS, which we'll see in action next summer.

Until then, check out the concept above and let us know what you think about Split View on an iPhone.

Brandon Russell