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What you need to know

  • iOS 14 might include Genius Bar availability directly in Apple Maps.
  • That's according to code found by 9to5Mac.
  • They also suggest that CarPlay will support custom wallpapers.

Apple's next iteration of iOS might include support for custom wallpapers in CarPlay, and better integration for Apple Retail Stores within maps and navigation.

According to 9to5Mac:

Following our latest findings on iOS 14, 9to5Mac has now found evidence that Apple is working to provide more details about its retail stores on Apple Maps. We're also expecting the ability to set custom wallpapers on CarPlay for the first time.

Based on iOS 14 code, we can say that Apple Maps will show more details about Apple Stores and hardware repair availability in the future. Today, when you look for an Apple Retail Store in the Maps app, it doesn't show much more than regular details like address, phone number, photos, and Today at Apple sessions.

The report suggests that iOS users will be able to see Genius Bar availability directly within Apple Maps.

With regard to CarPlay the report states:

Our code findings suggest that Apple is working on new ways to organize iPhone and iPad wallpapers with iOS 14. Now we've discovered that it will be possible to define a custom wallpaper on CarPlay for the first time. At least for now, Apple is testing that feature with the same default wallpapers from iOS 13, and they also automatically switch between the light and dark versions there.

Custom wallpapers in CarPlay is obviously not a huge iOS 14 change, however, the idea that users might be able to navigate to Apple Stores and see Genius Bar availability within Maps is certainly an exciting prospect.