Why do iPhone notifications vibrate in your ear when you're on a call?

Have you ever been on a call on your iPhone when an SMS or email or push notification came in only to experience a terrible vibration right in your ear? iPhone has a setting to enable and disable vibrate both for silent mode (ringer switch off) and in general so you can set it up to ring, ring and vibrate, or just vibrate. What you can't seem to do is set it up not to vibrate when you're already on a call.

What's curious is that not everyone seems to complain about this, and some people seem to only notice it after a firmware update. Forum member iErick as well as others have all been experiencing this issue ever since they made the upgrade to iOS 4.2.1.

Every since updating to iOS 4.2.1, when I am on a call and have the phone held up to my ear...the phone vibrates for SMS notifications and such.This occurs if the phone is on the silent setting and when the phone is set to ring and vibrate.

I recently Updated to iOS 4.2.1 on my iPhone 4 and while on a call I received 6 emails and every single time it not only made the tone but it vibrated right into my ear. It is quite annoying and my phone wasn't even on vibrate. It is set for vibrate and ring.

Some members have never seen this issue until now and other have said they have seen this issue with other iOS firmwares. CrackBerry Kevin has been complaining about it since iOS 2 or 3.

Is this is a bug? Is this the way Apple thinks vibration mode should work? Why can't they use the same motion and proximity sensor that turns off the screen when you're on a call to turn off the vibration? If you've experienced the vibration in the ear let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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