iOS 16.3 fixes major iPhone HDMI streaming bug affecting Hulu, Amazon Prime, and more

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An HDMI adaptor bug that saw users unable to use their iPhone or iPad to watch a variety of different streaming services on a non-AirPlay compatible TV has now been fixed, an iMore reader discovered. They told us:

"Just want to inform you that the HDMI adapter bug in iOS 16 has been fixed in ios 16.3. Several users have reported they can stream no problem now in ios 16.3."

The fix does not seem to appear on any of the patch notes that came with iOS 16.3, although it appears as though the problem is no more. After months of nothing from either Apple or the App makers, It's a welcome fix.

Get streaming again

Previously, the same reader notified us that a number of the best iPhone apps would not work with the Apple HDMI adaptor, including Hulu, Amazon Prime, and Paramount+, amongst others. Interestingly, it seems that Netflix was not affected.

"The bug also occurs with Amazon Prime, Paramount+, Peacock, and others, but not Netflix."

They went on to direct us to an Apple support thread (opens in new tab) focused on Hulu that features pages of users having the same problem, and Apple seemingly doing nothing about it, only blaming Hulu for the problem.

Now, with the problem fixed, it seems you can get back on with watching all your streaming services over the Apple HDMI adaptor. 

This bug was obviously not a problem for those with an Apple TV box sat under their TV, given that it adds AirPlay support to whatever you plug it into, along with all the apps on board to watch streamed content. For those who don't want to spend all their money on a little black box, this fix will be a welcome return to iPhone and iPad streaming. 

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