Apple just dropped another hint at iOS 18's massive Siri upgrade — WWDC 24 logo latest sign of the change we've all been waiting for

WWDC 2024 Siri
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Though the idea of Siri has always been well-liked, Apple’s voice assistant has never been met with more than just passing interest by Apple fans thanks to slow responses, inaccurate translations, and a small list of useful functions. However, with a major overhaul on the horizon, Apple is starting to hint at something big for Siri.

From intentionally saying its name to accidentally holding the wrong button, we all know that iconic Siri color scheme. A mixture of purple, pink blue, and white — Apple is relying on fans knowing these colors with a hint made on the developer site for WWDC 2024. Here, you will spot the Apple logo outlined with the familiar colors of Apple’s iconic voice assistant. If you access the site from an iPhone, the Apple logo will even display a small animation of the colors moving from one side to another. This is the second time Apple has made hints at the Siri overhaul for this year’s WWDC.

What’s in the Siri overhaul? 

Siri’s AI overhaul is reported to come with a whole host of new functions, like the ability to transcribe voice memos, set up automated message replies, and generate new emojis. Like Apple’s own AI, it is likely to get smarter the longer it is out in the world. The AI engine running the new Siri could also be better at picking up and translating text, making it a more useful voice assistant. 

However, some of the new Siri update’s most interesting functions won’t be here until 2025 or later. It will reportedly be able to analyze how you use your devices and generate functions and shortcuts to get tasks done much quicker. It will be limited to just Apple’s own apps initially, but other apps could be introduced to combine functions, according to reports. This means you could set something to record, transcribe what was said, and immediately send off that transcription as an email attachment in a single shortcut. If Siri’s AI overhaul is as big as it is expected to be, all this fanfare from Apple seems like it could be deserved. 

We should know a lot more about this during Apple’s keynote speech at WWDC 2024 on June 10. 

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