Apple drops major Siri AI upgrade hint ahead of WWDC 2024 announcement

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Earlier today, Apple announced that WWDC 2024 will take place from June 10 with a keynote event at Apple Park, followed by a week of developer events. At the conference, the company is expected to unveil iOS 18macOS 15iPadOS 18, and watchOS 11, plus the next iteration of tvOS and visionOS 2.

It's possible, although unlikely, that Apple may unveil some new hardware alongside its software offerings. But this year, the bigger focus is going to be on AI (surprise, surprise). According to multiple reports, Apple plans to release tools for the iPhone and beyond that will help users in their daily lives.

Rumors and Apple fans' excitement seem to point toward Siri getting an AI-powered upgrade. And it looks like Apple is teasing this announcement ahead of WWDC 2024. Apple's Senior Vice President for Marketing, Greg Joswiak (that's just Joz to you and me, of course), tweeted out about the announcement.

An 'Absolutely Incredible' Siri update

Note the capitalized A and I where Joz teases the conference to be "Absolutely Incredible". It's no accident that this part is capitalized – it's a subtle nod to AI. Apple has hidden Easter Eggs in its event invites before, and marketing material and communications are all carefully polished before being sent. We already know Apple is working on AI: Tim Cook confirmed so at the company's last earnings call. But this is the first official nod to AI coming at WWDC.

As if that wasn't enough, the image in Joz's tweet (and all the WWDC materials) matches the Siri color scheme. With previous hidden nods in event invites, colors often play a big role. Invites for iPhone or Mac events have teased new colors – so we know there's more to them than meets the eye. The AI tease coupled with the Siri color scheme certainly looks like a tease for an AI-powered Siri.

This would prove plenty of rumors to be correct, but a lot is unclear about how this AI-powered Siri would work. Apple has its own AI model but is reportedly coming to a deal with Google to use Gemini AI and one with Baidu to outsource AI models. Expect more to be revealed at WWDC 2024 in June.

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