Your iPhone 14 might not activate Crash Detection on a roller coaster anymore

Introducing Crash Detection | iPhone 14 Pro | Apple
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With Apple's latest update for the iPhone, the company appears to be fixing a subjectivity hilarious issue that the iPhone 14 lineup had since it launched back in September.

Today, Apple released iOS 16.1.2 to all users. In addition to being an update for all compatible iPhones, the update addressed one particular problem that iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro users ran into in certain situations.

The first update with iOS 16.1.2 is for all compatible iPhone models. The company says that it "improved compatibility with wireless carriers." It's unclear exactly what that means, but users are likely to experience improved call and data quality. Apple also didn't say which carriers were impacted by the improvement, so you won't really know if you get the benefit. 

It's likely small so most of us are unlikely to notice a difference in our day-to-day life, but it's nice to see Apple is always working to improve its compatibility with carriers.

Ride the rollercoaster in confidence

The other thing that today's update addresses are issues that iPhone 14 users have had with Crash Detection, a new feature for the iPhone lineup. Apple says that iOS 16.1.2 features "Crash Detection optimizations on iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro models."

The company didn't go into further detail about what "optimizations" means, but it's likely that it has used real-world data from iPhone 14 users in order to improve the feature so that it activates more often in real crash scenarios and less in scenarios where there has not actually been a crash.

There was a hilarious story back in October where some users found that Crash Detection was being activated when they were on a rollercoaster. The issue led to a number of mistaken 911 calls. Hopefully, with today's update, Apple has addressed the problem so iPhone 14 users can enjoy rollercoasters in peace.

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