iPad vs iPhone "Tweet It" in Michael Jackson parody [Monday fun video]

From the prodigy tech/hip hop online group Paintless Nights comes the iPhone vs. iPad in Tweet It, another great fun-loving video featuring Apple's iconic and much-loved phone and tablet devices duking it out MJ style.

These are they same guys (and gals) that brought us I'm on a Mac (I'm on a Boat spoof) and The New Dork - Entrepreneur State of Mind, two parody-style videos featuring both Apple products and Social Media -- both also being hilarious, and highly recommended if you're looking for a quick jolt of entertainment before you get a pile of work on your desk to get started on.

The video goes right along with Michael Jackson's hit song Beat It music video -- depicting two gangs going head to head Brooklyn style -- from Thriller, one of the greatest albums of all time. Hey, we all know how much everyone hates Mondays, right? Well here's a little something to throw into today's stress-inducing routine that'll help you start this week out with a bang!

Video after the break!

[Paintless Nights, Mashable]

by Andrew Wray

IM Staff

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