Apple's upcoming iPad Pro refresh caught your eye? You might have a hard time getting your hands on the 11-inch model

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You've likely heard the drumbeat recently: new iPad Pro models are coming. Apple plans a pretty major refresh, rumors suggest, with big changes such as an OLED display on the way. Set to be the best iPad, the devices are a long time coming. But those eagerly anticipating divine new devices might be left hanging: There's a hiccup in the production of Apple's newest tablets.

In a tweet for subscribers, display analyst Ross Young notes that while the 12.9-inch iPad Pro is heading through production as expected, its smaller sibling (the 11-inch model) is lagging behind. Samsung Display, a major display manufacturer for Apple, is already churning out OLED screens for the 11-inch model. But not enough of them, or perhaps not fast enough, apparently.

LG Display is about to join production of these 11-inch displays later this month, taking a stab at the smaller size as well. Since LG is already contributing to the 12.9-inch model's screen production, you'd think they'd have this in the bag, right? However, Young suggests that the 11-inch iPad Pro panel production is somewhat lagging compared to its larger counterpart. It "looks to be behind" and will only start shipping in March versus the 12-inch, which started shipping back in February.

Over the weekend, Bloomberg's Mark Gurman, chimed in with his two cents, suggesting that the new iPad Pro line-up is still on schedule to grace us with its presence "around the end of March or in April."

Hard to get hold of?

So, what does this all mean for you, if you're salivating at the thought of getting your hands on the latest iPad? It looks like the launch and pre-orders will go ahead as scheduled in the coming weeks. But if you've set your sights on the more petite 11-inch iPad Pro, you might need to exercise a tad more patience, or perhaps consider cozying up to the larger, more readily available 12.9-inch model. You'll likely see wait times for the 11-inch model go a few weeks out from the expected time frame – just as they do when the newest iPhone deal arrives.

But fear not, once LG Display gets its gears grinding, Apple should be able to patch up these shortages and bolster the availability of the 11-inch model. It might just take a while before you can get hold of the device.

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