That delayed 11-inch iPad Pro? You might be waiting until April to get Apple’s latest iPads thanks to production delays

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Just in case we haven’t banged on about it enough, new OLED iPad Pro models are coming. Rumors suggest a major refresh, with new OLED panels headlining the changes. When launched, the new devices are set to be the best iPad. But things aren’t going as smoothly as any keen would-be-buyers might hope.

As we previously reported, the 11-inch model of the new iPad Proslineup is said to be delayed. This device has been facing production issues, namely due to Samsung Display lagging behind production and LG jumping in. All remains fine with the larger 12.9-inch model that’s expected as well. This comes courtesy of display analyst Ross Young, who put out an exclusive tweet for subscribers.

Now, Young reports that shipping for both models isn't expected until April now. This is due to the production delays with the 11-inch model, and might affect the larger iPad Pro, despite no production issues on that side. Why's that? Because it’s currently unclear if Apple will hold back the larger device so it ships at the same time as the smaller one.

Let’s be clear that this delay is only for shipping. As we reported earlier, we’re still expecting the new iPads to launch at the end of March. They'll debut alongside a new 12.9-inch iPad Air model as well, which is the first larger Air device.

Hard to get your hands on the 11-inch

For anyone desperate to get their hands on one of these new iPad Pros, this shipping delay is going to irk. Given Apple’s launch history, we reckon that they’ll ship the 12.9-inch device when it’s ready, and hold back the 11-inch model until there’s enough supply. The tech giant is no stranger to staggering pre-order dates, so that’s what we expect with the new iPad Pros.

The result? You’re going to have a hard time getting your hands on the 11-inch model. Even after the shipping delay, the new iPad Pro is going to be in short supply. Expect shipping times to fall back even further (weeks, perhaps), just like when the latest iPhone deal gets released.

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