iPhone 12 leak suggests the prototypes are nearly finished

Fake iPhone 12 concept
Fake iPhone 12 concept (Image credit: Rene Ritchie / iMore - iPhone 12 concept)

What you need to know

  • Jon Prosser says that the iPhone 12 is nearly finalized.
  • He's revealed several details about four purported models of iPhone.
  • They include stainless steel bodies, an A14 processor and 5G!

Jon Prosser says that Apple may have finalized the design for all of its iPhone 12 models, giving us a hint at what we might be able to expect when they arrive.

In a Tweet Prosser stated:

Prototyping for iPhone 12 devices is just about finalized!Final details line up pretty well with what Kuo said last year!Expect to see CAD renders of the devices within the next month or two from your favorite leakers!Now let's see if Apple can get them out by EOY!

His leak reveals four models of iPhone, two iPhone 12 models, and iPhone 12 Pro, and a 12 Pro Max.

The details according to his report are as follows:

iPhone 12 (5.4") * Codename: D52G * Aluminum Body * Smaller Notch * A14 and 5G * 2 Cameras

iPhone 12 (6.1") * * Codename: D53G * Aluminum Body * Smaller Notch * A14 and 5G * 2 Cameras

iPhone 12 Pro (6.1") ** Codename: D53P * Stainless Steel * Smaller Notch * A14 and 5G * 3 Cameras + LiDAR

iPhone 12 Pro Max (6.7") * Codename: D54P * Stainless Steel Body * Smaller Notch * A14 and 5G * 3 Cameras + LiDAR

If Prosser is on the money here (and he usually is) we can expect four new iPhone towards the end of this year. The two lower-end models will feature just two cameras and aluminum bodies, whilst the Pro version of the phone will be stainless steel, with 3 cameras and a LiDAR scanner, which debuted recently in the new iPad Pro.

This report corroborates with a leak on Twitter reportedly showing a leaked iPhone images with a smaller notch and a redesigned rear camera housing.

Last week, iMore reported that Jon Prosser's most up to date information for the iPhone SE launch has Apple tipped to announce a new phone on either April 14 or 15, with a release the following week.

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