iPhone 12 Pro LiDAR scannerSource: Daniel Bader / Android Central

What you need to know

  • The first iPhone 12 Pro Max reviews are arriving.
  • Everyone agrees – this thing is big.
  • The new camera improvements might not be worth dealing with the hugeness.

The first reviews of Apple's iPhone 12 Pro Max have started to arrive and, sure enough, that 6.7-inch screen is big. Very big.

The largest iPhone Apple has ever made, iPhone 12 Pro Max is a beast and that much we already expected. But with reviews saying that it might be too big, it could be too much iPhone for many pairs of hands.

Some people will be buying iPhone 12 Pro Max for the improved camera system but, worryingly, some reviews suggest that the larger sensor and stabilization magic might not be all that. MKBHD in particular wasn't a fan, something that I wouldn't have expected before today.

Ultimately, people will be buying iPhone 12 Pro Max for the supposedly better camera or huge screen. You can check out these video reviews and see for yourself – are those two things enough? Or in the case of that screen, too much?


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