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What you need to know

  • Apple's iPhone 12 suppliers are working to address the "tight supply" of the new device.
  • A new DigiTimes report says that iPhone makers are increasing overtime and recruiting more workers.
  • The report also notes that Apple and competitors are set to take more market share from Huawei in China, which is further driving demand.

A new report from DigiTimes says that Apple's main iPhone 12 suppliers are working overtime (literally) in order to keep up with demand.

From the report:

Apple's supply chain makers of the iPhone 12 lineup reportedly are taking measures to ramp up their output to help address the tight supply of the new iPhones in a number of markets, according to industry sources.

The report notes that delivery lead times in some countries is as long as four weeks. According to sources, this is in part due to " heavy bookings of related devices by telecom and channel operators."

Notably, Apple's main suppliers Foxconn and Pegatron, as well as Genius Electronic Optical are reportedly adding more overtime shifts for workers, as well as increasing recruitment to spur output. Component suppliers are also seeing increased demand. One report says GEO was ready to implement overtime in both November and December to try to keep up with demand.

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The report further notes that Apple, as well as Samsung, and other vendors, are set to benefit from a greater market share in China at the expense of Huawei, which is further driving demand.

The news follows an earlier report Tuesday stating that iPhone 12 Pro component demand is higher than that of the iPhone 11 lineup.

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