iPhone StorageSource: iMore

What you need to know

  • Apple is reportedly prototyping phones with 1TB of storage.
  • That comes after a rumor last year there might be a 1TB option in 2021.

A new report from serial Apple leaker Jon Prosser seems to confirm previous rumors we could get a 1TB storage option in iPhone 13.

In the most recent episode of Front Page Tech Prosser noted a tweet of his from October 27 stating "hope y'all are ready for 1TB iPhones".

Now Prosser says that most iPhone 13 prototypes do feature 1TB of storage for the 'Pro' models.

Prosser noted that Apple would reserver the larger storage option for the iPhone 13 'Pro' given the increased cost and the fact that lower storage in its more popular phones would push people to rely on paid services like iCloud.

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Another revelation, a source appears to have indicated to Prosser that the iPhone's notch might not be changing the way we first thought, with one CAD file reportedly showing a "shorter" rather than a "narrower" notch, suggesting that Apple's iPhone 13 could reduce the notch in a different way to previously expected.

Recent revelations have confirmed several expected features for iPhone 13, including the news it probably won't be called iPhone 13. From a previous report:

A new report from Apple leaker Jon Prosser states that this year's rumored iPhone 13 will actually be called the 'iPhone 12S', and that Apple may never release an iPhone 13 because of the "negative connotations" surrounding the number.

In the latest episode of Front Page Tech, Prosser noted a slew of iPhone rumors that dropped over the past few days.

Bloomberg's Mark Gurman stated on Friday, January 15, that Apple "isn't planning major changes" to this year's iPhone lineup, and that engineers internally consider the 2021 iPhone to be an 'S' upgrade.... Prosser said that the only "major" updates coming to the 2021 iPhone were a smaller notch, 120Hz, and an under-display fingerprint scanner for Touch ID. He also stated he was told the next iPhone would be called the 'iPhone 12S'.