iPhone 13 much less likely to lure Android users, survey reveals

Iphone 13 Bronze
Iphone 13 Bronze (Image credit: EverythingApplePro)

What you need to know

  • SellCell has conducted an iPhone 13 survey amongst Android users.
  • 18.3% say they're tempted by the next Apple flagship.
  • That's down 14.8% compared to the iPhone 12.

A new survey from SellCell says that around 18% of Android users might be tempted by the iPhone 13, which is much less than were reportedly considering the iPhone 12 a year ago.

SellCell ran a survey of 5,000 Android users in the U.S. aged 18 years and older and found the following:

18.3% of Android users would consider switching to iPhone 13 after it is released, down 14.8% compared to a similar purchase intent survey from a year ago.

That's a pretty big drop on a year ago, so SellCell dug deeper. Respondents were most enticed by the iPhone 13 Pro Max (39.8%), then the standard iPhone 13, (36.1%), then the iPhone 13 Pro, and then finally the iPhone mini. When it comes to reasons for switching, more than half cited longer software support, 24% said Apple's ecosystem integration, 11% said better privacy protection, and 5.2% said better prices. However, there were also some offputting factors too:

'Lack of fingerprint scanner on iPhones' (31.9%), 'limited customizability in iOS' (16.7%), 'restrictions on sideloading apps in iOS' (12.8%), 'Android phones have better hardware than iPhones' (12.1%), and 'intrusive iCloud photo scanning' (10.4%) were among the biggest deal-breakers, according to Android users not interested in iPhone 13.

A survey at the start of the month by the same group revealed that some 44% of iPhone 12 users plan to upgrade to iPhone 13, set to be Apple's best iPhone in recent years. Apple is expected to unveil its new flagship device at a virtual event in September.

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