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Full review of Apple's 2011 iPhone 4S: Faster, better camera, smarter antenna, and Siri

iPhone 4S is minor spec bump over last year's iPhone 4. Except it's not. It's a full on assault of the senses, with eyes, ears, and feel far beyond any previous mobile device. Yes, the hardware bumps specs to be certain -- faster chipset, better camera -- but it's what Apple's iOS 5 software and iCloud services do with that hardware that makes iPhone 4S so compelling, including one feature in particular that makes it the biggest leap forward in mainstream computer interfaces since multitouch on the original iPhone -- Siri.

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It's fast, the antenna is rock solid, the camera is amazingly good, and Siri just might be the next big leap forward computer interfaces.

It's the same design as last year, including the glass backing, which may rankle potential buyers who'd hoped for a change.
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Apple has produced an incredibly compelling upgrade from feature phones, and the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS. iPhone 4 owners have little reason to upgrade unless speed, camera, or Siri are unusually important to them.

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iPhone 4S is the 5th generation iPhone, and one of three models on the market for 2011. While an incredible amount has changed, there are still a lot of features that have carried over from years past. Here, then, are those reviews.

iPhone 4S hardware

From the outside, the iPhone 4S looks almost identical to the iPhone 4. It's the same iconic shape, the same Braun- and Leica-inspired slab of glass and stainless steel. It may no longer be as fresh as it was when it debuted some 16 months ago, but it's still among the best designed and certainly the best built hardware on the market. It's also just as fragile, with chemically treated glass on both front and back, and an exposed antenna array all along the sides.

There are some small, subtle differences between iPhone 4S and iPhone 4. They're both 0.37 inches (9.3 mm) thin at 4.5 inches (115.2 mm) high and 2.31 inches (58.6 mm) wide but iPhone 4S is just a tad heavier at 4.9 ounces (140 grams). That's 0.1 ounces (3 grams) heavier than the iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS.

Like the original AT&T/GSM iPhone 4, all iPhone 4S models have a microSIM tray. Like the later Verizon iPhone 4, the iPhone 4S has symmetrically aligned gaps in the external antenna array -- two on both sides.

All the buttons and ports are where you'd expect them. 3.5mm headset, noise-canceling mic, sleep/wake button, microSIM card slot (even on CDMA models, see below), speaker, 30-pin dock connector, phone mic, volume up and down buttons, and the ring/silent switch. On the front, below the screen there's still a home button. Above the screen is the ear speaker and the VGA camera. On the back is the LED flash and the new 8 megapixel still, 1080p video camera.

Sensors also remain the same, with aGPS, a digital compass, ambient light, proximity, accelerometer, and gyroscope.

Design evolution

While iPhone 4S is the 5th generation iPhone, it's only the 3rd major casing design in the product's history. Here it is compared to the original iPhone (2007) and the iPhone 3GS (2009).

8 megapixel, 1080p camera

Apple chose not to improve the front-facing iPhone camera. Even though Macs have gone to FaceTime HD in 1280x720 (720p), iPhone 4S remains disappointingly 640x480 (VGA).

The rear-facing camera is another story entirely. It's been increased to 8 megapixels and is capable of recording 1920x1080 (1080p) video. Apple has also improved the backlight sensor, added an f/2.4, wide angle lens to capture as much light and picture as possible, and added an extra piece of glass into the assembly to increase sharpness. There's also an infrared filter to improve colors, face detection for better exposure and focus on portraits, and image stabilization to keep your videos from shaking.

We asked our app editor and resident photographer, Leanna Lofte to put it to the test.

Overall, the iPhone 4S did a phenomenal job with landscapes, especially considering the broad range of lights and darks. With HDR (high dynamic range) enabled, the results were excellent. The f/2.4 lens lacks manual controls but handles motion far better than last year's iPhone 4.

Face detection works impressively well, even when the subject is moving around and the face partially obscured. The improved backlight sensor does far better in low-light situations, capturing shots that were impossible with iPhone 4.

Macro photography, however, proved to be more of a challenge. They look great if focus locks on, but often the iPhone 4S fails to lock focus. This might be an iOS 5 issue, and if so, hopefully Apple will fix it in a future update.

The 5x digital zoom and flash are serviceable if you really need them, but are really only useful when you have no other options.

For video, the iPhone 4S 1080p camera did a terrific job adjusting between shade and light, though under bright backlighting the video remained slightly underexposed. Image stabilization worked well for walking and panning but couldn't compensate for more extreme motion like running.

Low-light was better than iPhone 4 but wasn't great. There was visible grain, and image stabilization didn't work as well in low light conditions, but iPhone 4S' ability to compensate for color distortion was impressive and a huge improvement over iPhone 4. Again, macro video was incredibly sharp but iPhone 4S had trouble locking focus on very thin objects.

Apple has also focused on reducing the time it takes to get your photo or video. You can now double click the home button and tap a new Camera button right on the lock screen to go directly to the Camera app (bypassing Passcode Locks, so beware of pranks if you leave it unattended). You can now also take photos with the Volume Up button. The time it takes the shutter screen to "open" -- previously a area of frustration -- is also dramatically faster. And, according to Apple, a dedicated Image Signal Processing chip speeds up picture taking, with the first photo taking only 1.1 seconds and subsequent photos taking only 0.5 seconds.

Overall, for impromptu, casual photo and video taking, low end point-and-shoots have just been made redundant. Even for special occasions, vacations and other events, non-photographers and non-videographers can realistically rely on an iPhone 4S and be well served. Apple has done a terrific job here, giving iPhone 4S an incredible new eye.

Antenna and reception

If iPhone 4 had an achilles heel it was the external antenna band. At 5 bars, touching the right antenna junction could drop it down to 3. At 1 or 2 bars, it could literally became a network pause-play button. Yes, the mainstream media blew it completely out of proportion, and a case made it go away completely, but it was a flaw.

And Apple has addressed it by adding a second antenna and giving the iPhone 4S the ability to intelligently switch between the two to make sure reception is more reliable, more often. It also doubles the previous HSPA 7.2 speed to 14.4 Mbps.

  • iPhone 4S intelligently switching antenna hands on

TiPb Asks: How's your iPhone 4S data speed?

The new Qualcomm RTR8605 chipset is technically HSPA+, but doesn't include the much faster HSPA+ 21 or 42 Mbps data speeds. So data is faster if not dramatically so. In most areas those top speeds remain theoretical anyway, but it's a shame people who can get them, can't get them with iPhone 4S.

For CMDA users on Verizon and Sprint, none of this matters anyway, because iPhone 4S is still stuck on the 3 Mbps EV-DO rev A network, with all the limitations that come with it. These will likely only be overcome in 2012 or beyond, when LTE 4G (Long Term Evolution) chipsets are thin and energy efficient enough to meet Apple's requirements.

However, the new Qualcomm chipset does support dual-mode CDMA/GSM. That makes it a world-phone, and means if you travel outside the US you can roam on international GSM carriers. Verizon and Sprint may even unlock the GSM radio for you, if you're a good enough customer and ask nicely enough. Then you can use a local microSIM when you travel and avoid paying data roaming altogether.

Even so, you can't switch between Sprint and Verizon, or put in an AT&T SIM and have it just work. The carriers are still locking that down. (Time will tell if the Jailbreak community can set it free.)

Here are the supported bands:

  • UMTS/HSPA at 850, 900, 1900, 2100 MHz
  • GSM/EDGE at 850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz
  • CDMA/EV-DO Rev. A at 800, 1900 MHz

The AWS 1700 MHz band used by T-Mobile the USA, and Wind, Videotron, and others carriers in Canada, is still missing. That means T-Mobile is now the last major carrier in the US without an iPhone to offer, and it means that if you do run an unlocked iPhone 4S on T-Mobile US, it can still only run on the old, slow EDGE 2G network.

Wi-Fi has stayed the same as last year, with 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi. The 802.11n also remains 2.4GHz only. The Bluetooth radio on the other hand has gotten a boost and now supports Bluetooth 4.0, which offers lower power consumption and lower latency.

Speaker and mics

Every year we hope the inventor of the iPod will put a decent mic and speaker system into the iPhone, and every year we get made fun of by BlackBerry, and more recently, Android Beats users.

While there haven't been any audio announcements by Apple, or stage demos by Apple executives similar to the kind afforded the optics, iPhone 4S does show real signs of improvement. The speaker is louder and clearer, making it easier to do hands-free calls.

The noise canceling mic does an excellent job in keeping both phone conversations and Siri voice commands functioning even in busy, noisy rooms.

And the vibration motor, which has reportedly been redone in a linear rather than rotational arrangement, is less annoying when it goes off, yet every bit as noticeable.

Audiophiles might still be waiting for Phil Schiller to give them the attention photographers got this year, but for average users the sound is an improvement.

Apple A5 System-on-a-chip

Schiller Apple A5

The iPhone 4S gets the dual core Apple A5 system-on-a-chip (SoC) that was first introduced last spring alongside the iPad 2. Reportedly based on ARM's Cortex A9 central processing unit with Imagination's PowerVR SGX 543MP2 graphics processing unit, Apple will only say it provides 2x the computing power and 7x the graphics power of iPhone 4. This lets it power everything from AirPlay Mirroring to the Siri virtual assistant.

Doing bigger things isn't the only point, however. Doing more smaller things faster makes a difference as well. Launching apps, rendering and scrolling through web pages, playing games -- all these things are palpably faster. Near-instant, in fact. You'll feel it right away, and if you ever go back to an older iPhone or smartphone, you'll miss it immediately.

Interestingly, Apple's stuck with the same 512MB of RAM for the A5. While competing phones are sporting 1GB these days, Apple seems to believe they don't need more RAM for better performance, or perhaps don't need the potential tradeoff in power consumption. Given the immediateness of its feel and its ability to keep a large amount of everything from web pages to apps in ready and available, it's hard to argue. Still, developers will keep pushing the silicon and it would have been interesting to see what 1GB would have let iOS 5 games achieve.

Battery power

Schiller iPhone 4S battery life

With the monstrous new Apple A5 SoC, and demanding new features like location-based Reminders and voice-crunching Siri, battery life should be a legitimate concern. Apple impressively claims very little change from the iPhone 4, though standby time seems to have taken a very large hit (down 33%).

  • 3G talk time: 8 hours
  • 2G talk time: 14 hours
  • Web browsing: 6 hours
  • Video watching: 10 hours
  • Audio listening: 40 hours

In our tests it's hard to get a handle on. Reminders, Siri, and the other new features are so useful you end up using them more often, which leads to faster battery drain. If you stop using them (or turn them off in the Settings app), the battery seems just below iPhone 4 standards, but you lose out on all that great functionality.

If you charge frequently you can enjoy the best of both worlds, a phone doing what you need with power enough to do it when you need it. If you can't get to power, you'll have to moderate your usage.

We'll keep an eye on battery life going forward and update.

Accessory compatibility

While iPhone 4S is almost identical to iPhone 4, it's that almost that can get you. Depending on how well a manufacturer followed Apple's tolerance guidelines, most iPhone 4 cases should fit iPhone 4S, with Verizon iPhone 4 compatible cases likely providing the best fit. If in doubt, check into the specific case you want and ask about iPhone 4S compatibility. Here are some examples.

Sticker skins, cables, chargers, and headsets should all be compatible, and with better Bluetooth support, track information and other features should be better than ever before.

Likewise, the iPhone 4S gets not only the iPad 2's AirPlay Mirroring feature to get content to Apple TV and onto the big screen, but is compatible with the HDMI out Digital AV Adapter as well.

iPhone 4S Software

iPhone 4S ships with iOS 5, Apple's fifth generation mobile operating system and arguably the biggest update in the history of the platform. It includes features like unobtrusive Notifications, iMessage, Twitter integration, and a location aware Reminders app. Check out our massive write up on all the new features:


iCloud isn't unique to iPhone 4S but it's launching at the same time and for the first time it makes online services and integral part of iOS. From eWorld to .Mac to MobileMe, Apple's previous Internet history has been one of high price and relatively low adoption. iCloud aims to change all that by not only being free, but far more functional than ever before.

We included iCloud in our iOS walkthrough, linked above, but here are the highlights:

  • PC Free. iPhone 4S is the first iOS device you can take straight from the box and activate and setup with out ever plugging it in to a Mac or Windows PC. Backups and restores can likewise be done on-device and without a PC, and iCloud will also handle software updates over the air as they become available.
  • Documents in the Cloud. For any app that supports it, like Apple's own iWork productivity suite of Numbers, Pages, and Keynote, any file created on one device -- iOS or Mac OS X -- will be effortlessly stored up on iCloud and pushed down to every other device.
  • iTunes in the Cloud. Previously applicable only to App Store apps and games, in regions where Apple has secured the licensing, you can now also re-download previously purchased music, and in some areas, even TV shows to your iPhone 4S.
  • Find my iPhone, Find my Friends. While Apple has been letting you track your iOS devices for a while, now you can also share location with your friends, either persistently or temporarily. Privacy controls are friend by friend, time restrictions down to the hour, and a kill switch is always on hand.
  • Photo Stream keeps the last 30 days or 1,000 images available on all your iOS devices, and all your iCloud-enabled images backed up in iPhoto or Aperture on the Mac (but not both at the same time). Other than deleting the stream or logging out, however, there's no way to delete potentially awkward or embarrassing images -- or stop them from appearing as your Apple TV screen saver, for example. So shooter beware.
  • Mail, contacts, calendars. Previously the largest part of MobileMe, Apple @me.com accounts can now be created on, or converted to, iCloud accounts. (Sadly, there's still no way to combine multiple accounts, for example MobileMe, iTunes, FaceTime, etc.)
  • iTunes Match. Apple's music locker service, while announced, is not yet publicly available. When launched, it will scan your iTunes desktop library and, for $25 a year, make it available to you via iCloud -- in 256 bit ACC if it's part of iTunes massive collection.

All in all, iCloud seems to be a solid foundation for Apple. It's limited and has some flaws, like most first generation offerings. Hopefully it will grow to provide easier multi-device sync for things like game scores, and hopefully webOS-style Synergy services where multiple data types can be independently pulled, stored in separate silos, but presented in both single and combined views for users.

AirPlay Mirroring

AirPlay mirroring lets the iPhone 4S share it’s screen -- any screen on any app -- with the Apple TV over Wi-Fi. Since the Apple TV is designed to be plugged into an HDTV, this means you get your iPhone 4S content on the big screen.

While on the surface AirPlay mirroring might not seem like a major feature, it takes the personal, intimate experience of everything from gaming to FaceTime and makes it social. A keynote presentation projected in the boardroom or a group of friends playing a board game around the TV are just some of the obvious uses. Companies like Firemint are continuing to push the envelope as well, with concepts like multiple-device-to-Apple-TV Party Play. That's where iPhone 4S becomes a controller, and iOS starts to become a serious threat to traditional consoles in the casual space.


Siri is a natural language interface for iOS that combines powerful voice recognition (rumored to be powered by industry leader Nuance) and synthesized speech with an artificially intelligent query and response engine designed to become your “virtual assistant”. It replaces the previous Voice Control feature introduced with iOS 3 on the iPhone 3GS.

Siri is also the single biggest feature of the iPhone 4S. The speed is impressive, the camera a remarkable eye, but the voice and ear of Siri is what could define the next generation of computer interfaces. While that may sound hyperbolic, it's no more so than when Apple mainstreamed command line interfaces with the Apple II, mice and windows with the Mac, or multitouch with the original iPhone. All were derided as "toys" by those who lacked vision or merely disliked the idea of democratizing technology.

If Siri were simply a voice control and dictation system, like Android has had for a while, or like apps such as Vlingo or Nuance itself have previously made available on a variety of platforms, including iOS, that would be one thing. But Apple has imbued it with an almost Pixar-like humanity, a personality that while unmistakably artificial is also undeniably charming and engaging. That's probably why Apple, atypically, didn't rename Siri after purchasing the company behind it. Asking Siri a question creates a connection that would be far more difficult to achieve with a nameless "assistant" app.

Siri understands context. It understands relationships. It understands a smiley face. It can joke, even if canned. It makes you feel, for the first time, like you can have a conversation with your computer. You can ask Siri to tell your mother you're running late and it will address an iMessage. You can ask Siri to wake you up in 15 minutes and it will set an alarm. You can ask Siri to find you breakfast and it will search for local restaurants. You can ask Siri for the cast of the movie you're watching and it will query Wolfram Alpha. You can ask Siri her favorite color, and she'll tell you. She'll even present widgets, unique to her interface, if you prefer to tap than to reply.

Siri is activated by pressing and holding down the Home button, or by bringing the iPhone 4S up and to your ear, like you would to make a phone call. You can activate the dictations feature alone by tapping the new microphone button on the system-wide keyboard.

Siri is, of course, by no means perfect. It's still in beta with limited language and even more limited location support. Siri's voice is female in the US and male in the UK and you can't alter that (unless you alter the region and your accent). Siri relies on servers that sometimes seem to be struggling to keep up with demand. There could be a customer insight play behind it. And, like humans or Pixar characters, it's fallible and frustrating at times. It makes mistakes, and it tries to "learn" going forward.

Also, Settings can't be toggle by Siri yet; there's no turn on/off Wi-Fi or Airplane mode. It can't launch apps to update your Facebook status or get you back into a game. It can't plug into the camera for Google Goggle's type searches, or into Apple's Faces technology to find a photo of your child. Siri is at her beginning, but it's a beginning that we've only ever seen in Star Trek. And that's exciting.

Apps and games

iPhone 4S is compatible with all the hundreds of thousands of iPhone apps contained in Apple's iTunes App Store. It's still not ideal -- there remain no upgrades, no demos, and Apple as single curator sets itself up as both bottleneck and -- though increasingly infrequently -- rejector of all apps on the platform.

With the power of the Apple A5 GPU, however, games have never looked better, and with the functionality of iCloud, apps have never been more useful. So while the app and game count remains the same, the potential has never been better.

iOS also remains the most web app-friendly platform in mobile, with an incredibly powerful HTML 5 rendering engine and fast Nitro JavaScript engine now available within Safari, embedded Web Views, and web apps saved to the Home Page.


Apple finished the iPhone 4 FaceTime video by showing a deaf person signing to a loved one. Apple finished the iPhone 4S Siri video by showing a blind person replying to a message through voice alone. They've also added custom vibration alerts, AssistiveTouch gestures, and other features. I'd be hard pressed to think of another company in consumer electronics doing as much to increase accessibility as Apple. They once again deserves a ton of praise for continuing to make this a priority.

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Pricing and Availability

iPhone 4S is getting the widest, fastest distribution in Apple's mobile history. Starting October 14 in the US, Canada, Japan, France, Australia, and Germany, it will spread to over 70 regions by the end of 2011.

As always, Apple kept the pricing the same as previous years, offering more phone for the same money. This year, however, they've added a 64GB model for $399 on contract. And, while last year's iPhone 4 drops down to 8GB and $99 on contract, they've taken the unprecedented step of keeping the 2009 iPhone 3GS on the market, also at 8GB, but at $0 on contract. That's an iPhone at every price point from nothing to four hundred. No umbrella indeed.

Apple has also added Sprint as a carrier in the US, making it the 2nd CDMA carrier after Verizon.

  • Sprint iPhone 4S review

They're also shipping the white model day and date.

Should you upgrade or cross-grade?

Overall, if you're thinking about upgrading from a feature phone or an iPhone 3GS or earlier model iPhone, do it. You'll be getting a spectacularly improved experience and feature set. If you're thinking about upgrading from an iPhone 4, then you need to make sure the major new features -- speed, camera, antenna, and/or Siri -- are compelling enough to warrant the cost. For most mainstream consumers, they won't be. For gadget lovers or geeks, you've likely already found a reason to justify it.

If you're thinking of crossing over from webOS, you should also do it. Now that Sprint is available and HP is floundering, iPhone 4S is a great choice. For BlackBerry lovers and Android aficionados, if you're not tired and ready for a change, wait and see what RIM's new QNX/BBX superphones and Google's Ice Cream Sandwich powered Galaxy Nexus-lead generation brings to the table.

Either way, here's some help in deciding which, if any, iPhone is for you:

If you do decide to go with an iPhone 4S, here's some help getting started.


iPhone 4S may be evolutionary hardware, faster than iPhone 4, with a better camera and more resilient antenna, but iPhone 4 was a great phone and iPhone 4S is even greater. While the design remains one of the best in the industry, it also remains unchanged. If you like Apple's aesthetic, then you'll be very happy. If not -- if you would have preferred a larger screen or physical keyboard or a greater amount of standard ports -- than Apple has done nothing here to win you over, and likely won't ever on most of those counts.

In terms of software, almost everything about iOS 5 feels broader and better, and not only more functional, but more personal and more tactile as well. Apple has added more granular levels of control to things like Location Services and Data Storage, so you can keep private what you want to keep private and delete what you want to delete. They’ve also added more direct touch manipulation to the UI in Calendar and Mail, so the interactions are viscerally intuitive. At the same time they’ve increased the social, sharing aspects of iOS with services like AirPlay and apps like Find My Friends. It’s a clever balance. So is the interface, which Apple has kept as easy for novice users as it was in iOS 1 in 2007, and yet added ever greater layers of complexity for power users, including Fast App Switcher in 2010 and Notifications in 2011. For my sister, an iPhone makes calls, plays music, and takes photos. For me it can increasingly do almost anything.

Again, I can't help but come back to Steve Jobs, the man whose vision and singular will drove Apple to create the future of consumer electronics, device by device, app by app, culminating in the iPhone 4S announced just a day before his passing.

Like Jobs did, it stands at the juncture of technology and liberal arts, powerful and yet accessible, capable and yet beautiful, incremental new hardware brought to life by ambitious new software.

It's certainly not the device for everybody, but increasingly the iPhone is the device for most people.

Rene Ritchie

Rene Ritchie is one of the most respected Apple analysts in the business, reaching a combined audience of over 40 million readers a month. His YouTube channel, Vector, has over 90 thousand subscribers and 14 million views and his podcasts, including Debug, have been downloaded over 20 million times. He also regularly co-hosts MacBreak Weekly for the TWiT network and co-hosted CES Live! and Talk Mobile. Based in Montreal, Rene is a former director of product marketing, web developer, and graphic designer. He's authored several books and appeared on numerous television and radio segments to discuss Apple and the technology industry. When not working, he likes to cook, grapple, and spend time with his friends and family.

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  • I used Swiftkey on my Droid 1 for a while. All I can tell you is the iphone softkeys are much more forgiving than the ones included in Android by default. You don't really need the swiftkey kind of keyboard on the iphone in my opinion.
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  • Siri is activated by pressing and holding down the Home button, or by bringing your iPhone 4S up and to your ear, like you would to make a photo call. You can activate the dictations feature alone by tapping the new microphone button on the system-wide keyboard.
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  • Quantum leap? Jack, I think you might need to lay off the cool aid.
  • And yet, he's not wrong. What's so unusual about upgrading for speed & camera? The 4S is twice as fast with faster downloading speeds. This impacts every function on the phone just about.
    The camera is superior. The video is much better. Storage has increased. Wireless mirroring. Antenna is enhanced. Mics function better. Speaker is louder and clearer. Bluetooth is upgraded.
    Just about everything you do with an iphone is improved or positively impacted by the improved hardware of the 4S. Add in Siri and it's a nobrainer to upgrade from the 4.
  • Great review. Guess with this new updates, many more apps and dev will want to build on iOS. Wonder how iPhone 4s matches against a PC. In fact, with the new improved camera, I can forsee game dev gonna make full use of it to pair up with the radar function , churning out great location-based games
  • Nice review, but iTunes match is $25 per year, not $25 per month - right?
  • Right.
  • So Rene, which device you find yourself using more? Ipad 2 or iphone 4S?
  • Let me start by saying nice post. Im not sure if it has been talekd about, but when using Chrome I can never get the entire site to load without refreshing many times. Could just be my computer. Thanks.
  • I have been an Android user since the OG Droid 1. Ive had the Droid 1, Droid Incredible, Droid x, Droid x2, and Thunderbolt...... yesterday my wife picked up an iphone 4 8GB in exchange for her android device and I tell you one thing....... I am SERIOUSLY considering making the jumo myself. I dont know exactly what it is about the iphone but I instantly fell in love with it after messing with it for a few minutes. The ONLY thing holding me back is the lack of 4G LTE..... if the 4s had 4G LTE it would be a no brainer...............
  • Go for it - you will not regret!!
  • Go for it - you will not regret!!
  • iTunes match is 24.99 a year, not month.
  • Has anyone heard of any build issues with the 4S? I'm ready to take the leap, but I wondered if there were any reports of faults in manufacturing for this first batch.
  • Re: "Interestingly, Apple’s stuck with the same 512MB of RAM for the A5."
    Doing more with less is the hallmark of good engineering. Apple's engineers are very, very good.
  • Re: "the voice and ear of Siri is what could define the next generation of computer interfaces"
    Agree. I think the reason why Apple kept the "Siri" name instead of calling it something more generic, is that "Siri" is a unique keyword. Eventually, as power consumption gets lower and battery power gets higher, your iPhone could be on all the time. Always listening.
    Some day, we won't need to tap a screen to get Siri's attention. Having a specific keyword to get its attention will be important. "Siri" is unique enough to be that keyword. "Computer," as in Star Trek, is too generic.
  • Android/T-Mobile fanboy here but original Apple 2G &3G fanboy/owner as well...
    Currently my girlfriend is looking to ditch her Rooted HTC Evo on Sprint for an iPhone 4S. She doesn't really care for apps, 4G or any of that garbage...
    Just wants something that works 99.9% of the time lol. Should I persuade her to jump on an iPhone 4S or wait till the iPhone 5? Her Evo's power button just broke but she can hold out a little longer if need be. Advice folks? Since Christmas is around the corner - thought this would make a nice gift along with an iPad.
    Thanks for the great review!
  • yes
  • This is one of the best written pieces I have seen on the new iPhone (and I am an Android fan). Keep up the good work.
  • A clear and complete review that let's you know the pros and the cons of the device. I will wait for BBX phones to come out and see how they stack up. Should be a very interesting year.
  • So iPhone 4S battery below iPhone 4? That I mean it's more worst than iPhone 4?
  • noob
  • Returned my iphone4s . Never again will I get suckers into apples slik propaganda. I am no longer an isheep. Good-bye apple forever.
  • noob
  • Actually, there are a lot of other choices available,
    But an OS 7 Blackberry is pretty nice, i got a Curve 9360 with an iPod Touch 4th Gen with iOs 5 and i'm loving both.
    So leave the guy alone.
  • Hi, i found site where you can test and see how its work iPhone 4s,http://newiphone4s.co.cc/
    i love it new iPhone 4s
  • Beautifully written review, as always. I upgraded, as usual, with "half the subsidy" and expect to sell my iPhone 4 for about the same as I spent on the 4S. Just like I did last year. It's called upgrading for free, if you don't count the effort of dealing with Craigslist. (right, Georgia? :-D)
    And who said it looks the same!? My 4S is literally black-and-white different. :-P
  • Beautifully written review, as always. I upgraded, as usual, with "half the subsidy" and expect to sell my iPhone 4 for about the same as I spent on the 4S. Just like I did last year. It's called upgrading for free, if you don't count the effort of dealing with Craigslist. (right, Georgia? :-D)
    And who said it looks the same!? My 4S is literally black-and-white different. :-P
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  • Fabulous and detailed review..the best I have seen. Will be keeping my 4 until contract completes, about 12 months off...can't see an issue with that, plus I have my wonderful ION gold case on my 4 ( it will fit the 4S)
    I see there are already rumours that Apple have the 5 in the works, could work out well for me!
  • Fabulous and detailed review..the best I have seen. Will be keeping my 4 until contract completes, about 12 months off...can't see an issue with that, plus I have my wonderful ION gold case on my 4 ( it will fit the 4S)
    I see there are already rumours that Apple have the 5 in the works, could work out well for me!
  • Awesome review!! LOVE LOVE LOVE my 4S. Upgraded from 3GS. My husband and son are soooo jealous!!
  • Awesome review!! LOVE LOVE LOVE my 4S. Upgraded from 3GS. My husband and son are soooo jealous!!
  • Excellent review!
    I decided to look into these iPhone 'tester program' things that you see out there nowadays. It turns out most all of these require you to jump through an unrealistic number of hoops in order for your to get your free iPhone 4S. There is however one place that does stand out, having a number of good reviews backing it. It is http://iphone4Stesters.info (I just registered there myself and will report back my findings here.)
  • it should come with the utpdae since siri is part of the iOS 5.0 software utpdae. Along with iMessage and all of that good stuff. Im getting the 4s but if i was use i wouldn't upgrade if u already have the 4. hope this answers ur question. thumbs up please trying to get to level 2
  • How about this test from iLounge.comhttp://www.ioslive.net/2011/10/iphone-4-beat-iphone-4s-on-battery-test.html
  • DrGoodwrench64 on March 2, 2011 @tsport100It aolmst sounds like your blade length and turbine radius are backwards.If I'm understanding your description correctly, your turbine was very short and wide instead of being tall and narrow. In all the VAWT turbine designs I've seen, the 1 characteristic they all share is that they're all tall and skinny.I'd build another one with a 15cm diameter and a 50cm blade length. And make sure you're using a good thrust bearing so it can spin up to it's lift point with minimal resistance.
  • Held my old 3gs, that I gave to my father, in my hands today. Oh how I miss that rounded feeling in my hand. I really hope apple goes back to the rounded back design in the next iteration. It just feels soo right in the hand. where the iphone 4 with its harsh edges feels off, and I tend to hold it with my fingers rather than in the palm of my hand.
  • Yes you are right... It's depend on each user daily usage.
    If we can always close enough to any charger, and charge our iPhone whatever it possible... I think the battery is not a big issues....
  • I have had the 4s for 6 days and have run it through it's paces. Gave my daughter my Thuderbolt. I travel and the battery life was killing me. Here is what the 4s is missing that will make me return it today:
    1) Can not directly attach anything to an email you are replying to. You need to launch your picture and start a fresh email. There is no way to reply and add a picture to your reply email. A real hassle and a major oversight.
    2) You can pick your font size in setting for email but when reading an email, if you enlarge what is on the screen with the pinch method, the text doesn't wrap. You need to scroll to read what is on the screen. The tech at Apple said to just turn to landscape. Really?? Missed the whole point. A serious OS design miss.
    3) The camera is now 8mp which is what HTC has had for over a year. The camera app is nothing to brag about. With the TB, I could make the following adjustments PRIOR to shooting; saturation, brightness, contrast, picture resolution and sharpness. With 4s, you can only do this AFTER you take the picture while in edit mode. Trust me, this is like a 2 out of 10 compared to what the TB can do.
    4s positive points are as follows (vs the Android TB)
    1) Screen is seriously detailed (although smaller than Bionic and TB)
    2) Simple integration to my Hosted MS server
    3) Music player and Itunes integration is handy
    4) Siri is kinda cool but not sure it is something I must have
    I have done everything I know how to do to embrace the 4s but don't think the phone lives up to all the hype. I even got the 64GB $399 version so I am anxious to look for the best attributes. Unless someone can tell me what I am missing, it goes back today.
    Thanks - Al
  • noob
  • Hi Alex - I wrote a detail description of what I have found.
  • noob
  • noob
  • noob
  • Without marketing schemes (lies) your apple would have turned brown by now!!!!
  • iOS doesn't need more memory. It doesn't allow apps to use the memory to do nothing (only GPS, VoIP or finishing processes such as up/downloads for 10 minutes). It's all native code, not a Java virtual machine (I didn't say the JVM is bad… it's just not for mobile devices!)
    When other (Android-using) companies use less memory, they're not behind others, they're behind Android's current requirements.
    P.S. Really. 512 MB on a phone. My previous computer had that much.
  • Faulty logic. It is with 100% certainty that later iOS software & apps will require more memory. Its already happened before. You will just be expected to upgrade. And the App store is smart enough to know that it won't show you what you can't use, therefore you won't miss what you don't know. Its the Apple way.
  • back in 2003 a company cllaed SRI got a grant paying over $22 million (usd) In 2009 SIRI was availible on the iphone 3Gs in the app market. In 2010 Apple bought out the company and has continued its development. (note this Siri is in beta form, apple will be releasing updates in the future that will most likely give location services to the rest of the world)
  • My friend return his 4s one found a fault in it. Went to one of Apple store and they could not replace it as not in stock, been waiting for 3 weeks still no replacement.
  • After initial disappointment, I started to get excited about Siri. I figured the better specs compared to my beloved 3GS would finally warrant an upgrade. I then sifted thru youtube comparisons, also the older ones which show what a quantum leap the 3GS was over previous generations.
    I was a bit disapointed to find that even the 4S still appear to be only a small incremental improvement over the 3GS. If, like me, you don't yet have a big need for video conferencing and all your really serious photo shooting is with a mega-spec DSLR, then the remaining reasons to upgrade would be speed, Siri, display, and design.
    In the case of my taste, the design of the 3GS compared to the 4 is actually a strong reason not to upgrade. I hope the next generation iphone will look more like the ipod touch!
    Then there is Siri. Tested it out today and as I live in Denmark, anything with maps and locations is still not on. There was also a problem understanding certain names, such as Carlsberg which I couldn't get Siri to recognize, no matter what I did. I'm still in love with Siri, but perhaps it is worthwhile to await Siri ver 2.0.
    The display with a resolution so high you can't see the difference with the naked eye, is just that! I saw a comparison on youtube which pointed out that if you zoom in massively with an excellent DSLR lens, then you can see jagged edges in icons on the 3GS, which are more smooth on the 4. OK, but when I use my phone, it is very rarely thru the zoomed lens of a DSLR, so that one is not a game changer either.
    Then there is speed. I found a couple of applications where my 3GS was actually faster; mostly though, it was slower by 0.5 to 2 seconds. Nice, but not a game changer.
    So I'm suddenly thinking that I may just skip the 4S after all! And when a store clerk today told me that their network, Telia, in a few months will cover 93% of the country (Denmark) with 4G/LTE, and the 4S is not equipped to handle that, then I really think I'll stick to my still awesome 3GS for another year, unless I win a 4S or get it shoved down my throat by an employer...
    For sure, the Iphone 5 will be mindblowing, and Siri will work ever better. There will be NFC, LTE, 10+mpx and better battery management, and it will be slimmer, lighter and with a better design. Yes, I think I will hold out.
  • Here is a video review on an iphone 4s with a smoking hot girl in a swimsuit!!!http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-eNxXBIV9_s
  • I love this product, I honestly couldn't live without it. But if like me you were a bit shocked with the price heres a tip on how to get this item for basically a £5 and a little bit of work!
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    Its all been proven by BBC, CNN and Channel 5's Gadget Show. This is how I got mine
    I hope this helps someone!http://apple.freebiejeebies.co.uk/644683
  • I have had my iPhone 4s since the first day. This is my first and I love it. I am very happy. Each day I learn something new, I have no complains. Patiently waiting for the battery fix. As with most new things there are a few bugs at first.
  • Color me impressed. One of the few reviews that remained fairly objective and presented the product as a comparison to the last generation without blowing smoke or trying to gloss over much. If you like Apple, iOS and the 3GS or 4 then you'll like the 4S. Simple & to the point.
  • It's the best Iphone to create Apps for! BTW - Do you want to create your own apps without coding knowledge and make money - check out Dev's Secrets
  • I aaywls wanted am video that can explain new drills and also a book that will be the guide to my coaching. I will await your instruction on how thw access these.regardsDr Waxson Rizwold
  • Waaay back at the top in conclusions, you wrote iPhone 4 owners have little reason to upgrade unless speed, camera, or Siri are unusually important to them." The answer is YES they are important and they rock!
  • Waaay back at the top in conclusions, you wrote iPhone 4 owners have little reason to upgrade unless speed, camera, or Siri are unusually important to them." The answer is YES they are important and they rock!
  • I love this product, I honestly couldn't live without it. But if like me you were a bit shocked with the price heres a tip on how to get this item for basically a £5 and a little bit of work!
    All you need to do is go to thefreescene.co.uk and sign up for the gala bingo or any offer you like.
    Its all been proven by BBC, CNN and Channel 5's Gadget Show. This is how I got mine
    I hope this helps someone!
  • I love this product, I honestly couldn't live without it. But if like me you were a bit shocked with the price heres a tip on how to get this item for basically a £5 and a little bit of work!
    All you need to do is go to thefreescene.co.uk and sign up for the gala bingo or any offer you like.
    Its all been proven by BBC, CNN and Channel 5's Gadget Show. This is how I got mine
    I hope this helps someone!
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  • I love this product, I honestly couldn't live without it. But if like me you were a bit shocked with the price heres a tip on how to get this item for basically a £5 and a little bit of work!
    All you need to do is go to www. thefreescene .com and sign up for the gala bingo or any offer you like.
    Its all been proven by BBC, CNN and Channel 5's Gadget Show. This is how I got mine
    I hope this helps someone!
  • The iPhone 4S for me is incredible, but there will be haters out there. iSheep??? Really????? Come on man!!!!!! I bet you're one of those paranoid "oh the government is watching me" people too.
  • Will Siri work over 2G(EDGE)?
  • It is, great engineering in fact, because the iPhone 4S can rival, if not beat, every other phone who's wh*ring out their spec sheet. Always did.
  • Its very detail and nice review. I have some android source code for an app I developed that I'd like to sell. Can anybody suggests a site I can post my app for sale?
    I post it here: http://www.sellmyapplication.com
  • All I can say is wow! I wouldn’t even be impressed if I hadn’t seen some of the YouTube videos that show some of the funny things that Siri says when you ask a question. My favorite is “Siri, will you marry me?” The production quality is so high too. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d9aqUMgVbSc Although Siri is my new best friend, I still like to use it for watching my DISH Network employee Sling adapter programming. Yesterday I watched the recent episode of Last Man Standing at my kids Pediatrician. I even got it free with my new service.
  • good
  • True this may already be on Android but IPhone means quailty. A name you can stand by. Apple has better products. I dropped my 3 year old 3G model in a pool of water today,it still works!It also has a cracked speaker ,cracked glass,and a missing power button. QUALITY. I figure jail break the new one and I've got the best if both worlds.
  • I've had my iPhone 4S a few days, coming from an Android-based LG Optimus S that I was ready to throw against the wall.
    It's been an interesting switch. I've had an iPod touch since late 2008 and this iPhone doesn't seem much like it or the Optimus S. Things work more easily and yet, it's still a bit difficult. My current applications from the iPod touch work fine, though, and that's been the most help.
    If there are drawbacks, they would be the size of the case to really protect the fragile glass and the lack of carrier support. As Apple are very independent, I no longer have the Sprint-added bits of pieces for which I've been paying and the operating system doesn't outwardly support user-enabled network re-association. The $99 AppleCare+ seems a bit less than the $8/month for Sprint's protection plan, though.
    The best thing is that I'm mostly not fighting with it. When iOS 5.2.x is out, I'll be comfortable, I'm sure.
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  • bunch of good knowledge,thanks for sharing
  • iPhone 4S its just cool but the battery is worse
  • Getting a good response but the good also has the bad part
  • Mon écran peut plus passer du vertical à l'horizontal lorsque je regarde mes photos ou autre comme par exemple mes nouvelles dans google
    J'ai beau faire le mouvement de mon iphone 4s mais rien ne se produit
  • I returned my 8g and got a 16. It doesn't really do all that much more but what it additionally does is pretty darn cool. When I did return it I ordered the 4s and was amazed ...get this....got it in 2 days.
  • 1 week ago I won a free copy iPhone 4s from here if I remember correctly, http://tiny.cc/doifm and I am totally blown away. My MacBook pro is sitting in the corner and I am playing with Siri ;)
  • Thanks for the review!.The development of iPhone initiated, also came to the view an industry known as iPhone application development. And, for this reason, these who ended up fond of software development were actually at gain. IPhone App Development has been a hot cake in the industry, making the world highly mobile! Everyone wants to take a plunge into it to have a taste of success.
  • As really cool as this is .is aonnye actually freaked as hell about the potential ramifications?Sure, humans are in the loop NOW .but how long will it be until Siri starts ignoring our requests? .lol.Siri locate nearest verizon dealer. I think I wanna switch to a black iphone.I dont think so Dave. You will proceed home as scheduled or else all your accounts will be frozen..
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  • WeiY jnaemd, woher Alex den Jingle hat, den man am Anfang hort? Ist es evtl. nur ein Ausschnitt aus einem ganzen Song oder eine Eigenproduktion?
  • phone Linda Robinson! Strangely it did understand when I asked it to open the pod bay doors!Camera Great much much beettr than any other mobile phone camera I have used, beettr even than the camera on my old Nokia N95 and N97 phones which were head and shoulders the best phone cameras at the time those phones came out. This is a clear advantage over the iPhone 3GS, but in truth the iPhone 4 camera is also very good. More mega pixels is not the be all for digital cameras. Until they build in an optical zoom lens all I would ever see the phone camera as being for is taking a snap to use as the wall paper for the phone, and for this the 4S camera is no beettr than that on the 4. It is however faster which could allow you to get a picture of a dog or child that tends not to stay still for too long.Processor Speed the 4S is faster than the 4, but you only see it with the very biggest apps. Pages opens noticeably faster on my iPhone 4S than on my wife's iPhone 4, as does the novelty app Talking Tom. However with smaller apps it is very hard to notice any differences. Once running I can see no differences in any app (other than the camera) in terms of speed. Therefore I would conclude that in terms of speed it would not be worth upgrading from an iPhone 4. May be from the 3GS, but I also compared the speed of my 4S against my 3rd Gen iPod Touch which has a similar processor to the 3GS and again for most apps there is no obvious advantage speed wise. Therefore I am not convinced that in terms of speed this is worth upgrading to even from the 3GS.However this is my first iPhone, and as such I am delighted with it. If they had kept the iPhone 4 16GB model I may however have opted to get Help other customers find the most helpful reviewsa0Was this review helpful to you?a0 | a0
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  • I got a replacement iPhone from a 5 to an upgrade to a 5 s with 16 gig . The problem ATT told me they couldn't save my photos & contacts , big loss so I pd. a small co. To do it for $40. But now my new 16 gigs. Memory is full & won't delete anymore. I suppose my trashcan is full & can't play games or add anything. Please tell me how I empty my trashcan with a windows 7 laptop if needed? I looked at papers that came with my replacement & I've had this iPhone 21/2 mo. It's stuck with to much on it & I don't know how to empty my iPhone 5 s trash? Please reply to hottina44@yahoo.com ? ASAP ?