iPhone Bug: Keyboard typing the wrong key

This keyboard bug has the iPhone registering inaccurately the key you have tapped, leading to the wrong letter, number, or symbol showing up on screen. I am sure Steve Jobs is telling me that this is the key I really wanted (coughs) but none the less it is a pretty annoying problem.

To find out more about the issue stay with us after the break!

I have had the iPhone keyboard go through periods of registering the wrong keys a few times and each time it happens I get more annoyed. It is not that the key is giving you random letters, it is always the key that is to the left and diagonally above the key I would like to press.

The issue is easily enough fixed: leave the application and then return. It does not happen often, about every 40 keyboard uses or so. I can only assume that this is a software issue as I never had it happen before I upgraded to 4.1. This is also an issue that I had before I jailbroke (Chad, you can not blame the jailbreak for this bug).


  • Keyboard registers incorrect key
  • Happens intermittently, every 40 keyboard uses or so


  • Could be related to iOS 4.1 or later firmware


  • Leave application and return
  • Upgrade to 4.2.1 if you haven't already
  • If already on 4.2.1, wait for next update (sigh)

Have you ever had this issue and on which versi iOS? Also have you ever had this happen on your iPad?


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