iPhone OS 2.1 review

iPhone 2.1 (build 5F136) is an incremental point update to the much larger and more encompassing iPhone 2.0 software release we reviewed back in early July. Light on new functionality, it focuses instead on bug fixes, which given the many problems that accompanied the massive 2.0 rollout, is a Very Good Thing.

Like 2.0, this update is also available for the iPod Touch, but unlike its predecessor, the 2.1 update is FREE (if you already have 2.0 -- if you have 1.x, you'll still have to pony up the $10 premium.)

So, 4 betas, dropped features, somethings new, somethings fixed -- is iPhone 2.x Apple's Vista? Or is it finally the next generation firmware we've all been waiting for? Find out, after the break!

Release Notes

iPod Touch 2.1 debuted September 9, with iPhone 2.1 following on September 12. Apple, given their usual mono-syllabic release notes, was positively chatty this time:

iPhone version 2.1 contains many bug fixes and improvements, including the following:

  • decrease in call set-up failures and call drops
  • significantly improved battery life for most users
  • dramatically reduced time to backup to iTunes
  • improved email reliability, notably fetching email from POP and Exchange accounts
  • faster installation of 3rd party applications
  • fixed bugs causing hangs and crashes if you have lots of 3rd party applications
  • improved performance in text messaging
  • faster loading and searching of contacts
  • improved accuracy of the 3G signal strength display
  • repeat alert up to two additional times for incoming text messages
  • option to wipe data after ten failed passcode attempts
  • Genius playlist creation

Fixed Things First

An email, purportedly from Steve Jobs, suggested only 2% of users were suffering from firmware related problems. Tell that to the comments, forums, and blogs! We here at TiPb have covered the various 2.0.x glitches extensively already, including 3G network issues, App crashes, and painfully long backup cycles.

Although a few new issues have arisen, including a bug in iPod Touch WiFi dealing with WAP authentication, and with MobileMe and Exchange Push services draining battery life for some users, Apple seems to have taken positive steps towards stability with 2.1. 3G signals report as stronger. Apps don't crash quite as often. And backups are considerably faster. Oh, yeah. Apple also fixed that little security snafu -- again -- that allowed access to a otherwise locked iPhone data.

No doubt a 2.1.1 (already on shipping versions of the iPod Touch) or 2.1.2 is in the pipeline to further tweak things, but 2.1 itself is already a major improvement over 2.0. Who are we kidding? In the stability areas, 2.1 is what 2.0 should have been.

What Hasn't Changed

Most everything. But as we said, this release ended up being less about features and more about fixing the persistent embarrassment that 2.0.x had become for Apple. (Threatening a Vista-like hit to its public perception -- perpetually viewed as flawed no matter how solid it became).

For the vast majority of built-in applications, including Calendar, YouTube, Stocks, Maps, Weather, Clock, Calculator, Notes, iTunes WiFi Music Store, Phone, Mail, and Safari, while performance (scrolling, transitioning, etc.) has improved (and thank Jobs for that -- especially in Contacts!), functionality is pretty much the same.

Alas, while typing on the virtual keyboard might also have improved, we've still encountered the dreaded lag at times, especially with SMS. A few Apps (like Safari or Mail) can still take their sweet time to load. Since these are multi-tasking Apps, a Force Quit can sometimes help, but it does make us wonder if something is going on under the covers -- the same thing that keeps Apple so determined to keep multi-tasking off-limits to the App Store?

Home Screen/General

Minor cosmetics: 3G and Edge have both gotten slightly tweaked, more low-key icons. No particular reason that we can tell. Maybe Jonathan Ive had 30 seconds to spare?

(opens in new tab)


The screen shot function (press Home and Sleep at the same time) now not only flashes white on activation, but now also makes an audible camera shutter sound, same as taking a picture. Our 2.0 iPhones don't do that, so it seems to be new to 2.1..


I haven't noticed this personally yet (maybe because I'm not a heavy texter), but reader Mr HiDefinition wrote in to tell us:

If you scroll all the way to the top of a long SMS message, you usually see call to the left and contact info to the right but now underneath both you see a new option to load earlier messages. If you press the load earlier messages you'll see earlier messages and you can keep pressing it and pressing it to see further back until you get to the beginning of the conversation that you started with the person.

(opens in new tab)

(Screen shot courtesy of Chad)

In addition, as mentioned above, Apple now claims you will receive repeated alerts for SMS messages -- but we've likewise not seen this ourselves yet.

Useful stuff for those who live on SMS.


Because Setting is so huge, it almost always gets some update or another, and 2.1 is no different. According to Macworld, Settings - General - Restrictions now allow you to turn off the Camera app as well. Probably not enough for secure locations who won't allow any device with a physical camera on site, but useable for parents.

Speaking of security, Apple has also added to Settings - General - Passcode Lock, allowing users to now toggle on Erase Data. This will, after 10 failed attempts at entering the unlock PIN, securely delete every byte on the iPhone. We're still not sure if this is the military grade, multi-pass pseudo-random data overwrite type of secure erase, but we're hoping it is... One note of caution: avoid this option if you have kids who might discover your iPhone and decide its fun to start randomly typing digits into the boxes...

(opens in new tab)

App Store

cddiazz2010 let us know that, when installing an App straight onto your iPhone (a precarious undertaking on 2.x, as it pretty much ensured crashes and long backups, but rock solid for me so far with 2.1), you can now tap on the icon to pause the installation, and tap again to continue. Very nice, and could prove very useful.

Terry comments below that App icons will also stay in place now when updated, no longer jumping back to the last open slot. Good catch Terry, and good fix Apple!


Thanks to iTunes 8, iPod received what was possibly the biggest feature boost in 2.1. We've already covered how to create on-the-fly, and on-device Genius Playlists, which is the most obvious update...

(opens in new tab)

...But Apple has snuck in a few other gems as well.

When the iTunes Remote App debuted alongside the App Store, many found it to be superior in some ways to the built-in iPod App. Apple seems to have listened, and added the improved music listings, which show album and artist underneath track names.

Podcasts get similar treatment, with not only date added, but length and length remaining if you're only part of the way through. TV Shows give total time, as do movies.

Sadly, they didn't add one of our favorite features -- search. The more storage, the harder it is to find stuff. Apple needs to more seriously integrate this base functionality throughout the iPhone.

On the tweak side, Apple has added a new state to the small blue dot icon that used to simply distinguish "new" from "not new" for other media like podcasts and TV shows. Now, a half-blue dot indicates "partially new" (i.e., you've started but not yet finished watching or listening to it).

(opens in new tab)

In terms of behavior, I noticed that since 2.1, when a podcast completes playing, the iPod App will immediately begin playing the next oldest podcast in the same series. I don't remember seeing this in earlier firmware, and next newest would seem more logical.

Lastly, word is 2.1 now supports a triple-click on Apple's wired earbuds and in-ear earphones to skip backwards one track. I'd imagine (and hope), it would also support the volume rocker on the newest versions of those earphones as well.


Sure. No cut/copy/paste, no turn-by-turn, no MMS, no video recording, no ubiquitous landscape keyboard, and the list goes on and on. But this wasn't 3.0 on 3rd gen hardware. This was, all jokes aside, the real release version of 2.x. The proper gold master we should have gotten back in July. And taken at that, it's a very important, and much appreciated update.

Not perfect yet by any means, but a much needed step in that general direction.

Should you update to 2.1? Now that the iPhone DevTeam has again worked their jailbreaking wonders, there's no reason for anyone to shy away. It's free, it's functional, and its fixed. Go grab it, and drop by the forums to let us know how it's treating you!

And if you notice anything else we may have missed, please let us know! (And if you're still having issues post 2.1, Jeremy wants to make sure you hit Apple's iPhone Feedback (opens in new tab) page and let them know!)

Rene Ritchie

Rene Ritchie is one of the most respected Apple analysts in the business, reaching a combined audience of over 40 million readers a month. His YouTube channel, Vector, has over 90 thousand subscribers and 14 million views and his podcasts, including Debug, have been downloaded over 20 million times. He also regularly co-hosts MacBreak Weekly for the TWiT network and co-hosted CES Live! and Talk Mobile. Based in Montreal, Rene is a former director of product marketing, web developer, and graphic designer. He's authored several books and appeared on numerous television and radio segments to discuss Apple and the technology industry. When not working, he likes to cook, grapple, and spend time with his friends and family.

  • I like 2.1 personally. I am glad to see the apps load faster when downloading them from the app store and if you upgrade they go back to where they were.
    My reception has been better with 2.1 as well.
    I believe though that a 2.1.x will come out at some point and again a larger update of 2.2 as well. Apple wants to always fix their problems and not have a vista style breakdown.
    Nice review
  • seems much better to me as well. Just jailbroke it last nite. Hopefully orblive is released soon.
  • Be careful saying that there's no reason to shy away from the update. Some jailbroken apps aren't working with the 2.1 update. For me most importantly, Inteliscreen. I consider it a vital app. and it's not yet functioning with 2.1. I won't be upgrading until is it. If I had upgraded and found I was unable to use Inteliscreen I'd be very unhappy.
  • Mine made the sound shutter sound when taking a screenshot in 2.0.2 before I upgraded to 2.1.
    Also applications stay where they are after you do an update, this is a big plus for me. I was getting tired of having to move an application back to where it was after an update.
  • They still haven't addressed the echo that all users are experiencing when using their iphone with their in car bluetooth (handsfree). There was no issue with the 1st gen iphone. It's not known whether it is a hardware or software issue. And, Apple has not admited that their is a problem. How can Apple ignore this incredible problem??
  • there are still a couple of things that I wish are in the iphone. For example, you cannot send a contact # or info to someone else... you will have to remember the phone # and put it in a text message... Apple should have this option. And you cannot forward messages... if I received message from a freind I cannot forward it to another... this is another issue. As having the best phone in the world I expected to have this options at least...
  • I must be in the 2% then, because 2.1 did nothing for my issues with dropped calls. The frustrating thing for me is that even the wireless network doesn't work. I'm headed to the Apple store today to see what a "genius" has to say.
  • The half-blue dot has been there since 2.0.1
  • @Terry:
    We tested on 3 iPhones running 2.0.2, both 3G and 2G, and none produced the sound. All did on 2.1. Anyone else?
    Good tip on the icons staying put, thanks and added!
  • EVERYONE should update to 2.1 Everyone... i am telling all of my friends everyday this.. It's mega important.
    2.1 has literally changed my iPhone stable/Speed experience back to the first gen days... I LOVE IT.
    I have not crashed once, Apps feel faster, They for sure Load and install faster... I LOVE THAT...
    I Do around 3,000 texts a month.. SMS is indeed faster, i noticed it right away with my first text that i started typing.
    My signal is better..
    Batter life..- WOW... can i say WOW?!?!
    Sat morning i unplugged my iPhone, drove out to my girlfriends house and stayed over the weekend. DIdn't get home until late sunday. I had used my phone for googlemaps.. played some Spore even listened to music while driving. By the time i got back on sunday I was at 60% battery life.
    That's over 24 hours... and i didn't even feel like charging the thing...
    All in all.. amazing update Apple... amazing. Keep them coming!
    ~To all the people who keep mentioning things like New features and copy and paste etc etc... have some patience.. this stability fix was much needed before anything else. I'm thankful apple is doing things based on priorities...
  • @John:
    I use a motorola handsfree car speaker and don't have any echo, or problem with it at all. Could you elaborate on what you're experiencing?
  • 2.1 also fixed the Video issue with my in-dash nav system. It now plays the video flawlessly every time I plug it. Prior to 2.1, the video would be hit or miss and you would have to un-plug then re-plug to make it work. I store videos on the iPhone so the kids can watch movies on the screen when we are driving, and this update really made a difference.
    And John, I've had zero issues with bluetooth and echos.
  • I'm not sure whether posting other websites is allowed here but i've done so below so that everyone could see how big a problem this bluetooth echo is:
    Many of us have let Apple know about the problem and noone that I know of has received a response.
  • I upgraded my iPod Touch to 2.1, and the one thing that I notices is that installing AppStore applications takse FAR less time. With a couple dozen apps installed, it used to take several minutes. Now, every new app I've installed installs in under a minute.
    Oh, and for those who care, I used QuickPwn and it Jailbroke v2.1 flawlessly. For me, Jailbreaking is essential to install Wiki2Touch, the incredible offline Wikipedia application. Upgrading to v2.1 and Jailbreaking left my 4GB (yes, 4 gigabytes) of Wiki2Touch data intact and ready to use!
  • iPhone 2.1 software has improved much of the problems in my 3G iPhone. What wasn't mentioned here is the iTune 8 for Windows. I'm not sure if this is the right place to comment on. But at any rate, it loads slower compared to itune 7. Also when you click on the App Store, then all iPhone application, then you click on the forward arrow to look at the next page of the application, it doesn't work until ou remove the mouse pointer from the arrow. This did not happen to the older itune software.
  • I have the echo as well. I use a Jawbone with noise reduction, but when I lower the volume on notch the echo goes away.
  • Apple is being so arrogant by not implementing Copy/Paste,Forward, and Video Recording. I might decide to restore to Samsung Instinct
  • @twelde:
    While we criticize them for seemingly obvious stuff like that, and with good reason, I don't think it's arrogance at all. They have a list of features but only limited resources, so they focus and what they can do the most of in the least time, and that's what we get. Google and other companies sucking the engineering talent out of the Valley, and there are only so many miracle workers to go around. It's all about triage and prioritizing.
    And, of course, Apple being Apple, they'll want super battery life even with video, and a super intuitive interface for cut/copy/paste, and super crystal clear sound for A2DP, etc.
    And if they can't deliver it, they'll wait.
    Opposite end, when they have new tech working, they'll drop the old stuff fast as they dropped floppy and optical on the iMac and Air...
  • Dropped Calls!! 1st generation phone still dropping calls after update. I am in the center of SF, ridiculous.
  • My battery life wasn't much better, and my applications always installed fast.
    I like the new iTunes features though, but i have yet to see the repeating alert for text messages.
    Does anyone else have trouble with applications failing to open to a point where you have to delete, then reload them?
  • Listening to voicemail via bluetooth now works as of 2.1. I can't believe no one else has posted this.
  • the ipad is great and very cheap, the only down side tht it has from a mac or latop is that its not a flexible as a pc or mac for ctnnasie, you cant download progams off the web into your ipad the ipad is just like an ipod or iphone only bigger personally if im going to school and need a device to organize srtuff and homework and all that id rather have my ipod over an ipad just for the covenient size
  • I am a little happier; however, I STILL can't upgrade apps unless I remove them (and their data) first.
  • Update to 2.1, you will be happy.
    I update at 2:34 on Saturday, turned everything on, played music, wi-fi, bluetooth, 3G. Had a battery for 23hours.
    The last experience, after having the iphone replaced at the apple store was like 8 hours most before the update. I AM HAPPY!
  • @tewelde:
    The video topic. Steve jobs is smart... he's doing this the way I agree with... yes yes I do want video now.. RIGHT NOW on my iPhone.. but think about it this way.
    If he gave you video now on your iPhone then what cool "New" thing would he release on the Third iPhone?
    that's how he's doing this, 'Milking' it essentially. Which i think is smart. I don't think we will see video until the third gen iPhone. That way... when he announces the new iPhone we will all be Hyped up and ready to buy it =)
    I know i will.... I am willing to wait for it as well..
  • and i forgot to add that on top of my comments, i did update to 2.1 yesterday afternoon.
    "My battery life wasn’t much better, and my applications always installed fast.
    I like the new iTunes features though, but i have yet to see the repeating alert for text messages.
    Does anyone else have trouble with applications failing to open to a point where you have to delete, then reload them?"
  • I was missing the shutter sound and ALL system sound before the 2.1 upgrade. They were all turned on, but they wouldn't respond. Game sounds were in at random. Now I can hear it: I NEED MORE COWBELL!! That thing hadn't made a sound since I got it. Now it works. Don't know about the 3G fix. It's iffy. Safari still crashes on occasion. Showed someone at The Genius Bar that the box was missing around the E (edge icon), and they said that was "weird," and they'd not seen that before. So much for communication to the "geniuses."
  • My iPhone is much more stable and I am pretty satisfied. I have noticed what I believe to be a new bug in email. You can hit space as many times as you want at the end of the line and the cursor will not move and any word you type after will apear to be in the right place on the next line, but when the email is opened on receipt the large space gap will be there.
  • I've noticed smoother operation overall, but a few of the things I don't think were fixed for me.
    1) I still notice a significant delay in the address book. It's slightly smoother, but still a rather big delay (I have about 50-60 ppl in my address book).
    2) While 3G signal seemed to improve in stability, I think my overall reception on EDGE has declined a bit. In a few areas where I used to get 3-4 bars, I now get 0-2 bars.
    3) Battery life doesn't seem to be better (and I usually run it with 3G, wifi, and bluetooth off).
    4) Two of my apps (yahoo one connect and this movie app, Showtimes) stopped working after the update and had to be reinstalled.
    Anyone experience these issues as well?
    Other than that, overall response time seems improved. Oh, and regarding the shutter sound, I had it since 2.0.0.
  • all in all, I see no real visible improvements in 2.1. Battery life remains about where it was pre-2.1..app loading was ok and remains so... still have apps (like the NYTimes periodically crash...my 3g had version 2.0.2 on it...big problem we have is that our windows XP Professional crashed as I was updating, wiped out all my contacts, applications and had to do a restore...this happened on a prior iphone we had..maybe just my PC..frustrating though..
  • @Rene Ritchie
    Maybe it was 2.0.1 that had the shutter sound. I don't use the screen shot option that often enough to remember.
  • I've had the text repeat, it just buzzes the text tone at you but the phone doesnt light up. Has anyone else noticed an increase in the speaker volume? My text tone now sounds just a little distorted at full volume
  • The UPDATE ALL function in the App Store is no longer there..... :( I have 15 updates I now need to do 1 by 1.
  • the GPS is working better actually its working like it is supposed to, no more reboots anytime I want to use the GPS feature either for directions or any app.
  • Still no bugfixes in the keyboard software? Are you kidding?
  • Couple more features I've noticed:
    1) When in iPod listening to a song or a podcast, if you tap the screen once to display the time elapsed/remaining, you can exit the iPod app and go back in again and it remembers that you had the time bar displayed. 2.0.2 didn't do this.
    2) Phone numbers when entered with country code now have a space between the country code and the number (i.e. +44 1234123456 instead of +441234123456). Prettu sure this wasn't the case in 2.0.2.
    Not majors but differences nonetheless!
  • Battery life has not changed.. Barely make it through regular days despite no gps, no wifi, no Bluetooth. SMS is still lagging, safari crashes daily(2-3 times), reception better but the switch between edge/wifi/3g the phone does automatically is very rough still, phone backups faster.. Overall, not particularly excited about this, quite let down actually... Had several dropped calls this weekend
  • The iPad is basically a huge (10in seecrn) iPod touch except for the fact it has 3g connection capabilities. It has the same OS (operating system) as the iPhone. Many people are criticizing it and one reason is that it brings nothing new except it is big. People feel that no-one is going to listen to music throush it, due to its OS internet games are unlikely to be able to play on it as wellHope this helped
  • I noticed after the 2.1 update when playing the Ipod and shuffle the songs it also gives you the album name as well.
  • Guys,
    I think 2.1 is a bit faster than the previous one, although i have encountered some significant lag when browsing my address book. But i would like to see apple coming out with another update, which include all basic features like cut,copy,paste,forwarding sms,deleting contacts by selecting mulitiple ones,etc...etc... Hope apple can hear us and do something about it....Rest the phone is fine for me....
  • I have to say that the triple-click doesn't always work which is quite annoying.
  • I agree with Carlos comment ......need to address texting issues....hello isn't this supposed to be better then the other phones and more high tech???? Also why am I not able to download ringtunes??????
  • @Li-Sa,
    You can create ringtones from your iTunes songs in iTunes, or if you have a Mac, with Garage band. There are other workaround solutions for making ringtones on a PC.
  • I bought the Bose sounddock portable and prior to 2.1 there was a popping noise as my 3g would charge in the dock. Most all users had this popping noise and I think it was the case for other sound systems with the iPhone 3g. Well since 2.1 this is no longer an issue. Bose support had told me it was going to be fixed in a firmware update by apple and it has.
  • ALL the applications that are not installed by default stopped working after updating to 2.1. Again.
  • Upgrade 2.1 offered hope for me to be able to use 3G..it had been turned off in order to not get dropped/failed calls....didn't have enough 3G strength at home to use it anyway. HOWEVER, the first phone call I received after the upgrade and after turning 3G back on....CALL FAILED/dropped.
  • Sometimes safari closes by itself. So far the battery life is quite good. Any one know how to install ringtones coz apple default tones suk big time. Any tips and tricks on 2.1 ?
  • so far haven't used it much since going to 2.1. All i do know is all of my contacts are totally GONE !!! Googled this and changed some setting related to exchange, which synced my contacts with Address Book but all photos, phone numbers, etc. are still TOTALLY GONE..... SUCKS !!! Always expected so much more from Apple. Fuck !!!
  • Safari seems flaky compared to previous... crashes at will.
    I am up to 7 Apps that crash at various times - all seem to be the result of changes Apple made in 2.1 without telling their vendor partners that it would impact them.
    One claims to have had fix in within minutes of iTouch release... I'm on IPhone and still Apple has not released the fix to the APp Store... over a week and counting now without my most used apps and a browser that is frustrating to use.
    This is not the 3G platform I was promised.
  • snapture.app doesn't work! Blargh! The one app that I love, sitting on my five icon dock, useless. I wait for an update...
  • Almost everything seems better in 2.1, except for the fact that now email push and fetch while the phone is asleep now does not work for many, many users. That pretty much makes it a bust for me. You can read about it on the apple message boards here: http://discussions.apple.com/thread.jspa?threadID=1708956
  • This auto to next podcast really really sux. I enjoy listening to a podcast at bedtime, and used to go to skleep to it, now I am rudely awoken by the intro music of the next podcast ... waaaah! HATE it. Why not some choice of function there, like play one and end or play many etc????
  • I also hate the fact that the Update All feature for Apps is gone. PLEASE bring it back soon.
  • hey guys.... jabra bluetooth headset was working with the earlier 2.0 firmware... now it doesn't ...has anybody gotten their BT headsets working ?
  • 2.1 is great..... well i have only been using it for about a day now but i really like it, i was sooo weary about upgrading to any 2.0.x fw that just upgraded from 1.1.4, i have just heard so many great things about 2.1, the app store is great it only takes about 10-20 seconds to fully install an app. with the app store I have really lost my eagerness to jailbreak. mabye sometime in the future but i like 2.1 where it is. havent had any major problems with hope that 2.1.x adds a couple more features as apple has fixed alot of my bad bugs, i want a horizontal keyboard really bad
  • Iphone 2.1 is junk, crashes all the time, can't syncronice with itunes now, can't watch photos, can't surf and so on... 2.0 was more stable then this, I'm starting to wonder if Microsoft has aquired Apple, it sure seems like it....
  • my TomTom used to pair on 2.0.1 but after update to 2.1 the TomTom doesn't even see it. My wife didn't update her iphone and of still pairs OK. Anyone else having BT issues?
  • I have had my share of problems with 2.1 not a big fan
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  • Can you provide more information on this? So far the info in your post is wicked-cool . In the mean while I think im gonna stick around and read about 3 of your posts. Take it easy
  • Sounds very nice. Do you think the new quest in Poptropica is awesome?
  • The iPad is an iPhone on steroids.16 ronseas why it sucks: The name sucks! The first thing my fiancee told me about the iPad? “Honey, I think I’m getting my iPeriod, do you have an iPad for me?” It doesn’t take a marketing genius to figure out that the iPad is a terrible name for a product. I plan to write a blog post about the worst jokes ever about the iPad so if you have some funny ones, please email them to me.The network sucks! While I personally don’t have any problem with AT T, most people don’t agree with me, so I guess it’s fair to say that sticking with AT T was not the right decision for Apple. They could have gone with T-Mobile, or Verizon (even though I think the iPad or iPhone will never ever go to Verizon) and everybody would be happy. Apple is not a company that aims at making people happy though. It aims at making Steve happy!No Flash! Alex of Applicious says it all: No Flash on the iPhone was barely tolerable. On a device that you call Internet-specific to not have Flash is more than annoying, it’s insulting. Flash, love it or hate it, is one huge slice of the Internet. This is not optional.No multitasking! During his presentation of the iPad, Steve Jobs called netbook cheap laptops. Guess what Steve, I might have a “cheap laptop” but I’m currently typing this post on it with 2 Firefox windows opened, TweetDeck, a Word Document and Flickr Uploader running at the same time. Can your iPad do that? Netbooks are fulfilling a need. The iPad is not. It’s just struggling to create a one. Not having multitasking on the iPad really sucks.No camera! If you’re going to create a mobile device for Mom and Pops, you’d better give it at least a front facing camera because Mom sure loves to Skype her daughter. I didn’t expect a back-facing camera on the iPad, but I sure hoped for a front-facing one.It’s big! Of course it’s big, it’s the purpose of it. Still, I’m confused. Does Apple have to license plus-size pockets as an official iPad accessory?It’s heavy! At 1.5 Lbs, I don’t think you’re gonna be able to hold this baby for 2 hours without developing a tendinitis.No Video Output! If you thought about plugging your iPad in your TV to watch a slideshow of your latest vacation’s pictures, then think again because it’s not going to happen.It’s not pretty! Let’s be honest for a minute, the big fat bezel around the touchscreen is ugly.The keyboard sucks! I didn’t expect the iPad to have a physical keyboard but that won’t prevent me from complaining about it. I hate typing on my iPhone and something tells me I’ll hate typing on the iPad even more because it simply isn’t convenient. When I type on a keyboard, I like to have the screen facing me, not laying down flat because it is unpractical and in the long run, it will most likely cause pain in the neck and back (I’m serious).No USB port! Did you want to plug your digital camera into your iPad to download your pictures. Too bad. Oh wait, you’ll actually be able to if you buy the $30 adapter Apple will be selling. That is mafia-style racketing.No 16:9! Watching movies on the iPad is going to suck as it will render the movies in 4:3 aspect ratio with big black bars around it.No Widgets! Ok, the iPad screen is huge but it actually feels empty. Why don’t we have widgets on this thing? Sticky notes, calculator, whatever widget?The battery sucks! I don’t believe Apple when they say the iPad has a battery life of 10 hours. They were praising the iPhone 3GS battery. I still can’t get through the day without plugging mine in. Play NFS on your iPad for one hour, do a little bit of web browsing for 2 hours, and I bet you your battery will be dead before you can update your Facebook status.The storage limitation sucks! Starting at 16GB, this is a complete joke. If you want me to store my music, videos and photos on your iPad (all this in top of my applications), I’m going to need MUCH more space than the 64GB limit.Reading books on the iPad sucks! The Kindle might not be dead yet after all. I dare you to read a book on your iPad for more than 2 hours. By that time, your eyes will be crying, you’ll most likely have a headache and feel tired. That’s what computer screen do to you. I’m not a big fan of ebooks (I like the smell and feel of books – call me old school) but I do believe the e-ink feature of the Kindle is much better than what we’ll get on the iPad.
  • That is a great list. I haven't used a lot of these apps but I am keen to try SketchyPad