iPhone OS 2.2 review

iPhone OS 2.2 build 2.2 5G77, at 246.4MB, is the second major point release to Apple's second generation mobile operating system. Following on release 2.0 (full review) on July 11, and 2.1 (full review) on September 15. Interestingly, while 2.0 had 8 betas, 2.1 only had 4 and 2.2 but 2. Is Apple really getting twice as efficient, or only spending half as much effort getting feedback?

Like 2.1, this update is also available FREE for the iPod Touch. Unlike 2.1, however, Apple is not providing the same functionality to Touch, with the Google Maps update notably missing. Since these updates don't seem dependent on either the cell radio or GPS, it's difficult to imagine why Apple chose to -- we'll say it -- shaft the Touch. Perhaps they'll blame their subscription accounting model again? iSigh.

Remarkable also by it's absence -- again -- is the much ballyhooed Push Notification Service (announced during WWDC 2008), intended to provide the semblance of multi-tasking to 3rd party apps by sending badges, sounds, and pop-ups through a central Apple server to alert users of, for example, new IMs or tweets. (Should we even bother to mention the continued, and continually unexplained, absence of cut and paste, MMS, unified inbox, video recording, etc.)

Note: We updated just fine using iTunes 8.0.1, but you may want to consider grabbing yesterday's 8.0.2 release first.

But enough dwelling on the didn't gets. Read on after the jump for the we gots!

iPhone OS 2.2 Release Notes

Apple gets (can we still call it uncharacteristically?) chatty with the details:

This update contains many bug fixes and improvements, including the following:

  • Enhancements to Maps
    • Google Street View
    • public transit and walking directions
    • display address of dropped pins
    • share location via email
  • Enhancements to Mail
    • resolved isolated issues with schedule fetching of email
    • improved formatting of wide HTML email
  • Improved stability and performance of Safari
  • Podcasts are now available for download in iTunes application (over Wi-Fi and cellular network)
  • Decrease in call set-up failures and call drops
  • Improved sound quality of visual voicemail messages
  • Pressing the Home button from any Home screen takes you to the first Home screen
  • Preference to turn on/off auto-correction in Keyboard Settings

Products compatible with this software update:

  • iPhone
  • iPhone 3G

The Fixes Are In

Much like 2.1, and as can easily be seen by the list above, 2.2 is much ado about fixes. Many of our current gripes, especially the fetch-mail problems and incredible crash-iness of Safari have been seen to. It'll take a few days and a lot of testing to know for sure, but already things in general seem much snappier, smoother, and even more polished. This is especially noticeable in SMS, Contacts, and other previously laggy apps.

Likewise, Apple has closed a number of security vulnerabilities, a complete list of which can be found in their Knowledge Base (opens in new tab), but includes fixes for CoreGraphics, ImageIO, Networking, Office Viewer, Passcode Lock, Safari, and Webkit.

The Un-Affected

While a lucky few apps got updates and some more received tweaks, the vast majority remain unchanged from 2.1 and even 2.0. Outside the general fixes mentioned above, that includes SMS, Calendar, Photo, Camera, YouTube, Stocks (nothing to stop them going down, sadly!), Weather, Clock, Calculator, Notes, Phone, and Mail.

In the perhaps re-broken category -- though again this is based on only preliminary tests -- iPod is back to losing its place in podcasts and other long-form content for me again. Hopefully this is a temporary glitch. (For those who don't remember, this used to be a common problem fixed only with a reboot that suddenly "reminded" iPod where it had left off).

Likewise, while we can still connect to a VPN over WiFi, I still can't over 3G. No explanation on that yet either, though we've confirmed on multiple iPhones on both Rogers and AT&T.

Home Screen

The iPhone has 9 available Home Screens to store Apps and WebClips. Now, if you're on screens 2-9, you can press the Home button and be whisked back to screen 1. A very nice touch.

UPDATED: Speaking of nice touches, while 2.1 saw Apps revert to their last assigned location after being updated, 2.2 finally nails it -- Apps are updated in their last assigned location. (Thanks phester!) No more whiplash.

(opens in new tab)

Google Maps

Wow but did this app receive the most attention. Google showed that even post-Android, they haven't given up an ounce of their iPhone love, not only with their Advanced Voice Search in the Google Mobile App, but baked right into iPhone OS 2.0 as well.

First is Street-View. Google hasn't yet photographed every street, even in the US, but if you search for major American cities, you'll probably get lucky.

What is it? When you see a pin in a Street-View enabled location, tapping on the little icon on the left (looks like the top of a man), will animate you through an awesome transition to first-person view of that exact place. Swipe, and you can spin 360 degrees around or pan up and down. A searchlight metaphor, straight out of your favorite FPS, shows which direction the current view represents. Brilliant.

(opens in new tab)

(opens in new tab)

You can also report inappropriate content -- which I'm guessing means road-repair not being finished with all due haste?

(opens in new tab)

Words don't do it justice (which is why we post pics!). Utterly mesmerizing.

Second, if you hit the icon to the right of the pin, you get pretty much what you got with previous firmware, with the notable exception of a new button option at the bottom -- Share Location. This is similar to "Mail Link to this Page" in Safari, but instead of a web site address, it sends the Google Maps location of the pin.

(opens in new tab)

(opens in new tab)

(opens in new tab)

Lastly, if you use directions, Maps now provides not only Driving, but Transit and Walking to boot (ha!).

(opens in new tab)

Transit provides bus departure and arrival times, the cost of (combined) fare, and a schedule button to get more options. Note: Bus and train numbers aren't shown right away. You need to hit Start and get underway for those. Maps will, of course, give you directions on how to get to the bus(es) and train(s) as well!

(opens in new tab)

(opens in new tab)

(opens in new tab)

Walking ignores one-way streets and other vehicule-specific limitations (too much to hope for "Warning: Extreme Tire Hazard?" shortcuts?) when suggesting the fastest route.

Over all, since the iPhone doesn't have a built-in compass like the Android G1, Street-View isn't quite as jaw-dropping a demo on the iPhone. Never the less, it's a spectacular update to an already outstanding app.

Rating: killer.


Under Settings, General, Keyboard, you now have the option to turn off the iPhone's Auto-Correction, which many users -- especially non-English users -- found skewed more stupid than smart.

(opens in new tab)

You can also, apparently turn on Japanese Emoji icons (screenshot via Macrumors) -- if you are in Japan and on SoftBank, the official iPhone carrier there. Otherwise, no Emoji for you! (I did manage to switch my iPhone to Japanese trying this out, with only my 3 year old Chinese character (same as Kanji) reading level allowing me to bail back to English... Phew!)

(opens in new tab)

iTunes WiFi Music Store

You read that title right! iTunes now has a new button along its bottom bar -- Podcasts. Hit it and you're greeted with a familiar interface boasting all new -- for the mobile app at least -- content. Audio and Video Podcast direct downloads have arrived. (You can even get our very own Phone different!)

It functions identically to music downloads, though all Podcasts are still free.

(opens in new tab)

(opens in new tab)

Unlike Music -- and identical to the App Store -- If you can find something below 10MB (we can't!) you can download it over 3G. For everything over 10MB, iTunes will complain and direct you to WiFi.

(opens in new tab)

In a pinch -- and kudos to Apple for thinking of this -- you can ignore the download button and tap the podcast title to launch the QuickTime plugin and stream the Podcast without saving it. You could do this previously via hitting a web link in Safari, of course, but adding it right into the same location as downloads is a fantastic option for users.

Note, having done this frequently from within Safari, it can be a life... er... boredom saver, but can also be frustrating. Dropouts and restarts can occur, and it won't remember your previous location if you try to come back to it later.

Note: On the download screen, there're are controls to pause and resume, and (consistency points!) you can swipe to pop up the delete option.

(opens in new tab)

(opens in new tab)

(opens in new tab)

Epic addition that, while it still doesn't excuse PodCaster-Gate, projects Apple's iTunes/iPod dominance well into this generation.

App Store

Still no demos. Still no shareware. Still no trial periods of any kind. Yes, the ongoing tribulations of the App Store, developers, and their business models get very little help here, but Apple has provided a minor tweak for users -- improved categories with icons.

(opens in new tab)

Better still, App Store Mobile finally catches up with it's Mac/PC counterpart, showing all the screenshots a developer supplies for their app, with the first one shown full-size and the rest tiled underneath. Tap on any of them to launch an embedded Photo browser to cycle through them all full screen.

(opens in new tab)

(opens in new tab)

If, after using the icons and screenshots to help choose and app, you ultimate decide you hate it and want to burn it from your flash memory, Apple will also cheerfully now ask you to rate it first. Any guesses as to how many 5 star apps will get trashed?

(opens in new tab)

UPDATE: Introduced in 2.0, gone in 2.1, the "Update All" option makes its triumphant return in 2.2. (Thanks Scott!) A convenient feature and a solid decision on Apple's part.

(opens in new tab)

Safari (Web Browser)

Though the big news is the apparently improved reliability, Safari got a small tweak all its own -- the search bar is now surfaced right up alongside the URL bar, with the search button (logically) gone and the back button now relegated to a less prominent position inside the URL bar (much as it is on Mac/PC Safari, absent the orange color).

(opens in new tab)

And while it sure seems faster, whether any additional WebKit goodness, including the screaming hot SquirelFish JavaScript engine, has made it into the Mobile version is something we're still very interested in finding out.


We noticed you noticing our previous mention of the Podcast direct download feature in the iTunes app. Well, it's accessible via the iPod app as well. If you go to the Podcast section and drill down to a Podcast list, you'll see "Get More Episodes..." at the bottom of the list (notice we didn't say "end" -- we'll get to that in a bit!)

(opens in new tab)

Why Apple chose text instead of an elegant, reflective button we don't know, but tapping it will take you straight to the iTunes app page for whatever Podcast you wanted more of. Very nicely integrated.

Okay, so that "end" in the "beginning" at the "end" thing? It looks like Apple has reversed the order of Podcast listings in 2.2. In 2.1, the most recent episode was at the top. In 2.2, it's at the bottom.

Why? Well, in 2.1 when you finished listening to a Podcast episode, it would auto-annoyingly go right on playing the next oldest episode available, with nary a Settings toggle available to end this assault on reason.

We're guessing they flipped things so that iPod will now auto-just-as-annoyingly go right on to the next newest Podcast.

Why, in the name of Jobs, can we not just get buttons similar to the Music section so we can choose to loop or not on our own?! What's that? They do have those buttons, it's just that the buttons seemingly do absolutely nothing?!

iSigh again.

Memo: Please flip the Podcasts back and, you know, implement the behavior of the buttons, not just the visual state, b'okay?


Yeah, STILL no cut/copy/paste, no turn-by-turn, no MMS, no video recording, no ubiquitous landscape keyboard, and the list goes on and on. It's just Apple, once again, doing what they think will give them the most holiday, Storm-competive bang for their developer buck.

Should you upgrade to 2.2? Still an major NO if you want it jailbroken and -- eventually -- unlocked, according to the DevTeam. For everyone else, there's not reason not to. It costs nothing and Google Maps and Podcast Downloads alone are major reasons to grab it and not look back.

If you're uncertain, drop by the forums to talk it over.

And if you notice anything else we may have missed, please let us know in the comments and we'll update asap!

Rene Ritchie

Rene Ritchie is one of the most respected Apple analysts in the business, reaching a combined audience of over 40 million readers a month. His YouTube channel, Vector, has over 90 thousand subscribers and 14 million views and his podcasts, including Debug, have been downloaded over 20 million times. He also regularly co-hosts MacBreak Weekly for the TWiT network and co-hosted CES Live! and Talk Mobile. Based in Montreal, Rene is a former director of product marketing, web developer, and graphic designer. He's authored several books and appeared on numerous television and radio segments to discuss Apple and the technology industry. When not working, he likes to cook, grapple, and spend time with his friends and family.

  • I still have not gotten a chance to update yet, my phone refuses to back up properly, it gets stuck at about 50-60%, :-(
  • I've also noticed when updating an app, it loads and installs directly over the previously placed icon. No longer loading in the open place on page one and then dissapearing to replace the old icon.
    Now if I can only make the decision of auto correct on or off. Sometimes it is perfect, typing fast and saving me from deleting. Other times it is redixuloualy annoying.
  • also regarding the App Store...'UPDATE ALL' for apps is back! i missed this dearly
  • Also in apps, you can not download an update that is 10MB or greater on 3G.
  • The update seems to have broken large pictures in the Photo app. Try downloading the app "Backgrounds" from the App Store, then picking out a few pictures you like, then go to the Photo's and you'll see they stay in that quick "blur" state before the photo loads. Not all of the backgrounds do this, but most do.
  • Thanks everyone, keep 'em coming!
  • The rating-upon-deletion system is completely asinine. What should we add this firmware release? Copy and paste? Nah. Oh, I know. Too many people are buying applications. Let's skew the review results downward by providing immediate rating ability to the few people who hate the application. It's no problem if thousands of people are happily using an application but don't know or care enough to write a review. We only want to hear from the few people who hate it enough to delete it!
    I hate developing for this platform. Honestly. Just when you finally think everything might be ok with Apple they pull some nonsense like this for the sole purpose of upsetting developers. What else could the reason be? This is not going to help customers since review results will be less accurate. This won't help developers because their apps will receive lower ratings. Hell, this doesn't even help Apple since they'll sell fewer apps.
    Idiocy. I know that I'm not alone as an iPhone developer rooting for this platform to fail. The gold rush was great, and that's the only reason most of us are here and jumped through Apple's flaming hoops. But that's going to end and this sort of nonsense is going to bite Apple in the rear.
  • I have uninstalled and rated several apps now.. Call me an exception, but the last 2 I reviewed upon deleting, I gave 5 and 4 stars. Great apps, just not something I had to have. :)
    I do agree though that rating on deletion WILL skew all of them in the negative. MAybe thay want fewer 5 star apps do help make the REAL good ones stand out. Who knows, but I think its a bad idea as well.
    My solution:
    If you make it reviewable via deletion, there should also be a review option in the menu of EVERY app making ratings easy from within an app you love!
  • I'm surprised to hear that you folks cannot connect to VPN over 3G. I just checked and it works fine for me... 2.1 on AT&T in the US. I really don't want to lose this ability.
  • One feature that I haven't heard anybody touting is the new unlock keypad used when you have the security lock enabled. Maybe because I'm a corporate user, this is a bigger deal to me than most, but previously when you iPhone was locked, the screen to enter your password was a tiny qwerty keyboard with all of the number keys squished in above the qwerty keyboard. Oh joy, in 2.2 you get a large, telephone key-pad style screen to enter your unlock code. Since my corporate security mandates that I lock my phone, and the longest timeout is 5 minutes - this is a MAJOR benefit to me!
  • @Joe:
    I haven't rated any deleted apps lower than 4 either. I usually don't buy apps unless I really want them, and usually only delete them when I won't be using them for a while, or I move on to something else. I hadn't considered developer frustration on this, are we sure that ratings like this, absent reviews, are shown to users at all? Maybe they're internal-only measures?
    Nope, over 3G VPN is dead, dead, dead. Flip on WiFi and it works great again.
    @John, What screen are you talking about it? When you first wake up your iPhone? That's always been a 4 digit PIN on number pad for me?
  • With previous updated Apple brought privacy to the text message pop up that would display on the screen. Instead of it listing the name and a portion of the message, update 2.1 Made it so the text message pop up would just say "New Text Message" With update 2.2 now it will display the name of the person you are getting a text message from. I much preferred when it would only display "New Text Message" A bit irritating. I tried downgrading back to 2.1 but keep getting error message 5 and have to restore my phone. I tried this from an older powerbook that still had iTunes 8.0.1 and from my new MBP. Same story. Think twice before updating if text message notification privacy is important to you!
  • Rene' what happened with the line in audio feature that was previously mentioned?
  • I just noticed a revision in the native Timer app on iPhone 2.2.
    We are now able to select Custom User ringtones to ring out when the Timer ends.
    I use the timer alot so this is Huge for me. The Apple tones aren't that great IMHO.
    Next we just need them to allow for Custom ringtone alerts for text (and email notification).
  • Another interesting feature that works alongside podcast downloads is that you can now delete all podcasts directly from the iPhone by swiping it. Previously, this could only be done with video podcasts.
  • @ Joshua you can turn the txt messge display on and off it's in the passcode lock menu if your like me I keep mine locked when not in use an I turn my txt preview off also. But check it out. It's still there.
  • Into 2.2 and still lacking basic functions...?
  • Does anyone have info on the line-in feature?
  • Renee Ritchie wrote "@John, What screen are you talking about it? When you first wake up your iPhone? That’s always been a 4 digit PIN on number pad for me?"
    Maybe it's a corporate security thing? My company makes me enter a numeric, 6-digit security password for Exchange Active Sync. When I wake the phone up, if it's been longer than the time-out (max of 5 minutes), I get the password screen. Previous versions brought up a qwerty keyboard just like the sign in for iTunes. Since updating to 2.2, that screen is now a large, telephone-like keypad.
  • is the Internet improved is it faster? Does it stop crashing? Can some one answer please
  • Is anyone having problems deleting email?!? Every time I try to delete an email now that I've updated to 2.2., I get the message: "Unable to move to trash." Anyone?
  • (Actually, it seems to be happening only with my AOL email.)
  • After upgrading to 2.2 I have noticed alot of freezing and crashing of the phone. When trying to do update all of the APPS it will go to a black screen and then to main screen but not update anything. Facebooks is acting really weird as well sometimes revealing a blank white screen which it never did before. Street view though is so crazy and awesome lol! Hopefully they come out with sometype of update for my freezing and crashing issue I have had to turn off and back on the phone 3 times since last nights update.
  • @John Hime:
    There's an app for jailbroken phones called KillExchangeLock that eliminates the requirement of entering a passcode for ActiveSync. Works like a charm for me in 2.1. Not sure if it'll still work when 2.2 jailbreaking becomes available.
  • I'm not sure if it's because of iPhone 2.2 or the iTunes update, but now I am able to update apps through the app store without having to delete them from my phone. No more error messages on every sync, HURRAY!
  • MAN I LOVE PODACSTS lol. Stephen Colberts Itunes Meet the Author left me rolling check it out!
  • It's the refresh button inside safari's URL bar, not the back button. Nit picky, I know, but a typo non the less :)
  • Do the update 2.2 stop safari crashes??????
  • 2.2 update is great...BUT!!!!
    WHYYY???? i was looking forward to this feature but it's useless for me!!!
    anyone has can explain why?
  • Unfortunately, Safari does still crash on me fairly often. It is too soon to tell if it crashes less on average, but it has crashed multiple times on me and forced a hard shutdown of the phone once for me since applying 2.2
  • It's being reported on several sites (Macintouch, Apple Discussion Boards) that the 2.2 update breaks the ability of WundeRadio and other audio apps to keep playing when the iPhone turns it screen off after 1-3 minutes. This is a deal-killer for me--none of the touted new features beats WundeRadio, so at 2.1 my iPhone shall stay.
  • Wohoo. Missed SMS msg will make the iphone ring and vibrate every 3 mins or so. Oh yeaah!
    No more missed SMS. I don't know if it's the same for email tho.
    Anybody knows?
  • Pandora keeps playing when the screen shuts off, but so far My Radios, and Easy Relax mute as soon as the screen goes dark. The fact that Pandora remains okay leads me to believe there will be many App updates in out future.
  • One thing that happened in my 2.2 update is now my carrier provider name is now repeated between the top status bar and the application buttons, but it comes and goes whenever it likes. Must be a bug. Image: http://img242.imageshack.us/img242/4537/img0018sm4.png
  • In App Store, once a category has been selected you now also get 3 menus inside each category :
    the 'Top Paid'
    the 'Top Free'
    the 'Latest apps'
    I dunno if this is country-/operator specific, but after updating to 2.2 these menus appear on my iPhone 3G here in Spain with operator 'MoviStar'. As far as I recall, these menus weren't available prior to this update, but I might be wrong..
    Can someone please confirm if this is the case for you and your country/operator?
    Thanks a million ;o)
  • Yes, they are new and awesome. I'm on AT&T. USA
  • Is anyone else noticing slightly improved battery life? I installed the firmware on Friday night and just left it plugged into the computer to charge fully, and still have a lot of battery life (40ish%) left after normal use. Usually I'd be looking to recharge right about now.
  • Application updates are a lot better. Now it updates directly over the old icon and the update all feature is back!
  • Anyone else having trouble deleting mail with the new 2.2 update???
  • Not sure who´s fualt is, if from Google or Apple, but new Google Applications, such as the new Google Mobile App, do not appear at the App Store in Mexico. It doesnt make sense since they are free, and we monthly pay for the Iphone as anybody else... Does anybody knows why ?
  • i was using my phone after the update and when i couldnt reach the person on the other end i continued redialing and redialing and after maybe 5 or 6 redials the phone app crashed and i had to go to the home screen to reset before i could make another call!! anybody else got this problem?
  • @jlow34 the ability to use custom ringtones for the countdown timer is nothing new. I was able to use custom ringtones for this in 2.1
  • @JKT Wunderradio now works fine when the screen locks.
  • I updated my iphone and afterward it says "waiting for activation this may take some time". this really sucks cause now my iphone is an ibrick and I have no idea how long this "Activation" will take. Has anyone else had this problem and if they have how long will it take to activate itself. Thanks
  • I know that there is still a lot that could be done and I know that developers have unique issues with Apple that a simple user like me does not, but I am very impressed by this update. I was always perplexed at the lack of podcast support from the phone and the fact that you couldn't even browse that iTunes store off of wifi. I also love the new updates to the Google Maps! The iPhone is the only phone I have ever had that got better and not worse over time. This new update made it even better and it is going to be very exciting to see what Apple will come up with as they make a bigger push toward the Christmas season!
  • For those still having problems deleting AOL email, I found this resolution: "After updating to 2.2 I had the same problem deleting AOL e-mail from a basic account. Here's my fix. Go to settings (on the iphone) >mail, contacts, calendars>accounts> then click on each account, scroll down to advanced settings>mailbox behaviors>deleted mailbox on my iPhone. The next screen shows that the trash icon is checked, but click on it again, and viola, dump e-mail again. Apparently upgrading to 2.2 leaves the icon checked when it really isn't, so clicking it again confirms that you want your deleted e-mail to go to the trash. Cheers."
  • JONATHAN IS MY HERO. This fix works. I've been fighting with my mailbox for days now.
  • Arggg! Stupid 2.2 not worth the extra features. After updating none of my installed apps would start then eventually the phone just reverted to the pre-activation screen. I eventually got it back after messing around on iTunes but that was dumb and scary.
    The other MAJOR problem is how it broke photo downloading. Now when I save an image through Safari it is horrible quailty and not even usable on the iPhone. Oh how I hate you Apple. I wish this blog or someone would bring this problem out.
  • There is a known bug in the new 2.2 release regarding saving photos from mail or safari. When going into your camera roll to view those saved photos or to use as a wallpaper the picture is distorted and blurred. This problem / bug only occurs (from what I hear) when the pictures are larger than the iphone display resolution.
    Heres a link for more info...http://discussions.apple.com/thread.jspa?threadID=1802430&tstart=0
  • Problem is still evident in Mail that if you read something on MobileMe's web interface, the read status does not update on the dock icon on iPhone. Highlighted in Apple Discussions here http://discussions.apple.com/thread.jspa?threadID=1767009&tstart=30
  • @ Luke W. - Mine shows Optus underneath the time and above the app icons too. But it is there sometimes and not others. I agree that it must be a bug, at least it isn't an irritating one though.
  • Is anyone have a solution or any roadmap on the way to enable remote SIM mode on iPhone?
    This is the only way to connect a phone to my pre-equiped car VW Passat SW!
  • The AOL trash fix worked! thanks for figuring that out Johnathan! i was about to take this back to the store! now can anyone make the battery last longer than an hour's constant use?
  • All I want is to be able to text on the landscape keyboard. I got my hopes up that it would be included in the 2.2 update and now i cant stand waiting for it anymore.
  • So I do not really get it, I can not download podcasts via downloadbutton cause they are bigger than 10 mb but if I just press the headline of the podcast I can watch it?!?
    Does somebody wonder about the same?!?
  • I'm running 2.2 and jailbreak.
    For the first time ever, my iphone shut itself down. Wasn't doing anything, was just in my pocket, i heard an sms message come through, and a few mins later when I went to check, it was shut down.
    I asked a friend if he had this happen before and he said it just happened to him for the first time as well. He is on 2.2 as well but unjailbroken.
  • Mine has crashed a few times, requiring me to format my phone. Battery life has decreased. Overall, i found it more unstable compared to 2.1.
  • Since I uploaded 2.2, my phone has crashed every evening while it is sitting in my pocket doing nothing. I have to completely restore the phone to get it back up. What's the problem? What's the solution?
  • Looking like 2.2 could be a lemon :-( I couldn't be bothered with another f/w update...the whole backup restore jailbreak, reinstall bizzo again.
  • 3 months and 2 updates since the official release of the iPhone in Greece and still no Greek Keyboard. Is it the local distributor or Apple itself that don't give a crap. The funny think is that there is a Greek keyboard already so they don't even have to make one ( may be not even pay for one since it's freely given for jailbroken iPhones). Denmark has its own keyboard ( same population as Greece). Anyone knows any sales numbers for its country?
  • My iphone is 1.1.4 and jail broken with ZIPHONE. How can I redo my iphone and set it up with 2.2 with your program?
  • i was using update 2.1 with my iphone 3g and jailbroke it few months back. it was working nice without
    any major issues. i came to know on 2.2 update and thought of upgrading it to 2.2. after updating it, i
    came to know jailbroken app's are gone and my vista mobile themes are gone. anyway, still i thought
    let's use it for some time. 2nd day, my settings disappeared. 3rd day my clock disappeared. 4th day lot
    of other applications are missing. while im writing it, im restoring my iphone 3g to factory settings.
    i was wondering why the settings kind of applications are missing, which came with iphone by default.
    most pathetic thing is, for the last 2 days whenever i rebooted my iphone it's now asking for PUK code.
    I got once long time back and now i give that code each time i restart my iphone. i dont know. these
    Apple fools boke my working iphone.
    apple morons were bashing Windows Vista OS. They dont have any moral responsibility to tell people
    their OS is better than Vista. they dont have the capability to fix any existing issues and each and
    every update creates lot of issues. now they should realize that if a OS is used by people they their
    OS will also get issues.
    oops. after restore, it allows me only emergency calls in multiple languages and not even connecting to
    this is my first and last time i'm using a Apple product. I'm totally dissatisfied on Apple. Even i was
    thinking of using the rumored touch laptop, but, def. i'll not go for even macbook air which has same
    OS i think which's in iphone.
    Now, since it's not getting inside, i tried to reboot and now it shows up in itunes and the backup i've taken (the jailbroken 2.1 update) is showing up. i'm restoring it now. let me know whether atleast it works.
  • No problems on the install and it now transmits my contacts to my car's hands free system. Brilliant
  • Jonathan you rock!! Thanks for the info about the aol email trash issue. That has been driving me crazy for a week! I was just about to get in the car and drive to the store and have them try to fix it and you saved me a trip! Thanks again, and thanks for all the people who post solutions for the phone problems, helps all of us who aren't as technically advanced!
  • I am using iphone 3G unlock retail version bought in apple store in Hong Kong last 2 week, my phone software 2.1.
    I still have some issue:
    1. My itunes always said that my software 2.1 is the latest update (can't update to 2.2)
    2. I can download and install app using app store direct from iphone but from Mac itunes when I want to install it always said that my computer is not authorize, I tried to deauthorized and authorize again but still did't work. Any help?
  • with 2.2 firmware i got my home screen stuck on the phone option. wtf
  • I'm trying to update my phone on itunes from 2.01 to 2.2 and it keeps locking up I've tried this from multiple computers and I still cant get my phone fully programed. Its telling when that I need to restore and update on itunes but it has failed to complete the process.... wtf, what am I doing wrong?
  • Johnation is great. Thank you so much. I went to the Mac store/Genuine Nut Bar to fix the iPhone re AOL mail unable to delete. They had no idea what the problem was. Just looked at your post and VIOLA! Thank you fellow human!
  • Hi, I've tried several times to download the 2.2 software but when it's about to be 100% downloaded, it times out and I don't get to download the software. Is this a common problem? What could be the cause of this?
  • I preffed when my phone would say new text message now ever since I upgrated the name shows up is there any way to take that off?
  • And next up in OS 2.3: compatibility with AVI and MKV formats.
  • I recently upgraded my 2g iphone from 1.1.4 to 2.1 , no issues , i did not lose my sms neither my contacts. Will it be the same if i upgraded to 2.2 or will i lose my sms and contacts ?? any ideas ??
  • I am currently updating my iphone to 2.2 and it has been 'UPDATING IPHONE FIRMWARE' for more than 3 hours....What gives? I don't want to interrupt it but it is almost 5am. Did it take this long for anyone else?
  • When trying to load from Itunes i get an error message: (-19)...any advice please
  • cynthia, i guess ur firmware is corrupted , try downloadin another firmware becoz the whole process takes maximum upto 10 minutes........
  • Yesterday I've bought mine in a local store in Greece (Athens). The same afternoon in about half an hour time I've downloaded the 2.2 update and in no time through my Mac I've updated also my iPhone.
    I just wish that the people from Apple would do something about to have an official Greek keyboard (with spelling), would be so perfect!! Also would be preferable to have a software update in the OS that makes possible the reading of .avi files.
    As far as I know on the Greek market this is the only phone without Greek "knowledge" ..., this is a "sad" way to look different. Aside from these two things above mentioned I am most pleased!
    Thank you.
  • mnonacdocweqprrkwell, hi admin adn people nice forum indeed. how's life? hope it's introduce branch ;)
  • Oh where to start. I am so unhappy with this update.
    1) it takes 10+ hours for it to get to atleast 90% complete, then says the phone disconnected. Yet on my itouch it takes 5 minutes .
    2) on my itouch all my apps no longer work.
  • Anyone having issues with wifi not kicking in until you actually press on the wifi section in the settings menu...or how about the phone making random calls without you touching it EVEN WITH a screen lock?????? what is going on?
  • I think you can update the conclusions, as you can now upgrade to 2.2 if you want to jailbreak the phone. See here..http://blog.iphone-dev.org/post/67797811/dont-eat-yellowsn0w
  • Thanks johnathan your email fix worked great
  • i bought a i think 1st gen it a 4g 1.1.4model#a1203.when i bought it it showed the phone ipod utube ect.... when i connected to itunes to day it went right to updating my phone when finished it said no sim card in stalled insert an unlocked and valid sim to activate iphone.but b 4 it happen i bought it without sim and still don't have sims please,please,please,please some one help thank you
  • if you know whats really wrong i will even give you my home number for specific infomation thank you very very much
  • I have the 1st generation iphone. I updated to 2.2 firmware and my phone crashed! When I unplug it the screen shows the itunes connection screen...I do a hard shutdown and nothing works! Has someone else encountered this problem?
  • I am trying to update my firmware from 2.1 to 2.2.1 on a 3g iphone. The backing up process is taking forever... it's been about 8 hours now, just on backup! Is this normal?? I've noticed that my apps are crashing too. This update is already becoming a pain... I'm scared my phone will be ruined, but I don't want to just disconnect it. Sux.
  • Taj...
    I am havin the same problem, it's
    Taking forever on the backup process, so I pressed the esc key and it said error syncing ^0 or sumthin, if it is taking forever on backup then press esc and it will tell you that u have an error and stuff... I dont understand.... Grrr
  • My 1st gen iphone is still making random calls. I wish Apple would step up and acknowledge this issue.
  • 7OLLig comment4 ,
  • Hi i have an iphone and i try to upgrade to 3.o unfurtunatly my unit is lock. my problem is how can i fixed my problem. when i take it out the sim card this will appearde the screen. INSERT A VALID SIM WITH NO PIN LOCK TO ACTIVATE IPHONE. pls send me if you know how to fix my problem. thank you
  • I make the mistak to bay that phone is not a hpone is a toy i cant download anithynk with not pay and i ask to replace it and thay not replace that toy with a real phone so i have to use the old one i have and i have stak with a toy costing me $375
  • For not pay attention one thear contrakt the add (( 30 minit or 15 days of use )) I thyng is not fear to use a prodak for 30 minit is inof time to se what you have to dell as a unet. I have the unet for a 5 days and use off 160 minit i ask to replace with a BlackBerry and thy refus to replace.
  • DONT DO IT!!!! - Upgarde to Version 3.0 just causes issue after issue after issue - so many hours wasted messing around with trying to fix the wiping out of everything I had on there
  • Congratulations to all the webkats and webkittens! The iPhone – especially with Safari running on it – looks very nice indeed
  • Dec03pimpyouriphone3g Hey dude,Awesome video comparison on the 2 deicve\'s like this. I to thought about going for the upgrade to the ip4s, But quickly changed my mind and thought about weather i would actually need the minor upgrade\'s that it offered considering i already have the iP4. I\'m going to wait until the next incarnation comes to light, Then make up my mind as weather i am going t ostay with iPhones, Apple need\'s to step up the features,style,screen,battery, are just a few features i need to see first,Top V
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  • This phone supports MKV format and the year is 2008, I do not believe!!!
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  • iPhone is nice.,but i still love my samsung jet, it has AMOLED screen.
  • Just asking, is an iPhone uses also an ANDROID OS???
  • I have an iPone and I really love this phone. The applications and games are so cool!
  • this is very useful article for my new iPhone! thanks a lot!
  • agree! :) Tajna starog mosta
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  • I just got iPhone, and still reading about it... hope it is not difficult to start using it easily...
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