Geskin iOS 14 Multitasking LeakSource: Ben Geskin

What you need to know

  • A new video claims to show an iPhone running iOS 14.
  • A video of the device shows an iPad-like multitasking view.
  • But is it real, or just a jailbreak tweak?

Yesterday was quite the day for iOS 14, and it isn't even in the hands of developers yet. During Sunday we saw what appears to be a video showing an iPhone 11 Pro Max running the unannounced software. And it has a new multitasking switcher to share.

The initial report came via 91mobiles with leaker Ben Geskin apparently also involved. Geskin does have some wins and some losses when it comes to sharing leaks like this, however.

In this instance, we're shown photos and video of the iPhone running what is claimed to be an internal build of iOS 14. The main focus, however, is that new multitasking view which will be immediately familiar to anyone who uses an iPad. So iOS 14 is going to get a new multitasking switcher, right? Well, maybe.

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See, iOS 13 also has this multitasking switcher built in, but it isn't enabled. There are jailbreak tweaks that do enable it, but the hard work was already done by Apple. The difference here is that this version of iOS 14 has the right bit flipped to enable this multitasking view. So, will it look like this when it ships? Who knows. It might not even look like this when developers get their hands on it after June's WWDC event.

We're expecting iOS 14 to get its first real outing at that aforementioned WWDC event, with developers able to start testing it immediately afterward. That's only a few short months away, so there is little doubt that there will be builds of iOS 14 floating around inside Apple. Whether this is one of those builds, however, is impossible to confirm right now.