ChatGPT on iPhone leaked — Here's everything we just learned ahead of WWDC

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Just days ahead of Apple's WWDC 2024 conference, more details about Apple's landmark deal with OpenAI have just leaked. 

After months of rumors stating Apple is working on its own large language model, as well as potential deals with Google, Microsoft, or OpenAI, we now have our clearest look yet at exactly what AI upgrades might be coming to iOS 18 and iPhone 16 later this year. 

Writing for Bloomberg, here's everything top insider Mark Gurman just unveiled.

The deal is done

Following reports recently that Apple had signed a deal with OpenAI, Gurman has confirmed this is indeed true. "Apple, racing to catch up in that area, has forged a partnership to integrate OpenAI’s ChatGPT into the iPhone’s operating system." According to Gurman, the deal "will be a key focus of Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference next week." 

Apple's own AI chatbot can't hack it, so ChatGPT is stepping in

Siri on iOS

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According to Gurman, while Apple is working on several AI features for the iPhone and beyond, "the company’s own chatbot isn’t yet up to snuff." as such, OpenAI is expected to step into the void in a "short- to medium-term relationship." Gurman says that Apple employees "have been working furiously" to deliver its own ChatGPT competitor, but "determined early on that OpenAI and Google were far ahead in chatbots and on-the-fly assistance." 

Craig Federighi loves AI

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According to Gurman, Apple's head of software Craig Federighi "pushed managers to pack the latest version of the iPhone and iPad operating system — known internally as “Crystal” — with as much AI as possible." Those efforts have been supported by Eddy Cue in services, who is working on the data center infrastructure required to power Apple's AI in the cloud. 

Apple has cracked some good AI features

Chatbot aside, Gurman says that Apple's AI "is capable enough to power features like voice memo transcriptions and photo editing, as well as new search capabilities in the Safari web browser and auto replies in apps like Messages." This reflects broadly with other reports stating Apple is planning to sprinkle AI throughout a host of its own apps and services such as Music, Xcode, Messages, Notes, and beyond. 

Apple needs deniability

According to the report, some Apple executives "were concerned about reputational damage from a rogue chatbot," while others don't want one at all. To that end, the deal with OpenAI gives Apple some deniability should the bot go rogue. "By outsourcing the chatbot function, Apple can distance itself from the technology itself, including its occasional inaccuracies and hallucinations," Gurman writes. 

ChatGPT could be one amongst many

Using ChatGPT Shortcut on iPhone

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The ChatGPT deal doesn't appear to be exclusive, the service will of course remain available on other platforms, and it looks like Apple is keeping its options open too. Apple is still in talks with Google over Gemini, Gurman says, and "Apple may offer a number of third-party chatbots," negotiating the deals on a case-by-case basis. 

ChatGPT is ahead of Google

Gurman says that Apple chose OpenAI because "It got better business terms than Google was offering," but perhaps more importantly because "Apple believes that OpenAI’s technology is the best available on the market." According to the report, "Integrating Google AI into the iPhone also might have given the impression that Apple’s biggest technology rival had beat it in a vital new area."

AI will be opt-in

According to Gurman, Apple "is expected to offer its new AI features as an opt-in service," quelling the concerns of customers who have privacy worries over a chatbot integrated with Apple's iOS operating system. 

Days away

So there you have it, some incredibly juicy ChatGPT on iPhone details ahead of the big reveal at WWDC next week. Stay tuned to iMore as we bring you the latest on iOS 18, iPadOS 18, macOS 15, watchOS 11, and more!

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