Apple knows it needs more help with AI — and its hiring spree proves it

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If you're an expert in generative AI and you're looking for a new job, then Apple might be where you find it. Techcrunch noticed that "at least a dozen" new job openings have been posted, all dedicated to AI in some form or another.

Hop on over to the Apple career page to find the listings, and discover whether they're for you. Perhaps more pertinent for us, however, is what these job listings mean for Apple and its involvement and use of AI in the future.

AI is, apparently, 'it'

AI, such as ChatGPT, has shown the world (for better or worse) what AI is capable of with its impressive learning model. Since then, AI has been all that some want to talk about, as it seems like it's the next big thing in tech. Loads of companies have gotten involved already, like Microsoft with Bing and Google with Bard.

The job listings are for experts in generative AI and machine learning specialists who are "“passionate about building extraordinary autonomous systems” in the field." They started appearing in late April, and some have come as soon as last week.

Apple hasn't always been all in on generative AI. Just last week, Apple banned its staff from using generative AI to write code or do any work, and Tim Cook has become notorious for avoiding giving answers to questions about AI. 

There are more and more AI apps coming to the best iPhones and other Apple devices, however, so perhaps it is now at a point where Apple can no longer ignore it. Given how quickly the new standards have been adopted by some users and even some companies, perhaps there is no world without AI of some form in our future – and it if wants to keep up, Apple needs to get with the groove sooner rather than later.

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