Get an iPhone 15 for free at Verizon — and this time there's no trade in required

iPhone 15 deals
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Getting an inexpensive iPhone 15 with a monthly data plan isn’t hard — but getting one for free sure is. Usually, you’d have to trade in an old device in top condition to get the phone for nothing, but at the moment, all Verizon wants you to do is pick a more premium Unlimited data plan to get the phone gratis.

That will mean you pay nothing for your phone over the course of the contract, but slightly more for line rental and your 5G data. That’s a great trade-off, and even if you’d normally choose the cheapest data plan possible, it’s much cheaper than paying for both phone and data.

Your iPhone for nothing

iPhone 15 | $0 per month device cost

iPhone 15 | $0 per month device cost

You’ll have to choose one of the more expensive Unlimited plans that Verizon offers, but you’ll get one of the best iPhones for nothing. No trade-in as we’ve come to expect with these offers, but you can only get the price if you go online, as it's not available to in-store customers.

So there are three different plans you can choose from for the deal. The first is the Unlimited Ultimate plan, which costs $100 per month when you opt for the AutoPay option. That gets you unlimited 5G data, as well as hotspot data and the Apple One package which includes all the Apple subscriptions including Music, TV Plus, Arcade, and iCloud Plus. 

The other two options, the Unlimited Plus plans, get you access to streaming services such as Disney Plus instead. Because you’re buying an iPhone, we’d recommend sticking with the Unlimited Ultimate plan for the Apple One subscription.

Once you’ve chosen your plan, you’ll be away — one free iPhone on its way to you. Remember to grab one of the best iPhone 15 cases to keep your iPhone safe and sound in your pocket as well — you might have gotten the phone for free, but repairs are still going to be expensive!

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